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  • Juan Silvestre is the nom d’ plume of an individual who, up until very recently, was a staunch and dependable supporter of and apologist for the Castro frères-led Cuban government. It took the unmitigated brutality unleashed by the government against the pacific and poignant protest of mother’s and wives who silently bear witness, day after day, with very little outward support but with a lot of hope, to finally bring about in him a turnabout, a metanoia, of sorts and a realization that it is time to rid the Cuban people once and for all of the scourge which has defined their lives and marked them indelibly and for all time.

    Seeing the Damas de Blanco, witnessing them placing their beliefs and deep faith into action, noticing their unyielding display of the power of their convictions and observing, most of all, their silent display of that rarest of values, human dignity fueled by their unwavering belief that even a mustard seed’s worth of the love they each carry in their hearts will collectively be enough to move the intransigent mountain of a stagnant and entrenched leviathan that now seeks to break, by sheer force, even the will of mothers and wives who ask for nothing more than to be reunited with their sons and husbands and to live in peace.

    Black Spring is the author’s own small but sincerely intended offering, late as it is, to the chorus of universal protest which is now crying in unison to the Cuban government to allow las Damas to exercise their God given rights to express the anguish and pain of absence that daily defines their very existence. Excerpts of it will be published through this blog on a periodic basis and will collectively for form a novelog of sorts. It is, as is the work of Las Damas, is very much still a work in progress.

    To the members of el Comite Central, to the leaders of los Comites en Defensa de la Revolucion, to the various Ministers and ultimately to the fraternal heads of this dying albatross, the author asks but one question: is their nothing, nothing that you hold sacred in your hearts other than your own self-interest?
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