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About Julie
  • Artist and Vocalist

    I paint gluing down found objects to the surface, adding pumice gel, then washes of acrylic paint. This past year I have been experimenting with thick layers of Gel Mediums to get an encaustic affect. Visit my website to see more: http://irmerart.googlepages.com/
Favorite Quotes
  • "Everything changes. Everything is connected. Pay ATTENTION."

    "Wanting keeps the Ego alive more than having." Eckhart Tolle

    There are so Many!!! Current:
    "None of us get what we deserve. Sometimes we get more, sometimes we get less, but at least we get something." - Kate Jacobs from "The Friday Night Knitting Club

    "Life is Messy and everybody is weird" - Rev. Deborah Patterson from article "What I wished my grandmother told me."

    "Feel it = Life Energy. Remember it all comes from within you. The Universe is in your soul." - author unknown

    "Every artist dips his/her brush in their own soul and paints their own nature into his/her pictures." - Henry Ward Beecher (yes I updated it!)

    "Humankind - be both." - author unknown