You can say things are getting pretty serious. Bob Politzas monster blowing the tires off on the Dyno.

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#TeamMila edition caddy

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Scott Carter
· July 29, 2017
So I got my work done by a well known place in Newcastle that I think we all know. I was told not to go there due to how I would be treated and it's all lights and smoke. But if I'm going to write th...e review then I need to be honest..The first time at this big shop the work was done good and as for the tune I was happy because it felt alot better than stock.But when I went back for Cam,meth,and lower pulley and a new tune I soon found out of how they acted like I was just some $ sign. When I got my car back from the company that I will not mention my car ran good for about a week soon found out that I had 6 out of 8 misfires if I could put pictures on this post I would they left all my wires to my injectors and wiring harness to my coil pack bear a friend of mine Scott called in this tuner Justin he flew down to Baltimore took on my car as if it was his own found out that this place that I spent all this money with never even had my car tuned correctly they stripped out both my test pipes where the O2 sensors go in and had to have them retapped and I had to purchase new O2 sensors not mentioning the plugs and wiring and meth installation we had to redo he worked on my car for over 24 hours until it was 100% right but he was still not happy Justin is one of a kind he won't stop until your car is correct and you are happy it's nice to have people out there that care about you and your car and your well-being. My car runs better now on pump gas than it ever did on E85 with the previous tuner I've never met anybody that took on my problem as his own if anybody wants Real Results and honest work please contact Justin or PM me directly and I can share my experience I finally have my car the way that it should have been from the first shop that worked on it in the shop never even contacted me after they knew they did everything wrong but at the end of the day what does it matter my car is fixed and I'm happy thank you Justin and thank you to your family for letting you come out and fix the problems that somebody else made you're one of a kind thank you and thank you Scott for making it all happen I will never have anybody else ever to my car but Justin... See More
John J. Verrett
· June 29, 2017
Contacted justin white via Facebook message a little after midnight (not the way to do it but that's how I did it being hard headed) asking about a remote tune. By 1:30am my car was tuned and it feels... great. The shifting is very smooth while driving and the car does not stall out or hesitate when slowing down and coming to a stop. Car is a 2011 ctsv with John bewly cam, flex fuel, long tubes, and upper pulley. I highly suggest this guy for your ls tuning! See More
Adam Williams
· June 28, 2017
I don't know a ton about cars and I don't pretend to. But, I do know it's not supposed to die when you go up a driveway or while backing up because the idle is way off. The last tuner didn't even the transmission. Justin came to my house and spent 8-10 hours not only tuning my car but also bled my radiator, changed my plugs, and swapped out O2 sensors (which the previous shop tuner never even checked). The car shifts smooth as butter and doesn't even come close to dying. My wife texted me after driving it saying "wow, your car drives so much better." That right there is what makes it worth it. Car is faster, not because he pushed the limits, but basically he recognized the problems that were holding it back in the first place. See More
Jace Rustan
· June 28, 2017
great guy to work with, amazing with the lsx platform tuning from my personal experience!

i have never felt a 6l90 shift so tight, the brain he gives this transmission is much needed! no more huntin...g for what gear it wants to be in! no more flare, and

no more TAP shift shuffling!!!

i can just lock in my gear for the roll race, stomp the gogo pedal on "3" and keep my hands on the wheel, the car shifts at redline right where i want it on every wide open throttle pull and i don't have to command the car to upshift or take it out of manual mode! this problem used to drive me nuts
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Bryan Russell
· June 28, 2017
My tuning experience has been great! I bought the car semi-modded already tuned, once Justin got his hands on the car, it felt like a total new animal. I love the way the transmission feels! I went a 7.8 to a 7.2 in the 1/4 with his tune. the mod. If then hit me and Justin is helping retune it with my new mods (cam/ported blower and new pulley setup.). Hoping for a 700 club DD! I wouldn't use anyone else, and I've dealt with many tuners over the years on various platforms. Justin has been the best I've dealt with! See More
Aaron Bogunia
· March 12, 2017
My twin turbo lsx 416 g8 gxp had been tuned remotely by another very well known tuner in the g8 community. Car ran well, or so I had thought. After 14 tune revisions I was sure my tune was close,... but justin came in and within a very short time completely revamped the tune and turned the car into a complete 900+ rwhp monster. Super impressed with his speed and skill while he was here. Super friendly and really approachable, which is a hard thing to find a lot of times in this kind of field. Justin knows his stuff and was very forthcoming about what was on the previous tune (without debasing the tuner) and was able to explain what he was doing without going over the top with tech jargon. Watched this man tune 18 ls based motors and troubleshoot with the owners this past week and cannot say enough good things. He's definitely highly recommended for any ls based vehicle and I would refer anybody I know to him. A+ See More
Ryan Gehring
· June 8, 2017
FBO/Cammed/Geared G8

Justin White is the most thorough tuner you could ever find! He has been up front, and has talked me through everything he's doing and why. My gains from his tune is incredible a...nd actually feels like I can take my family in my car again, but hurt some feelings on the street/track when it's time too. He is a down to earth but tell you how it is type of guy. An that's the � I like.... I will recommend this tune to ANYONE! I'm glad I can say I am Justin White Tuned! See More
Travis Peters
· April 6, 2017
HUGE thanks to this dude. I have been dealing with Justin for going on 4 years now and I couldn't be happier with the service and tuning Justin has provided for me. Everything from diagnosing, opinion...s on next mods, and building my trans. The knowledge provided by him exceeds expectations and the customer service is bar none. Don't hesitate to give him a shout if you want to be on top of the competition. Big thanks my dude! See More
Patrick Wells
· May 21, 2017
This guy is the man!!! Best tuner I have ever met. Great guy and he will make sure you get the most power and drivibility out of your build no matter how big or small it is. If you need a tune make to get it from this guy!!!! See More
Bob Politza
· May 21, 2017
Justin is the man! He not only tuned a bunch of cars to the max but he also fixed three or four issues that were completely not related to the tune work. He went WAY above and beyond what he charge...s! Don't hesitate to hire him! You absolutely will be blown away! Thanks again! See More
Alexandre Periard
· June 1, 2017
just got my 2009 CTS-V remote tuned after my cam and lower pulley install.

i had my car tuned by a reputable local tuner here in canada and decided to call justin to finalize the tune....

one word: WOW!! he got me 40+ rwhp on a mustang dyno just with the update.

this guy is the real deal!

made my car run like a monster

also,customer service was top notch!
he took the time to answer ALL of my questions
very nice guy!
thanks for your good work justin
if you want your car to turn from a beast to a monster.... give justin a call!!
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Eduardo Quezada
· March 22, 2017
Big Shout out to Justin white tune! This a guy that Knows what he is doing, and will work hard to get it done right! Is always helpful with any questions I had. My truck made a huge difference after ...I got a tune from Justin. He tuned 15 plus car here in Indiana! Justin white FTW! See More
Barry Scott
· June 8, 2017
I can't say enough about Justin and his professionalism and knowledge. This dude worked on excising the previous demonic EFI Live tune from my modded '04 CTS-V for at least 6 hours! And this was while... he was on vaca with his family in Orlando. He stayed after it until 4 AM, knowing he had Animal Kingdom first thing in the morning and then the long drive back to Texas! The world can use more businessmen like Justin White! See More
Eric Shuman
· July 12, 2017
Hands down the best V tuner around. Drivability and performance can't be beat. Trans tunes are amazing. JWT outperforms the big name shops with customer service to match.
Vorsa Thorng
· March 10, 2017
Let me just start by giving a huge Thank you to the man Justin White . My V has never drove better, even when It was stock. When he pulled my old tune file, he described how it was a VERY Bad file. He... explained everything he was changing and answered all my questions. As soon as he put the first base file in it, already the Car drove better. He fixed everything wrong with it in that first initial base file and it only got better from there. Also, we found out the shop I had my V built at, didn't even have my Boost a Pump turned on which explained irrational fuel issues. This is one stand up guy and and for anyone considering him as an option for a tuner, I say DO IT. YOU WONT REGRET IT. I can't even explain the difference, and how well and smooth my shifts are. As I told someone of you, ya just have to drive it to feel the difference and Power. Definitely a stand up guy and can back up his work. Drove from Minnesota to Chicago to get Justin and it was a rough ride. Tuned it on the way to Indiana and today, I just touched Philadelphia without a single issue. Just a ton of smiles and lots of stares haha See More
Kevin D Jones
· February 28, 2017
Justin is hands down the best at what he does. He was able to get my car to make more power safely but also retained much more drivability than previous tuners. I'm back in love with my car again now ...thanks to him. See More
Christian Soto
· March 13, 2017
Dear Justin,

You are the baddest tuner around. You actually reply reasonably quick, unlike most tuners. You never sleep, unlike most tuners. You also take so much attention to detail on your work, u...nlike most tuners. You are definitely the man to go to if you want quality tuning at a reasonable price. You managed to tune 15+ cars in one week! And they're all running smooth. Most tuners can't say that. You will definitely be referred to a lot, up here in the Midwest.
Thanks for taking your time on my car too. My cars running smooth for a big ass cam.

Love, Christian.
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Jim Miller
· March 11, 2017
Justin has turned my v2 into a monster.. he took the time to explain/teach me about my old file and explain what he would like to change and why.. my transmission shifts butter smooth when cruising an...d firm and fast while in sport mode. Justin is an amazing tuner! I would recommend to anyone now, He flew out to tune around 20 cars for us and about 18 had probs, not only did he figure out the issues of the cars he worked on them as well.. that shows a lot. Stand up guy if you ask me! � See More
Adam McConnell
· April 24, 2017
Had Justin re-tune my wagon... Obviously sorted out the tune and trans tune and the car is a monster now! completely woke the car up! looking forward to the next round (e85) and dialing in a couple o...ther little things! See More
Mick Stockish Vs
· February 11, 2017
Amazing power with least amount of mods, and most importantly SAFE and reliable power hands down. Hurting feelings in Mexico, especially when i tell them the "only" mods I have. Even had other car e...nthusiasts claim I neither spray or have a fully built motor...kid has amazing tuning skills hands down! See More
Matte white pearl c5 gettin down. 1141/1007 so far through a th400
Work last night. Soft launch in the manual v due to the non track friendly tires lol. Damn that things moving. Congrats McKinley Barker.
2016 cts v. Came in with cam, meth, previously tuned by me. On the Mainline Dyno it put down 685/696. Changed the cam out for a smaller camshaft and ditched the meth for e85 after adding our low side fuel system. Frankenstein ported the factory heads. Car put down 755/772 with 4 less degrees of timing. Didn't think there was that much gain in porting the Lt4 heads. Guess I was wrong lol