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  • 2014 to present
  • Roto/Paint ArtistJanuary 2015 to June 2017Portland, Oregon
  • AnimatorMarch 18, 2014 to January 2015Portland, Oregon
  • Motion graphics designerMay 2013 to March 2014Portland, Oregon
  • Sales2011 to 2013
Current City and Hometown
About Kaci
  • LIKES: My friends. Large glasses of Wine. Getting Lost. Shooting Stars. Chai Tea. White Chocolate. Huge Slurpies. Bingo. Laughing out Loud. Not knowing what comes next. Cheese. Singing in the Car.[full blast] Living in the moment. Being Nervous.[the good kind] Cafe Yumm. Nilbog. Taco Bell at Midnight. Killing Zombies. Going to the park. Homemade cheesecake. Trips to the Sweet Life. Floating the River. My Puppy.[Mackey] Autumn. NOT planning. Driving Fast. The smell of rain. Front row seats. DANCING. Being social. Bear and Mouse. [adventures] Pumpkin anything. Shopping. Being LAZY.[never]. Ayla. The CheapSeat movies.
    DISLIKES: Old fingernail polish. Hot Weather. Paris Hilton. Credit Cards. Allergies. Homework. Wasting time. Cold Weather. Slow Traffic. Not being able to cartwheel. Barfing. Taking out the garbage. Gas prices. Not sleeping. Burning my tongue. Beans. Sticky Lip gloss. B.O. Jury Duty.
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