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Men and women are looking for people of power to bring about solutions to all the dismay we in our world today – crime; poverty; hatred; unemployment; the deterioration of our economy, environment, education and family life; and the lack of natural resources. There is an endless list of unresolved issues that are all racing to a dramatic collision and abrupt end. Is there a real solution?

There is. “IF MY PEOPLE!!!” If God’s people will take up the cause of Christ. If God’s people will humble themselves. If God’s people will seriously repent individually and as a body. If God’s people will PRAY!! And turn away from their wicked ways. Then! THEN! Then what?

Join Felicia Crawford on Friday, February 23. She will reveal why God has not intervened in mankind’s affairs and put an end to all the wickedness we see today. She will disclose where mankind’s real resolutions lie and what must be done for God to heal this land.

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Men and women are looking for people of power to bring about solutions to all the dismay we see in our world today – crime; poverty; hatred; unemployment; th...

Although most popular apparel stores won't admit it out loud. And sometimes they just simply miss it, but another popular apparel company is eating the dust of bankruptcy - a DIP (debtor in possession) of $160 million; and closing of more than 150 stores.

Why? Too many apparel companies are not appropriately responding to a major market trend shift. Too many apparel companies either have not updated their market research analysis since they created it. Or, they have never see...n the value of even doing one. And yet, a good market research analysis is what helps keep companies afloat for the long-run. Market analysis reports help a company to stay up to date with critical and major market shifts pertaining to the clients or customers they are serving.

One of the main reasons Aeropostale or ARO as they are known today, is feeling the downward spiral is because they either decided to stick with old business practices that was no longer realistic to their market demographic.Which simply means, no one bothered to update their existing market research analysis. If they did, their analysis report would have told them that sizes 0 to 9 with a small body frame in our society for the past decade is no longer a norm. Most women fall between sizes of 12 and up (many of these contours falling between 16-20).

Look around. Women and young girls are more shapely than ever before. And ARO never got the memo. They stuck to their $22.4 million marketing campaigns that market to the small size, small framed girls and women population and lost in sales, net income and cash in 13 quarters straight, which led to bankrupcy.

If you want to maintain longevity, remain relevant and succeed financially and brand wise - you must (1) KNOW YOUR MARKET. Therefore, market research is a must. (2) Ascertain feedback from your market - that is women. Women are the primary person who purchases goods for their household. Therefore, they have the buying power. This would have been an easy task for ARO to do with their connections. But sometimes upper managers fail to stay in tune with their surroundings and loses big time.

Hey ARO, plus is in. So much so, that plus size models are high in demand. Food for thought.

Photo CR: Getty Image (Michael Kors) & Vanessa Mays (Curvy Fashionista)

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Image may contain: 1 person, standing
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