Recently, a couple of our brothers had the opportunity to attend the formal installation of the following classes: Alpha and Beta Class from Loyola University, Epsilon and Zeta Class from Depaul University and the Chosen Charter Class from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Our brothers had a wonderful time in Chicago and are grateful for the hospitality from these chapters.

Congratulations on your formal installation into Lambda Phi Epsilon and welcome to eternal brotherhood!
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Meet our final graduating brother, An “Armored Alchemist” Nguyen from Upsilon Class! He will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from the School of Engineering.

Once he graduates, he plans on touring throughout Southeast Asia for several weeks! Notable locations that he plans to see include, but are not limited to: Hạ Long Bay from Vietnam, Angkor Wat from Cambodia and the red light district of Bangkok in Thailand! Upon finishing his period of ...recreation, he will be busy managing healthcare systems, networks and informatics as a system engineer through Cerner.

A fun fact about An is that he’s a master of holding the position known as the “asian squat.” He’s so proficient that he can even jump rope while in this position; It’s truly an amazing sight to behold.

Athough your active career was short, you devoted plenty of time to our chapter by holding multiple positions and served a full term as a former President. We will truly be saddened with your departure, but at the same time, we are happy that you’re finally graduating and are proud of all of your accomplishments!
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Special shoutout to Patrick “V.T.E.C.” Nguyen #72 because he’s feelin’ 22! He may seem like a mysterious cool guy but really he’s a major goof. Everyone wish him a happy birthday! Let’s hope Pat has a lot of fun tonight with his best friend Ron. 😏

In 2003, twelve distinguished gentlemen challenged themselves and set out on a pursuit to bring forth a society of men who would, together, with the strong bonds they create, unify their voices to make our community well-known. These men sacrificed a multitude of resources and countless hours to create a brotherhood that has led various young men on a lifelong journey of authenticity and personal growth. Therefore, we would like to pay special homage to these tremendous men and acknowledge their endeavors.
#1 Enkae Chang
#2 Tony Chang
#3 Ashishh Desai
#4 Eddie Ham
#5 Luis Huang
#6 Jeremy Kuo
#7 Shawn Lee
#8 Sun-Jae Lee
#9 Thomas Lee
#10 Hoang Nguyen
#11 Robert Ray
#12 Jerry Wang
With brotherhood and determination in their hearts, these men became our charters and established a colony of Lambda Phi Epsilon, here, at the University of Kansas on May 10th, 2003. Today, we celebrate our 15th year of being fabricated on our campus as the Alpha Psi Chapter of Lambda Phi Epsilon with our ninety one passionate brothers.
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Meet our second graduating senior, Tracy “M.J.” Tran, from Tau Class! Tracy will be graduating from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences with a Bachelor of Sciences in Molecular Biosciences. Upon graduation, he will be continuing his studies by attending the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences to pursue a career in medicine. A fun fact about Tracy is that he is an athlete in a multitude of sports and loves watching competitive sports. In the upcoming World Cu...p, Tracy will be supporting Argentina's soccer team, notably Lionel Messi (his favorite player), hoping that he will finally win his first World Cup. Lastly, Tracy loves to bond with his friends and family through lunches and dinners. If he was given a choice, his preferred restaurant would be Popeyes because "fried chicken is life." Although your journey as an active brother is coming to an end, your passion and sacrifices for this chapter will never be forgotten.
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Meet out first graduating senior, Patrick "V.T.E.C" Nguyen from Sigma Class! He will graduate with a Bachelor of Sciences in Microbiology from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. After graduation, he plans on taking a gap year until he decides whether he wants to attend a professional program or pursue a Masters. A fun fact about Patrick is although he doesn't look like it, he's very proficient at various video games. He was Global Elite for Counter Strike: Global Offensive, was in the top 200 players for Call of Duty: Black Ops and is definitely no stranger to chicken dinners in Player Unknown: Battlegrounds. You've accomplished a lot during your active years and we're definitely going to miss you when you're gone!
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Congratulations to the Transcendent Ten Charter Class for chartering Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We had an amazing time at your probate and we'll be looking forward to watching you leave your mark on the Greek community!

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We would like to congratulate our brothers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on revealing their Beta Class and to thank our brothers for their gracious hospitality over the weekend. Welcome to the eternal brotherhood Betas! We look forward to working with you more in the future.

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Congratulations to the Audaciously Original Charters (@iupui_syz) on their installation into Sigma Psi Zeta as the Alpha Omicron Charter! Our brother, Ray "Recon" Luc had a splendid time meeting everybody and appreciated your hospitality. We are enthusiastic to not only watch you influence and impact your local community and University, but to watch your Charter grow in the following years!

#syz #sigmapsizeta #kansaslambdas #kulambdas #lphie #lambdaphiepsilon @ Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

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Some of our brothers had the opportunity to attend the annual Jayhawk Choice Awards to simultaneously represent our organization and the Multicultural Greek Council. We were ecstatic when our council, along with the National Pan-Hellenic Council, were awarded the "Outstanding New Student/Program Series" award for our collobarative program: "Pi(e) 4 Your Rights!" We enjoyed our collective efforts on this program and look forward to future collaborations!

#kansaslambdas #kulambdas #lambdaphiepsilon #lphie #jayhawkchoiceawards @ The University of Kansas

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Happy Birthday to our Tau Class brother, Tracy "M.J." Tran! Ever since you've crossed into this brotherhood, you've continuously exhibited the qualities and characteristics of a Jayhawk Lambda. Your passion for this brotherhood is inspiring and has positively impacted the lives of countless brothers. Although you'll be graduating this semester and leaving us soon, we hope your Lambda Phire never dies out and wish you the best with your aspirations in LiFE!

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Congratulations to the Alpha Mu Charter of Sigma Psi Zeta (@kusigmapsizeta) with their new class: The Gucci Gammas! Welcome to the Greek community and we can’t wait to watch you all leave your legacy on our campus.

#sigmapsizeta #syz #kansaslambdas #kulambdas #lambdaphiepsilon #lphie @ The University of Kansas

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Recently, some of our brothers had the opportunity to attend the annual Vietnamese Interacting as One (VIA-1) Conference at the University of Cincinnati. This conference brings together hundreds of individuals from VSA communities not only from the Midwest region, but also from other areas of the country. Consequently, we were able to link up with brothers from other chapters and reunite with SOULL!

We would like to thank the USVA-Midwest not for only hosting a phenomenal event, but for all the great experiences, lessons and connections we developed during our visit. As leaders in our local communities, we look forward to applying our newfound wisdom and skills and leaving a positive impact.

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We would like to wish a Happy Birthday to one of our Charters, Jeremy "Irrelevant" Kuo! With the other Charters, you forged the foundations for an unbreakable brotherhood. Despite your active life ending years ago, you are the furthest thing from Irrelevant to us. You are the embodiment of a Jayhawk Lambda and we are proud to have you as a Charter!

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We would like to wish a Happy Birthday to our Upsilon Class brother Luan “L.I.T.” Duong! Upon joining this brotherhood, you’ve contributed to our chapter immensely with your heart-felt passion and burning Lambda fire. Although you might be a little quirky at times, we definitely enjoy your company and can’t imagine life without ya. Enjoy your day and get LIT tonight!

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Congratulations to our new brothers, the Ronin Charter Class at Rochester Institute of Technology, on joining our eternal brotherhood as the 64th Chapter of Lambda Phi Epsilon! We look forward to your future endeavors and we hope to see you at Convention!

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RIT Lambda Phi Epsilon added 50 new photos to the album: Charter Class Crossing — with Isaac Hammer and 15 others at Rochester Institute of Technology.

We are thrilled to charter the newest chapter of Lambda Phi Epsilon at Rochester Institute of Technology!

RIT Ronin Charter Class
#1. Mr. Isaac “Grimm” Hammer
#...2. Mr. Zadrian “Obsidian” Huang
#3. Mr. Christopher “Literati” Savan
#4. Mr. Mark “Capoeira” Hightower
#5. Mr. Saad “Paragon” Khan
#6. Mr. Benny “Monolith” Tan
#7. Mr. Jacky “Sternritter” Ren
#8. Mr. Pheng “Cantilever” Lee
#9. Mr. Vincent “Qilin” Yu
#10. Mr. Jazib “Djinn” Rao
#11. Mr. Jiang “Glyph” Hao
#12. Mr. Brandon “Connoisseur” Wu
#13. Mr. Daniil “Brinicle” Vasin
#14. Mr. Victor “Talaria” Moy
#15. Mr. Eric “Rorschach” Ren
#16. Mr. Kazi “Occam” Rahman

New Member Educators: Dr. Gregory Mak (PD), Mr. Bryan Dosono (APD), Mr. Adrian Leung (APD)
Host Chapter: Syracuse Lambda Phi Epsilon
Crossing Date: April 7, 2018, 5:55 pm.

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