Grant Simpson uphill run 2
Brights Farm Trail Ride
Grant uphill Run 1

Hi all, firstly thank you to all those who support our rides which we have now been doing for almost two years .Every ride that has been organized has been done so with the highest regard for safety and many times called off if safety wasn't 110 percent. Many weeks work goes into organizing each event and a small crew that work tirelessly to try and deliver the best rides possible, many at locations that have never been used before.

Every event needs to have the location confirmed well in advance before any planning is done and no ride goes ahead without the permission of the landowner and or council. We HAVE to work with them in order to deliver the rides in the first place.

KMCI will always put riders safety first and never run an event on unauthorised land. Thank you again to all our loyal supporters, we appreciate you greatly.

Some pictures of waitohu school fundraiser trail ride pic from neighbour track .log in pic are a loop logs all a go over those