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Finally! The show archive is up to date again.
Now you can relive all episodes here:

You can also find the direct archive link in the event description of each episode.



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Greetings y'all! It's Electric Ray and The Shockers LIVE @Rhiz tonight! Starting at 9pm. I'm gonna support DJ Dent on the Decks tonight! Savage Kicks x Kaputtrock Radioshow!!! Cya later!

Thu 9:00 PM UTC+01Rhiz ViennaVienna, Austria
295 people interested
Mon 6:00 PM UTC+01Radio ORANGE 94.0Vienna, Austria
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Did you miss the awesome live session with Bronco Jedson & Mi???tyria? It is now online for your (re)hearing pleasure!

BRONCO JEDSON & MI???TYRIA live on air! Mystery is in their very name. Hard to tame, who is to blame? Will they, won’t they – you never know. Or so you think you know, they know, we know A what know? BRONCO JEDSON & MI???TYRIA live on air!

The Evil Overlord is back! Will he destroy Kaputtrock Radioshow or can Bronco Jedson & Mi???tyria defeat him?!? Find out in tonight's episode of the Kaputtrock Radioshow #13 - Live: Bronco Jedson & Mi?tyria starting at 6pm!

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Woohooo! Kaputtrock Radioshow won the Civil Media Award 2017!
Thanks y'all!

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Kaputtrock Radioshow #11 and #12 are online! Enjoy

Super-special-summer-celebration-sound with me, myself and I! ;D

Stream it here:

Mon 6:00 PM UTC+02Radio ORANGE 94.0Vienna, Austria
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Woohoo! Kaputtrock Radioshow is nominated for the Civilmedia Award 2017! The category is: Radio / Arts & Entertainment. Check it out!

Nominees Civilmedia Award 2017 Category: TV / Access & Empowerment Radio B138 goes dorfTV, Abubakar Bhai, DORFTV Sendung ohne Barrieren Ernst Spiessberger, OKTO Indimaj / اندماج  Sara Hassan, OKTO maiz TV: Rap ist mein Widerstand  Adriana Torres, DORFTV Kroko war’s  Simon Öller, DORFTV Category: TV…

Did you miss Kaputtrock Radioshow #10 ? I got you covered!

Me, myself and I celebrating the double digits! 😀
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What a blast! Thanks y'all for joining us at the Kaputtrocket launch yesterday! Big thanks to Eugene's Electric Trashmachine, Wolfgang Birkfellner and Kramladen! Oh and btw, the guy with the lomo was Billy Kay. Thanks dude. I'll let y'all know how the film turned out ;D The journey was totally out of this world! Kaputtrock Radioshow #10 and KAPUTTROCKET II are in the making. Party on!

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Victory! STOP
Eugenes Electric Trashmachine defeats Evil Overlord and his music industry syndicate! STOP
Hear all about this epic battle here: STOP STOP...
Join us for part 2: The Journey STOP
Tomorrow, 18.04, starting at 0830pm STOP
LIVE at Kramladen Vienna STOP
Kaputtrocket: Eugenes Electric Trashmachine STOP

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Kaputtrock Radioshow LIVE session with Eugenes Electric Trashmachine! “ Eugenes Electric Trashmashine is the trio of failed and trashed rocknroll anti heroes. Skeptic Eugene, The Electric Rayman and Ape Lee have been fighting the powers of polished rock and clean pop shit for years. Alas! Fighting a...
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Kaputtrock Radioshow in great peril! STOP
Evil Overlord and his music industry syndicate approaching! STOP
Who will stand up against him? STOP
Find out tomorrow, 17.04, 6-7pm, live on the Kaputtrock Radioshow #09! STOP...

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Hmm...something's brewin' up...I wonder what it is...find out live on Monday on the Kaputtrock Radioshow #09

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Hey folks listen up! We're gonna have a paaarteeey! Kaputtrock Radioshow presents:: Kaputtrocket: Eugenes Electric Trashmachine

Kaputtrock Radioshow presents:


Greetings y'all!


The countdown has begun!
Brandner from Kaputtrock Radioshow and Kloepfer from Sitzdisko put their heads together and BOOM!,
we hurt our heads real bad...

Also, an idea was born, like a new super massive sun is born when two stars collide.
To explore this vast, new universe that is #KAPUTTROCK, we built a starship.
A starship, this starship, which we call KAPUTTROCKET.

Welcome on board!

Join us on our intergalactic, super fantastic journey through #kaputtrock-space-and-time, exploring new dimensions and worlds of sound.

In this episode we visit the planet of EUGENES ELECTRIC TRASHMACHINE!

For your extra hearing pleasure on this trip, we invited Wolfgang Birkfellner to service the decks.

Get ready for take off,

doors 20:30 | band 21:30 sharp
admission: pay as you wish



Eugenes Electric Trashmashine is the trio of failed and trashed rocknroll anti heroes. Skeptic Eugene, The Electric Rayman and Ape Lee have been fighting the powers of polished rock and clean pop shit for years.

Fighting alone was dangerous and the chances of beating the evil overlords and their organized music industry syndicates at their game were slim!

The souls of trash and roll were merciful and on a freezing Saturday night a broken snare drum, fuzzy guitars and Non-superhuman skills merged as one and formed a band that was stronger than any rocknroll weapon our heroes had used before!

They now stand a chance against the endless barrage of shitty rock tunes and horribly boring pop melodies that the evil ones throw at the unprotected public every day. Melting the mirage and pounding at your brains with pure and primitive trashnroll they will strip away the veils so you can see whatever reality you choose to believe in.

trash is yours
take what you want
leave nothing behind.

Skeptic Eugene Big Guitar
The Electricrayman Small Guitar
Ape Lee Drums…

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Tue 8:30 PM UTC+02KramladenVienna, Austria
10 people interested

In case you missed it ;D

De guade oide Zeit: mit Panza! Heute bei mir in der Sendung: Panza! Ein wiener Punk-Urgestein, Macher des Labels „Panza-Platte“. Veröffentlichte zuletzt: – Single Serie „Das waren keine Hits“ – Tondokument und Sampler „De guade oide Zeit“ – und davor viele andere wiener/österreichische Punkscheibn I...