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  • Game BuilderAugust 2010 to presentPulaski, Wisconsin
  • 1974 to 2008
    company downsized let go after 34yrs
Current City and Hometown
About Karen
  • not a real social butterfly, don't like big crowds. Sitting around the fire-pit with family and friends is more my style. To have real good laughs with friends or family thats what makes me feel good. spending time in a quiet
    woods just to absorb the sounds and smells
    Everyone sees who I appear to be, but only a few know the real me. You only see what I choose to show, Theres so much behind this smile...................
    You don't even know!!!
Favorite Quotes
  • Promises mean everything, But once broken, SORRY means nothing!
    Make peace with your past,so you won't screw up the present!
    Things go wrong so that you can learn to appreciate things when they are right & sometimes good things in life fall apart so better things can fall together!
    Whats meant to be will always Find it's Way!


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