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  • Neighbor, Forester2016 to presentPortland, Oregon
  • Editor-at-large2015 to presentPortland, Oregon
    Slow Gonzo Journalist: civilization
  • Co-OwnerJune 2014 to presentClinton, Tennessee
    Start-Up, Branding, Strategy, ...
  • Intellect, Research, Design, Craft2011 to presentPortland, Oregon
  • activist, disobedient citizenJanuary 2011 to presentCascadia, Oregon
  • Consultant2010 to present
  • Correspondent. Past: Director's Fellow: Disciple, Gal FridayAugust 2010 to presentMiami, Florida
    Worldchanging Architects & Town Planners
  • Barista, Front-Of-House, Gal-FridayOctober 2015 to October 2016Portland, Oregon
    Service, Community Building - StartUp Year
  • January 2013 to August 2013Miami, Florida
  • Owner OperatorApril 2012 to March 2014Miami, Florida
  • CoFounder, Rabble RouserAugust 2010 to March 2014
    Local outpost of the Florida Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism.
  • Q1 Contributor2010 to 2011Brooklyn, New York
    • Quarter 1 Cohort
  • Planning + Design Fellow | Water ByCycle CaptainJune 2009 to June 2010Washington, District of Columbia
  • Green Giant | Manager | Kayak InstructorApril 2007 to January 2010Washington, District of Columbia
  • ReporterIn 2006Columbia, Maryland
    First true newspaper startup in US in 30 years. Intended to be daily concise but sustained and in-depth over time coverage.
  • Reporter, Editorial Assistant2005 to 2006
    Historic Community Weekly
  • Staff2003 to 2005Baltimore, Maryland
    News Reporter, Features Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Layout
About Karja
  • Shiny.

    I'm your huckleberry.

    Home from a night of walking the warm rainy December streets of the east in my boots of the west to find glitter amid the dirt on the heels.

    I climb mountains, and then jump off of them.

    This confession has meant everything.
Favorite Quotes
  • "The virgin sidewalk - the physical embodiment of sprawl's guilty conscience - reveals the true failure of suburbia ..." - Suburban Nation

    "All great truths begin as blasphemies." - GB Shaw, Annajanska

    "There's more to life
    than books you know,
    but not much more,
    oh you handsome devil" - Mr. Morissey himself

    "It doesn't count if the blood doesn't reach your ankle." - SKE Cormier

    "Canoe touch my kayak?" - Karim, best RA ever.

    "That Just Happened." - Various Achewood

    "I'll buy my own yurt, damnit." - Julie, bestest roomate.