Friends don’t let friends go to Coachella two weekends in a row. Join @samorozco X @jasonstrom_ for Weekend 1 at The Masters. A true labor of love by the legendary duo known as @bgcreativedesign. At only 1.147M, this Eichler inspired dreamTank may not make it to Weekend 2. Swipe left and spread the word! Limited-edition bottle of @los_sundays signed by world traveler and male model @alexanderdax will be raffled off days end Sunday. Be there! 🤙🏼 #kaseGroup #CostaMesa #InspiredToMove #178TheMasters 4.20.18 @ Mesa

“Stay a starving artist and you’ll never go hungry.” -Jonas Bevacqua

Still can’t believe this is what I do for a living. Sneak peek at a @laidlaw_schultz_architects masterpiece coming to market soon in Corona Del Mar. #Zen #DreamMore #kaseGroup #InspiredToMove 4.19.18

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Jenny Lopez
· April 4, 2017
KASE: Highly inspired young professionals who are ready to provide the best experience to clients who are selling, buying and/or investing. KASE cares for the community and participates in philanthrop...ic causes all year round. More than a team, we are faith based brothers and sisters empowering and holding ourselves accountable to a higher standard. #InspiredToMove See More
Tracy Robinson
· March 29, 2017
Professional throughout the whole process of selling and buying. Dominic made every step of the way as easy as possible and with out doubt, he will always be our realtor.
Jay Figueroa
· March 29, 2017
There are no words that can describe what KASE has done for my family , my clients, and me. Highly recommend them for all your life and real estate needs.
Cherie Phan
· April 4, 2017
Proud to work with a fine group of inspiring individuals here at KASE family.
What do you love most about today? What would you do in the next year if you absolutely knew you would not fail? What is unique and awesome about you that no one else has? What is the greatest lesson you have learned and why are you a better person because of it? Why should you just go for it and chase your dreams with everything you've got starting right now? What is one action that you could take today to get yourself one step closer to you 2.0? "To ask the right question is already half the solution of a problem.” You can't do it homies!!! Believe in yourself and know that everything you want, also wants you! Much love to everyone that has been sending @drama and I their goals.. so legendary to witness people taking that first step. Keep it up and make sure to hashtag #ShortStoryLong #CoachKevS as we're choosing some winners to run a live FaceTime Coaching session with you soon. 👊🏼
Once in a blue moon I get extra lucky and find a family that not only lets me help with their dream home, but also with their dream LIFE. I'm a huge believer in the power of writing down goals and dreams and reading them daily. That Power increases 10x's when written down as a family. In less than 5 years (93-98) I saw my Mom @ggzkitchen take us from being on welfare, sharing 1 bedroom in a family members house in LA, to being a homeowner in Costa Mesa. And it all started with visualizing it on paper. Much love to Team Swanson.. Andrea, Hud, Holden and Beck.. I look forward to seeing all of your goals and dreams become reality! And everyone do me a favor and visit @beckswanson and subscribe to his YouTube channel. Beck set a goal of being The youngest person to ever hit 1 billion subscribers.. let's help him get there. 🤙🏼 #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork #kaseClosed #CostaMesa #InspiredToMove #GoalSetting #DreamBig #ProjectMindset 8.24.17 🔥🎥 @KnowPassion
When I start with them.. and end with them, everything else works out. What's your why? #FamilyGuy #TeamStirdivant #ProjectMindset #StartWithWhy 8.18.17 🔥🎥 @KNOWPASSION