Exciting news! Four years after its original publication, Loving Someone with Anxiety is soon to be available in Chinese! Did you know there is also a German edition? I am happy to know my book is helping others around the world!

A first-hand look at how Duke PAS can help!

Theresa Johnson took on many family responsibilities after her husband was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Find out how Duke's Personal Assistance Service (PAS) helped her through it.

How Duke’s counseling service helped an employee after a cancer diagnosis

Any way you grieve is the "right" way. Come see us at Duke PAS if you are struggling with balancing grief and work:

After suffering a heartbreaking loss, one woman learns how hard it can be to ask for supportand how crucial it is.

Today is World Mental Health Day. Check out the "Helpful Advice" comic within the post and share with others!

One in four of us will have a battle with mental illness at some point in our lives. In this past week alone, one in six adults have had a mental health pr

ACA member, Dr. Cyrus Williams, spoke with MarketWatch about counseling millennials, noting he spends a lot of time normalizing things: "It's normal to not be married at 24. It's normal not to launch your career and be successful at 28, ruling the world at 28.'"

America can’t decide what to make of millennials. Neither can its therapists.

Priceless! Mayim Bialik offers a humorous take on making time for therapy. #Refreshing

Oversharing with your pedicurist, yoga class, and pug? Mayim Bialik demonstrates all the moments in life where we could & should be in therapy. For more info on keeping your mind healthy, visit

Me: What could possibly go wrong today?
Anxiety: I'm so glad you asked.

Me: "What could possibly go wrong today?" Anxiety: "I'm so glad you asked."

Parents sometimes hesitate to divorce because of concerns about how divorce will impact the children.

Even amongst a small fraction of children, severe aggression is rare.

Many clients come to Duke PAS with complaints about insomnia. Sometimes "sleep hygiene" isn't enough. Here are some reader-tested ideas that can help:

When medicine fails, where can the sleepless turn?

If you are - or know - a male Duke employee or family member who may be depressed, come talk to us at Duke PAS. We have male and female counselors on staff, and it is always free and confidential.

Men become depressed much less often than women do, statistics show. And the symptoms—and how they respond to help—are unlike what women experience.

Men typically don’t get weepy or say they feel sad. They feel numb and complain of insomnia, stress or loss of energy.
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Humans of New York

“I’m studying to be a counselor for battered and abused women. I haven’t had any actual cases yet because I’m still learning. But eventually I want to help ab...used women clearly understand the situation that they’re in. Seventy percent of cases go unreported. There are a lot of reasons that women don’t speak out. Some have low self-esteem and feel like they have no other options. Some are afraid. But a lot of women just genuinely love their partners, and they convince themselves that it’s ‘just a phase.’ They think that things will get better. There can be a lot of idealism involved. I work at a bridal salon now. At our shop, we never call women ‘customers.’ We always call them ‘brides.’ Because brides are special. Marriage is a dream come true. I can see it in the brides' faces when they try on their dresses. They feel like they’ve finally found their ‘happily ever after.’ And it can be hard to give up on that idea. Even if they’re being abused.”

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Know the signs, save a life!

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Today is World Suicide Prevention Day
Know the signs, Spread the signs, Respond to the signs.
You can save a life.

Duke PAS has been serving Duke employees and their family members for over 30 years, and is ranked as one of the top benefits employees appreciate.

HR execs need to lead by example, says consultant Erin McGinty

If you are a resident, you need to read this...if not for yourself, do it for a colleague:

Depression in doctors-in-training seems to be not the exception but the norm, writes Dr. Elisabeth Poorman.

“The key element of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is cognitive restructuring, which challenges you to reframe negative ways of thinking that can become their own... self-fulfilling prophecies...So if you’re lying awake thinking about what a basket case you’ll be tomorrow because you’re not asleep, well, that thought alone will keep you awake.”

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Upcoming free webinar from ADAA: Back-to-School Anxiety in High School and College

Wednesday, August 10, 2016: 7:00 pm ET (6 pm CT / 5 pm MT / 4 pm PT)

Registration required!


Anxiety and depression are common among high school and college students. Dr. Anne Marie Albano will address their needs in terms of treatments based on her college-readiness program for high school seniors with anxiety disorders and depression.

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Back-to-School Anxiety in High School and College Anne Marie Albano, PhD, ABPP Wednesday, August 10 7:00 pm ET (6 pm CT / 5 pm MT / 4 pm PT) Anxiety and depression are common among high school and college students. Dr. Anne Marie Albano will address their needs in terms of treatments based on her co...