A little something for all of you, Quickly done but hope you guys enjoy it
Will be taken down tomorrow 😝

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Why am I incredibly creative and productive at night, but incredibly lazy and unproductive during the day? anyways here is something for y'all

had fun doing this hahaha xD @jrobbdaproducer

Like all of you, I dream;
Dream to be a great music producer and succeed in the music industry.

The desire to work with people across the world that share the same passion as me,
to seek higher goals, ...
explore & understand this world which is very intriguing and so sophisticated in its own way.

All of this just to say: Thanks to all of you who accepted my invite to like this page and believing in me and my dream ❤️♥️

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93 . Lgx & Al /keɪ/biː/eɪ/ La Familia @flawlessbros @takerznation ♥:

Hey guys! It's been awhile since I've last released anything. I released a remix this time through Flawless Records! Hope you guys like it 😎☺️

Prod. By Mr. Jay x Kaybia of Flawless Bros

The Homie Takerz Nation

Remix for the boys Urbantree

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J a c q u e e s .

J a c q u e e s .

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My brother Fenam just released his new mixtape!!! Check it out!! That shit cray!!

10 track album
Says here goes another Track off The Lost Chronicles Of ♠Ace Aaron &
Still Sippin Slow Drink-smoke-fuck-get money-repeat.
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New Production! Featuring the only and unique Jei BANDIT!!
LISTEN-LIKE-SHARE and most of all, ENJOY!
Have A Good One Guys

First single off Jei Bandit's upcoming album 'Metanoia'!

Last Year Production... Still HeadBumpin to this thooo

Sampled from This Song ...