People on a hill is opening for Elevation Worship at the “Here and Now” Festival in Batavia, NY August 25 and debuting new songs! Pre-order your copy of the new “LOUD” live worship album today! Click link for more info:

Hello friends of people on a hill! Ryan here with some exciting news: People on a hill has the incredible honor and opportunity to open for Elevation Worship! That's right: we will be kicking off worship at the “Here and Now” Festival in Batavia, NY August 25-26! We get to set the spiritual tone for...
Gregory and Mikayla Kayne is with Mikayla Kayne and 2 others.

We're in DC, about to lead worship at @davidstentdc on the National Mall. Will post video later! Http://

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Something new from Mikayla Kayne - check out Unbox Your Greatness at this free webinar on Tuesday, May 16th at noon Eastern.

You have everything you need to have big kingdom impact and create abundance. Don't believe me? Be sure to save your spot !
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For the #pastor #worshipleader and #churchtech - take the frustration out of Sundays! Free webinar at 11:30amEST TODAY. Save your spot now:

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What if there was ONE SECRET you could unlock to *eliminate complaints* and improve the relationship between your worship leaders and the tech team?

Reserve yo...ur spot now for this 20 minute free webinar with Gregory Kayne where he'll reveal the One Thing that can eliminate complaints from your worship and tech teams, and improve the quality of your Sunday services.

Webinar: Friday@11:30am EST - it's FREE.

Sign up here:

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If you are in ministry of any kind I wanted to share this with you. I'm holding a workshop THIS SATURDAY that focuses on communication and relationships of ministry leaders with a special focus on volunteer recruiting and technology. IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT to Rochester, the video series will be available through Hope to see you at Bethel on Saturday at 10am!

Lunch provided - and you can register at the door. Blessings! -Greg

Sat 10:00 AM EDTBethel Christian FellowshipRochester, NY
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Gregory was featured this week by Worship Facilities Magazine! Take a look/listen!

Through creative cross-training of pastors, worship leaders, and technical directors, you can communicate efficiently, speak one another’s worship...
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Jackie Moore

Meet Contributor Mikayla Kayne of Real Life Real Faith (Wisdom for Everyday Life) Magazine

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The health plan diary is getting some attention lately! Are you ready to get healthy too?

Healthy Woman added 9 new photos to the album: Health Plan Diary — with Mikayla Kayne.

Gregory Kayne's book is now (finally) available for your Kindle or tablet! Order now and don't forget to find Greg at #WFX2015

This lighthearted guide makes a great resource for worship leaders and teams, pastoral staff members, and as an encouragement to tech team members. The infamous “worship wars” most churches face at one time or another aren’t restricted to style of music or instrument choices,...

Sin of every flavor and color separates us from the holy God.
God doesn't want us to remain separated from Him because He loves us. We don't want to remain separated from Him because He created us with a need deep inside of our souls for connection with Him. There is only one solution to this separation problem - and that is to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He alone paid the price for your sin, and He alone covers it so that God the Father can look at you... and you can approach Him. The first step is just to acknowledge your problem of sin, and to be willing to let it go - to turn away from it - to "repent." To ask forgiveness from the only One who can grant it, and then learn to walk in a new direction.

As you learn about Jesus through the Bible, and you learn to love Him because He first loved you, your appetites and desires will change. You will no longer want to sin and serve yourself, instead you will desire a life of holiness because He is holy. And because He knows that the flesh is weak, He will give you the Holy Spirit to empower you to walk in His ways, and who will transform your mind if you let Him. You will discover talents and gifts you never had before, and use them to bring joy and life to the people around you, and to worship Him because He is worthy to be praised.

The changes in you will cause others to be curious about what happened to you, and you will share your story with them, a story that includes and begins with sin...that is separating them from the holy God, and the savior Jesus who is the connector who covers that sin, and the Holy Spirit who fills you with wonder and excitement and turned your mind from a prison to a resort.

Not everyone is ready to hear my testimony or yours. They might say, "that's nice for you, but I'm ok. I don't need all that." Many people can't see that they are dying and in need of a savior. They don't see that their sin is a big enough problem to cost them anything precious. Or they don't...

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Personal tech training this morning...Smart Phone 101. I love helping people! ~Mik

Happy Pi Day....on the one day it really works!

This is a song I wrote to help me memorize π, since I can memorize music easier than strings of numbers. In my mind, I can hear the melody, and figure out th...

I think 2015 is the year our musical will finally see the light of day. Can't wait to see what God has planned for it. We played through some of the songs today and got chill bumps all over again.

What do you hope will come to fruition in your life in 2015?

Next week Mikayla's launching a new workshop series for folks who want to learn how to make the most use of social media and free internet resources. You can be a missionary with global reach...helping to share the gospel, make disciples, encourage, intercede, and meet needs...all online. If you have a tangible personal ministry or project, learn how to promote it. Pastors & media teams - learn how to use social media to stay connected and communicate with your congregation.

...We'll cover learning to use a variety of the most popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, WordPress, etc, but we'll spend a lot of time learning how to become content creators...since you can be present all over social media but it means nothing unless you are adding value...creating and sharing content.

This series is free, but please register. You don't have to commit to the entire series, register by date. Click the link for more info & to register.

Wednesdays @ Noon Bethel Christian Fellowship

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Lunchbox Mini-Workshops begin Wednesday, December 10, 2014 Come to Bethel Christian Fellowship's office door on Anson Place in Rochester, NY Sign in by noon for weekly Spiritually SOCIAL practical training From 12 - 1:00pm with Mikayla Kayne Learn to use social media to develop and manage your perso…

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So the #pope said that "God is not a divine being..." but there appears to be no outrage. Are you surprised?