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Eric Bates
· July 23, 2017
Love the tourney, however, they need to do on-line registration!! I repeat. They need to do on-line registration!! I know their reason to sell tickets only at the weigh-in stations and I don't buy it.... People HAVE to go to the stations to weigh in their fish and that's when they will spend money in door county. It's just a pain to try and get to these places just to buy a ticket See More
Michelle Frederick
· July 28, 2017
Love the tourney! Love the cash prizes for top 3 (instead of downriggers)! However can't figure out why they can't extend the daily closing time for weighing from 9pm to 10 or 10:30. Big bites at d...awn and dusk so people aren't even done fishing by 9, let alone making it to weigh-in stations. As of Thurs less than 0.50lb difference between top 3 - is proof enough that having to hold your fish overnight until weigh stations reopen could really cost someone! See More
Adam Timmerman
· July 30, 2017
Awesome reason to enjoy the luxuries of our fine state wilderness, beats Christmas annually
Wally Laviolette
· July 8, 2017
Fish it every year and it gets better and better!!
Bruce Albrecht
· July 29, 2017
Fished the tourney for the last 14 years and love it. We will be back.
Amy Elizabeth
· July 22, 2017
We have a blast. Look forward to this every year!

Good news on the cormorant management front!

The controversial waterfowl can destroy habitats and property, but researchers say cormorant culls can hurt the other bird species they’re meant to protect.

Interesting read on wild West Coast/Alaska salmon.

We have some of the best "king" fishing in the world right here on Lake Michigan, a mix of wild and stocked fish.

The world's wild king salmon stocks are disappearing. In 2015, abnormally high river water temperatures in Oregon triggered a die-off of threatened chinkooks. In 2017, the Pacific Fishery and Management Council closed 200 miles of the West Coast to ocean salmon fishing to protect a record-low run of...

No ice should be considered completely safe ice this late in the game, but there's still walkable frozen water in some portions of Door County. This gigantic brown trout, caught by Ben Johnson off Washington Island today, scaled out at 24.72 pounds! Thanks to Kevin up at Kap's for sending this our way.

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Research has confirmed what many anglers knew, that chinooks were bigger in 2017. In fact, 3-year size fish averaged 2.3 pounds higher than the long-term (1986-2017) average of 15.5 pounds.

The latest estimates boost confidence in the future of Lake Michigan salmon fishery amid lower reported levels of forage.

Four Great Lakes Invasive Carp Challenge finalists – a software consultant, a robotics professor, a civil engineer and a hydraulic engineer – will compete for $500,000 in cash prizes in a livestream event Tuesday. Finalists each will have 15 minutes to explain their proposed methods for keeping invasive carp from entering the Great Lakes and five minutes to respond to questions from a four-judge panel. Learn more at,4570,7-350-84161-464523--,00.html

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A flashback 15 years to Todd Jahnke's 2003 K/D Winner, 32.12 lbs., submitted by his wife, Kim. She added, "Get that camera ready for me this summer!" Todd, you got a keeper there. Go Kim!

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Whether targeting them on slow days or reeled in as incidental catches when fishing salmon, browns and steelhead, anglers can now keep more lake trout year-round.

Lake trout bag limit now five, with year-round season!

The DNR Weekly News contains articles of interest on conservation and environmental programs and initiatives of interest statewide in Wisconsin.

Thousands more chinooks for most K/D ports, more steelhead and larger cohos are part of the new objectives in the DNR's three-year Lake Michigan management strategies plan.

K/D co-organizer Kevin Naze talked to Todd Kalish, DNR's deputy director for fisheries, and he detailed plans on redistributing chinooks to ports with better returns while utilizing private hatcheries to increase the stocking of steelhead. Coho numbers will remain similar, but an increased number of yearl...ings — caught about 50 percent more than stocked fingerlings — should improve the catch rate.

In addition to Chambers Creek and Ganaraska strains of steelhead, DNR is returning to Skamanias as well, close to 70,000 in the coming year. The lake trout bag limit has been increased to five, and DNR is open to seeking more cuts in lake trout numbers and substituting chinooks, browns or rainbows in the future if new research shows there are as many lakers out there as anglers suspect.

The net pen program will continue, and expand with more volunteers assisting local fisheries biologists in areas where there's interest.

There will be increased efforts to enhance data collection and analysis with DNR, Fish and Wildlife and voluntary reports of fin clips, stomach analysis, catch by species/size and baitfish sightings.

"We have tremendous, passionate and experienced partners that spend a lot of time on the water, and they're genuinely interested in helping," Kalish said. "The DNR can't and shouldn't do it all. In order for Wisconsin to continue as a world-class salmon and trout destination, we'll cultivate and sustain effective partnerships and collaborations with stakeholders."

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The DNR Weekly News contains articles of interest on conservation and environmental programs and initiatives of interest statewide in Wisconsin.
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March 7
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One of our sponsors, Shady Rays, has provided a boatload of polarized sunglasses for early bird and random daily port prize additions. Check the full lineup out at

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Michigan DNR Fisheries Division has completed the agency’s first Lake Michigan Fisheries Management Plan. Included is this goal, "A diverse fishery comprised primarily of Chinook salmon, coho salmon, and steelhead and secondarily of lake trout and brown trout."


Longest-running trout tourney in the area set for April 19-22

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Baileys Harbor Brown Trout Tournament

With the tournament coming up April 19-22, we’ve been keeping a close watch on the ice pack on the bay. Here’s from 2-16. Have you made your reservations yet?

First tournament of the open water season in our area.

Merrick Malach added 6 new photos — with Mike Grahn.

Here they are everyone! The official event posters for our 2018 Spring Brown Trout Tournament! I want to personally welcome back all our returning teams that already been sending in their teams entry forms, and welcome all those new teams for this year!! We're really looking forward to this springs tournament and festivities! Our open water trout season is just about here!
We again will be capping the tournament at 100 teams, so get your team locked in and signed up!

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Last fall's bottom trawl showed adult alewives at low levels. Anglers who saw healthy fish packed with bait wonder how that can be, since much skinnier fish of a decade ago often had empty stomachs.

The total biomass of forage fish in 2017 was fourth lowest on record and alewife, a key food source for salmon and trout, dropped to a record low.
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February 13
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So ... they'll eat other species, but still prefer alewife when available. Tell us, researchers, just how that's helping the chinook situation?

Researchers say lake trout have flexible diets–calming fears that the resurgent species is competing with salmon for the dwindling supply of alewife in the Great Lakes.