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Bob Horton
· August 6, 2017
We travel 7 hours each way regularly from and back to Fort Worth, Texas in order to spend time in and around Heber Springs. That area draws us back and rewards us for our investment in travel time time and every time. Good food, good folks and good times, as my grandmother used to exclaim! Just don't be asking me to cheer for your Hogs instead of my Mustangs or my Horned Frogs! ;-) See More
Tracy Lawrence
· December 5, 2016
Awesome to drive down a road and not see trash but then there is some roads were people do not care and still throw trash out. As many bag's you obtain just going to Walmart you would think they put a... bag or two inside there cars just for trash....I made these pages just for this reason on Facebook.
Donated Wood / Left Over Material For Arkansas Resident's.
To help and make awareness how we could recycle.
Donated Wood For Arkansas Resident's.
Recycle is the key to all our future....
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Jj Streets
· September 28, 2017
Great advocates for our environment. Providing information and encouraging participation to the cause.
Joyce Ann
· August 29, 2016
I've been in Arkansas for a year now. I never knew how beautiful the state really was. I am so happy I left Arizona.
When they say Arkansas is a "natural state", they weren't lying.
The nature, the... animals I see, and living in a cabin in the woods by bull shoals lake is definitely natural. I am meant to be here.
Thank you Arkansas.
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Casey Crocker
· November 3, 2016
Keep Arkansas Beautiful does a remarkable job with a minimal staff, but has the power in numbers of hundreds and hundreds of volunteers to change the world and make Arkansas a cleaner place to live. U...ltimately, they keep us all aware of the need to keep Arkansas clean so it remains healthy and beautiful and conserved. See More
Ryan Lea
· April 21, 2016
With my religion, nature is everything and I absolutely love this page. From the dedication to the love of the beauty of this world! Thank you!!
Faye Miller
· September 4, 2016
Arkansas is beautiful so are the people. I just visited Magazine Mountain State Park. Felt like I wS on top of the world. Absolutely georgeous, food at lodge waz great & reasonable priced. Worth the drive
Gary Fisk
· June 30, 2016
We Have Some of EVERYTHING. Beauty You have never seen before and will never once forget after YOU'VE Seen it all. It could take You Days or Weeks. There is everything You can imagine and most of it's... FREE or Nearly. From the Old Ways of our Hill Foke an their crafts ,Battlefields and the Wondrous LAKES ,RIVER,and Stream. Come See Us YOU ALL ! See More
Carrie Osborne
· April 28, 2017
Love AR lived here all my life love the outdoors taking my kids n grandkids fishing
Sandra Alverson-Francis
· April 13, 2017
Great site, good advise. Now I have a chance to win a gardening kit. Awesome!
Silvia Plascencia
· August 9, 2016
We have nature water let's keep clean is for us and the new generation
Andria Davis
· September 18, 2016
Keep-Arkansas-Beautiful is for natives like myself to help prevent debris from unwanted places that will continue to sewage backups.
La Muchacha Alegre
· August 11, 2016
muy hermoso lugar.....
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