REMOVE OR PREVENT PLAQUE IN YOUR ARTERIES TO PREVENT HEART ATTACK AND STROKE. Also prevent sudden inflammation which is the true danger of heart attack and stroke.

1. Only buy and eat produce and drink water and no more take out! Cook your own food. STOP buying bottled and boxed food and drinks. Even if it's gluten free, vegan, whole grain whatever. It's not healthy. It has too much added sugar, too much sodium and other inflammatory additives. Also buying produce is cheaper!...

2. Stop drinking milk (even almond soy etc). There are some exceptions but adults don't need to drink milk. Milk is meant to nourish and fatten up children and of course calfs. That's why milk is fattening. Yogurt (not flavored, fruity) is fine because it's fermented. Almost anything fermented is nutrituous for you but yogurt can still be fattening. Soy milk is complete crap and Almond milk has too much Omega 6 which is an inflammatory fat. A little milk or cream with coffee is fine but make sure it's whole milk (preferably grass-fed, no added hormones etc) Oh and Low fat, 1% 2% milk is complete crap too.

2. Throw out your vegetable oil (Canola, Corn, margarine etc). It is NOT "heart healthy". It's trans-fat too. These industrial oils are highly inflammatory and is the real reason why fat and oily food are bad for you.

3. Eat lots of vegetables and cook it in butter, ghee, olive oil, or coconut oil. The combination of bio-available vitamin C from veggies and good fats actually prevent arterial clogging. These oils can also aid in weight reduction. Butter and ghee have Vitamin K2 which actually remove plaque and put the calcium in your bones. These fats also help you eat less because they are more satiating. That why nuts and seeds are great too.

4. Eating meat is not the devil BUT you should only be eating meat as a side dish. (Best if it's Grass-fed or Pasture Raised) So load up on buttery vegetables. Have some fruit as a dessert to fill you up. Vegetables and fruit do not contribute to weight gain at all. So go crazy. No need for calorie counting there.

4. Put some cayenne pepper in all your food.

5. Have One Teaspoon of garlic a day.

6. Have One Teaspoon of Cod Liver Oil a day but do your research. Rancid fish is bad and causes inflammation too.

7. Have a slice of ginger a day or make yourself ginger tea. Just boil a couple slices of ginger with water.

8. Take Epson Salt baths. It's a great way to absorb magnesium

Of course if you are allergic or have weird reactions to any of this stuff, for example IBS, then avoid it. Duh.

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