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About Kelly-Anne
  • something my grandfather taught me the buck stops here .... way before i ever came to this city god i miss and loved that man......
Favorite Quotes
  • one one
    truth can
    be used as a
    foundation for a
    mountain of lies
    and if we dig down deep
    enough in the mountain of lies
    and bring out that truth to set it on top
    of that mountain of lies, the entire mountain of
    lies will crumble underneath the weight of that one
    truth and there is nothing more devastating to a structure
    of lies than the revelation of truth upon which the
    structure of lies was built, because the shockwaves
    of the revelation of the truth reverberate and
    continue to reverberate throughout the
    earth for generations to follow. Awakening
    even those people who had no desire
    to be awakened to the truth.