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Sorry. I think that might’ve been another show

“@kenbroo sorry to bother, but what were the details or website for volunteering for veterans? I have a teen looking for scholarship opp”
Monday night is my night to make dinner for Patricia. This was tonight's menu
My panoramic view of Sedona. The lovely Patricia Broo appears at the end of the video
Dinner tonight!

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@kenbroo had a motto for #Reds fans on WLW this morning: "Where the hell is Nick Senzel?"

Mike Reilly, founding member of Pure Prarie League with me right now on @700wlw

Good luck Payne!

“Sorry I never got to sing for you on air @LanceMcAlister and thanks for sharing your "dark web" knowledge with me @kenbroo

Thanks! That's very kind of you. @700wlw

“@kenbroo love hearing you on the radio. You do a great job.”

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Mount Notre Dame 2020 libero Stevie Wolf just verbally committed to play volleyball at #Xavier. @XUAthletics @MNDCougars @WCPO

Thank you Rick. Very kind @700wlw

“@kenbroo I love your weekend shows and wish you had a regular radio show.”

Yeah...good luck getting the @MLBPAA to agree to that @WCPO

“You wanna fix the real problem with the #Reds and #MLB? Implement a #SalaryCap. The inequality in baseball is killing many small market teams. @LanceMcAlister @JamesRapien @LockedOnReds @MoEgger1530 @redlegnation @redreporter @redsproblems @kenbroo”

Sean Casey @TheMayorsOffice doesn’t need that headache. @WCPO

“Any chance the @Reds would be interested into talking to @TheMayorsOffice for the open managers position? Vise versa? @MoEgger1530 @LanceMcAlister #Reds @kenbroo”

Doing a Facebook live chat right now about Brian price on WCPO’s Facebook page. Hit it! @WCPO

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The Reds have announced they are replacing manager Bryan Price and pitching coach Mack Jenkins. Effective immediately, bench coach Jim Riggleman is interim manager, Louisville manager Pat Kelly is bench coach, and Pensacola pitching coach Danny Darwin is major league staff.

No I don't....plane was probably at cruising altitude so seat belt sign might have been off.

“@kenbroo Do you know if the woman who unfortunately died on the Southwest Air flight was wearing her seat belt at the time of the incident??”

Has to@hit better at AAA before they bring him up

“@kenbroo @WCPO When is Senzel coming up?! Burning a bench spot on my #fantasyteam”

Thanks Keith. Dr Elaina George was my guest

“@kenbroo love your broadcast skills. Who was the female doctor on the show last week with a book for sale and website talking to you about healthcare choices. #research. Thanks!”

I said “the first”

“@kenbroo You say Guess Who is Canadian band most influential to USA? What!? How can you forget Rush! Please apologize Broo. 😀”