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  • I have vowed the gift of marriage twice in the eyes of Jehovah in the lands of our adversary. My yes meant yes, and my no meant no.
    Only to be betrayed by both with fornication and adultery. It is with heart felt knowledge from Jehovah God through his only begotten son Christ Jesus our lord, that I am NOT without sin; I now have a new love for the unrepentant and unrighteous in my life.
    Although, this new love that is in my heart for ALL the unrighteous ones in the days of my life, is now followed by a fear! --- A fear that the heart conditions of those will not change. A fear the light of the new heavens will not cast shadow upon them when all is new…
    I will always pray for them. Always! Because I have loved them.
    O’ If only I had married in the Lord!
    O’ Jehovah, my heavenly Father. Please, do forgive me. So that I may be blessed with your precious gift through YOUR will and given direction that it will be a loving marriage till time indefinite for as a witness to sanctify your name.
    O’ how much I wish to be blessed with a capable Wife in union with the Lord! ~ Proverbs 31:10-31
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