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  • Im 6 foot 4 inches 320 pounds my nickname is Big Ken i take after my dad. HAHA i called it i was thinking i would have to come back here to update, 6'4" and 257 Ibs.
Favorite Quotes
  • there's a bunny deep down inside each and every woman...if you can see the bunny in these girls, then you're on to something my friend.-Hughe Hefner.

    "Vagi-clean huh? Whats a matter honey, a little to much cheese on the taco...... NO, excuse me , there is no tag on this. Price check on vagi-clean thats Vagi-clean. We've got woman down here with a full on Fallopian fungus. Shes baking a loaf of bread and i think its sour dough. Put a rush on that!"- Jim Carrey, Me, Myself, and Irene

    "Did your parents have any children that lived....well your so ugly you could be a modern art master piece" Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, Full Metal Jacket