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  • Class of 2004Business marketingBoston, Massachusetts
  • 2002 to 2003Business marketingBoston, Massachusetts
    I went to Baystate college. I majored in Business and minored in Marketing. I loved going to school for that....My major wasn't so was more on the General side....I wanted to play it safe, so i didn't regret what I majored in (alot of people were already regretting what they were going to school for ), And i didn't want to waste my time, and then get a degree, and not use it....That's why, I took a more "Broadening my Horizons" major and minor...But my Dad soon passed away, when I was 19 years.old, then I had withdrawn from college, to be with my mother....but somewhere in the middle, I had gone to Massasoit....But today, in the year 2014
    3, I've already thought it over,
    that I am going to go back to school...and already know, what I'm going to go back for :o).....Soon enough, Soon enough.....
  • Class of 2002Norwood, Ohio
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About Kendra
  • My name is Kendra and I'm 28 years old who have 2 beautiful angels, I have a son and a daughter who I want to always persevere in their life and never give up no matter what! I went through a lot especially after my dad passed away when I was 19 years old,,,but I've overcome many obstacles and I've learned the hard way through the choices I had made and today I stand high and so much more wiser in my decisions I make and the people I associate myself with, My main priorities are my two kids my mom and myself, I love poetry writing poetry/songs...and listening to music, I love to be with my children when I can because I work full-time 6 days a week,,,all day and night, So when I'm with them I always take advantage with my time with them, I love movies,,,The notebook,,The lucky one....Titatic,,,Hangover,,,,American pie all sequels,,,etc,,,

    My dislikes : people that judge
    people that are fake and just pretend to be your friend

    people that talk behind other peoples back cause they really can't stand themselves and want to take the focus off of them,
    i can't stand when people make fun of other people ,,,it's immature, cruel, and just so un human...cant stand it...

    I'd rather be hated for who am .....Than loved for who I'm not.....
Favorite Quotes
  • you live and learn
    what goes around comes around
    I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am NOT
    after every hurricane comes a rainbow