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  • i am who i am, what else can i say, im gay im black i love music, and shopping, and dancing and watching movies, and doind gymnastics, and hanging out with friends,I'm a virgin slut and I'm and ditzy honors student, sounds imposiisble but i am
Favorite Quotes
  • Pam: Boy if my achos are lopsided Ima rip ALL yo chicken nuggets in HALF!

    Rasputia: I don;t do this for my husband, Everybody in this town knows that Rasputia Latimore is fine...Ain't I fine!.(girl you are sizzlin hot)..See Everybody!

    Adrian:you know eating that pepper is a metaphor for becoming famous...that fact that you made it means that you'll make it!

    sergio:my mom wants you to slep over at my house
    Me: why so she can finally kill me!

    Stevie: A true friend will save you weave from the snow!

    me:"kari stop puttin my busines sout there you know im on the DL"
    ashley:"kenneth ur so gay u spit glitter"

    Jovon: "chicago needs to do something about all this wind its fuckin up my cuteness!"

    jovon: you are really hot do you have any idea how hot you are?"
    freshie:"im not gay"
    jovon: "nots not what i asked, i ask do u know how hot u are"

    ashley: "we saw ur boyfriend today"
    ken: "which one you know i have twnety...gawd i really am a whore"

    (nati waves at some guy)
    me: "he is hot can i have sex with him"
    nati: "shhhh whats rule number one?! you cant act too gay"
    me: "girl you kno i cant control all this"

    me: "sing u bitch"
    cilla: "i will song when you drink!"

    (ken spins a small child)
    me:"All day all week bitch!"

    (Ken breaks into random dance sequence)
    phil: "MOM! Kens doing vodoo!"

    me: "where did the Texas chainsaw massacre take place"
    phil and james:"Texas you stupid bitch"

    Sergio: "Can i have a whopper and a large cock..ahh i mean coke!"

    phil: "ur such a cow"
    ken: "im not a cow"
    phil: "yes you are and you always will be with that attitude"

    popeyes worker: "what would you liek to drink"
    James: "do you have doctor pepper"
    popeyes worker: "No we have pepsi "
    james: 'can I have a coke?"
    popeyes worker: "no we have pepsi!!"

    "Ken's mom is delicious...thats why i got her pregnant"-Gianna Lapietra

    "Hold me like you never want to let me go"~Mya

    "I'm here im queer get used ot it"~The Gays

    "girls and boys are lookin at me i cant blame them cause im sexy"~Paris hilton

    "I Love you! love love love love love love love love!"~The Last unicorn

    "Lets hug it out Bitch!"