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  • President and Creative DirectorDecember 2015 to presentGarfield, Arkansas
    Be Unbreakable. Be a Diamond. Empowering young ladies to have an unbreakable self-worth. A higher self-worth means better life decisions & better life decisions means a better quality of life.

    Curbing a social problem- our ladies are worth more. #imworthmore
  • Program Support AssociateMarch 23, 2015 to presentBentonville, Arkansas
    I support the Environment program area of the Foundation.
  • Owner2014 to presentFayetteville, Arkansas
    Functional. Quality. Affordable.
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About Keri
  • life to the fullest, live with no regrets, find something you can get absolutely ecstatic about- life is short, you only get one. Make every moment count and don't take for granted that which you say means the most to you...
Favorite Quotes
  • "LIVE AND LEARN" "Take all oppurtunities life gives you, because if you don't, someone else will!" Never stop pushing yourself.