Good news for fans of Aquaponics System or for people who are just learning about Aquaponics. I, as the owner of this website, has managed to write a book about Aquaponics - Growing Vegetables and Fish in a Simple Cycle. Aquaponics book I wrote is packed with interesting contents and examples, and through my own experiences. The whole idea, theory and practicality can be used for Aquaponics System at home, for family or for commercial purposes. [ 404 more words ]…

This Aquaponics book is packed with valuable contents and through my experiences that can be used for Aquaponics System for family or for commercial purpose

At this time, I will share about my experience in dealing with Muscle Disorder Weakness of Myasthenia Gravis (MG). This true story is not about me. But this happened to my own father. In honor of my father's request, I will not be uploading a picture of him either sick or healthy, for privacy purposes. This muscle dysfunctional disorder caused my father to be weak, often tired and not able to do any heavy work. [ 1180 more words. ]…

Myasthenia Gravis is a Muscle Weakness Disorder that cause tiredness, muscles pain and fatigue of the nerves, which makes the patient helpless and weak

In this post, I want to share some interesting facts and information regarding Adult Colouring Books. The aim of this post is to correct the adults misconceptions about the benefits and goodness while drawing and colouring or painting. Everyone loves drawing and painting, right? Drawing is frequently used in commercial illustration, animation, architecture, engineering and technical drawing. A quick, freehand drawing, usually not intended as a finished work, is sometimes called a sketch. [ 975 more words. ]

Interesting facts and information regarding Adult Colouring Books that can transform any adult misconceptions about the benefits of colouring for our health

Happy Eid to all fellow muslims and to non-muslims. Eid al-Fitr marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. This has to do with the communal aspects of the fast, which expresses many of the basic values of the Muslim community; e.g., empathy for the poor, charity, worship, steadfastness, patience etc. Fasting is also believed by some scholars to extol fundamental distinctions, lauding the power of the spiritual realm, while acknowledging the subordination of the physical realm. [ 160 more words. ]

Wannah Enterprise wish a Happy Eid 1437H and Selamat Hari Raya 2016, hope all good deeds that you do during Ramadan will given a great reward by Allah SWT.

Perhaps, your first question is, Does The Door To Hell Exist? Hearing the word "hell", it sounds scary enough. // Anyway, Door To Hell Is A Natural Gas Field In Derweze, Turkmenistan. Where Is The Door To Hell On Google Maps How To Visit Door To Hell? You can pay a visit to Turkmenistan, located in Central Asian region. Door To Hell is located near the small town of Darvaza or precisely the Karakum desert. [ 870 more words. ]

Perhaps, your first question is, Does The Door To Hell Exist On Earth? Door To Hell Is A Natural Gas Field In Darvaza, Turkmenistan, producing methane gas.

Digby Balancing Rock is one of the natural phenomenon. Where Is Digby Balancing Rock In Nova Scotia? This Balancing Rock Phenomena can be found in Nova Scotia, Canada. A balancing rock is a naturally occurring geological formation featuring a large rock or boulder, sometimes of substantial size, resting on other rocks, bedrock or on glacial till. What Are Balancing Rock Called? [ 292 more words. ]

Digby Balancing Rock is one of the natural phenomenon. Where Is Digby Balancing Rock In Nova Scotia? Let us together appreciate this Bizarre Phenomenon.

Great Blue Hole is a sinkhole that can be located in the sea off the coast of Belize. It is an area that is very unique and interesting. Suitable as a holiday destination for those who have sufficient financial means and health. The Great Blue Hole is a giant submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize. It lies near the center of Lighthouse Reef, a small atoll 70 km from the mainland and Belize City. [ 300 more words. ]

The Great Blue Hole is a sinkhole that located in the sea off the coast of Belize, that is very unique, interesting and suitable as a holiday destination

Underwater river in Cenote Angelita. Nature is absolutely unique and store a variety of mysterious and strange phenomena. Did you know that freshwater and saltwater do not mix because of the difference in salinity? Are There Really Underwater River? Yes .. you can find Underwater River in Cenote Angelita. // Why Cenote Angelita? Cenote Angelita has a top layer of fresh water and salt water below it. [ 599 more words. ]

Underwater River phenomena can be seen in Cenote Angelita, in which, a visual illusion that makes saltwater and freshwater seems to mixed with each other

Raining Animals, does that make sense? The rain is a blessing from our Creator (according to one belief) to humanity as for drinking, washing and many others. Normally rain is water. But, what does it feel when the rain is not in the form of water as we expected? What would you feel when it's Raining Animals? Yes, Raining Animals Down From The Sky! [ 422 more words. ]

When the rain is not in the form of water, what are you going to do when it's time for Raining Animals? Yes, phenomena of Raining Animals Down From The Sky!

Islamic State has committed a crime by killing and wiping out human history by destroying and exploding the ancient archaeological site, Assyrian Ancient City in March, 2015. Ancient Archaeological Site, Nimrud Before A look at the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud before it was looted and bulldozed by Islamic State (Isis) fighters. Ancient Archaeological Site, Nimrud After Nimrud Reaction on social media: [ 1683 more words. ]

Islamic State has committed a crime by systematically wiping out human history, barbarically destroy the ancient archaeological site of Nimrud in March 2015

StudyBay is a website that provides academic writing services to students. Among the services offered is the term paper, essay, dissertation, research paper, reflective practice and creative writing. StudyBay is good for students who want to facilitate them in their studies. But, as important message to students out there, this is not a good reason to be lazy. Life as a student is a gift, do not take things for granted. [ 606 more words. ]

Today, I'll share a post about how to do shopping online by using free mobile shopping apps. Again, a week without post about our construction works. Nevermind. Introduction The daily life of people today are more sophisticated and modern. The creation of various technologies make people's lives easier and faster. However, the rapid development of this technology in line with the higher demand levels. [ 910 more words. ]

Find the best mobile shopping apps in Malaysia yet free to download.

Have you ever thought to get online courses? We already know, if you go to a private college or government university, you need a high expenditure. You have to pay courses fees, which will increase each year. In addition, daily expenses also increased every year. But I did not mention you do not have to learn to high levels if you have the opportunity and space to do so. [ 601 more words. ]

Have you ever thought to get online courses? Read the rest of the article to learn how Udemy impact your passions on getting valuable knowledge.

My blog at this time has nothing to do with the construction work or engineering. This time, I wanted to write a little about the relationship between the natural color spectrum and Islamic Prayer. The focus on fellow Muslims, however, the content of the natural sciences can be used together. As we know, the Prophet Muhammad blessed by Allah SWT with Al-Quran as the last book of guidance. [ 1102 more words. ]

My blog at this time has nothing to do with the construction work, it's about the relationship between the natural color spectrum and Islamic Prayer.

Idea Dan Teknik Menghiasi Feature Wall

Bagi seorang kontraktor ubahsuai rumah, masalah yang sering dihadapi adalah cara untuk memuaskan hati pemilik rumah. Bagi seorang pemilik rumah, masalah yang dihadapi adalah bagaimana mengilhamkan sebuah rumah impiannya. Masalah yang sering dihadapi adalah bagaimana mengkombinasi warna keseluruhan tentang lokasi, ruang serta sudut tempat yang anda ingin hiasi tersebut. Sebagai seorang kontraktor ubahsuai rumah yang mempunyai pengalaman lebih daripada 15 tahun, anda tidak memerlukan banyak warna dan corak untuk rumah anda. [ 372 more words. ]

Air Blower – Peniup Udara Berkuasa Elektrik

Jika anda seorang kontraktor binaan, anda mungkin pernah menghadapi masalah berhadapan dengan debu dan kotoran. Debu dan kotoran hasil daripada sisa binaan mungkin akan menyebabkan gejala batuk, selesema dan yang kronik seperti sakit paru-paru yang berpanjangan. Sebagai seorang majikan, adalah lebih baik jika anda mengambil berat tentang keselamatan dan kesihatan para pekerja. Ini adalah kerana para pekerja juga mempunyai hak untuk mendapatkan suasana dan persekitaran yang bersih dan sihat daripada pencemaran. [ 409 more words. ]

Ulasan tentang YotaPhone – Telefon Pintar Dwi-Skrin Yang Pertama Di Dunia

YotaPhone telah memutar kepala peminat telefon pintar sejak ia pertama kali muncul dalam acara CES tahun lalu, tetapi kini telefon pintar dwi-skrin dari Rusia akhirnya telah diberi harga RM 1,699 untuk pasaran Malaysia. YotaPhone adalah telefon pintar dwi-skrin yang pertama di dunia dengan teknologi always-on display yang mana paparan ini akan sentiasa aktif. Terima kasih kepada teknologi kertas elektronik, paparan unik ini selalu aktif, walaupun bateri telah habis digunakan. [ 231 more words. ]