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    Visit my website for lots of info and pictures and pedigrees, and detailed information about adopting a Kerstone puppy.

    Welcome to Kerstone German Shepherds. I am Alicia, 23 years old, the owner/breeder/handler/trainer of Kerstone since 1999!! We are located near Abilene, KS on 12 beautiful acres of land, with a great set up for the dogs. We are very blessed to have this place! I have a new, perfect, amazing daughter born Feb. 22, 2010 - my future Jr. Handler! *grin*

    At this time, I work with almost all naturally purebred colors of the German Shepherd Dog from outstanding pedigrees of American showlines, and some European working & show lines, although whites are where my heart lies the most. All of my dogs are AKC registered. I have traditional sables, blue sable, liver sable, black & tan/silver/cream, liver & tan, whites, solid blacks, and even a Panda Shepherd. Long, short, and plush coat lengths.

    Temperament and health are the TOP priorities here! Unfortunately not every dog/pup can be "perfect" every time, but this is my passion & I strive to do the best I can possibly do. All breeding stock have had hips & elbows evaluated by OFA at a miniumum before breeding. I also track any/all other genetic issues that run in the bloodines (remember NO bloodline is perfect, any breeder to claims to have no issues is lying). I try to match up breeding pairs by researching the pedigrees as best as I can, and make breeding decisions to produce the healthiest pups possible. It's my goal to continue working towards more & more health checks as well such as OFA cardiac, DM testing, some PennHIPs, MDR1, and so on. To me a good Shepherd temperament is fearless & confident, but easy to handle & a great family dog for anyone. They should be able to do nearly any task asked of them, highly versatile and easily trainable. Loyal and protective, yet at the same time can be a therapy dog for the elderly, sick, or young children. They should be well-rounded and always stable.

    The UKC show ring and White GSD/WS speciality rings are where I started in the dog world so I think conformation showing may always be my favorite, but I have also GREATLY enjoyed my time training in agility, herding, and some light tracking.
Favorite Quotes
  • "No good dog can be a bad colour." -- Max von Stephanitz

    "Take this trouble for me: Make sure my shepherd dog remains a working dog, for I have struggled all my life long for that aim." -- Captain Max von Stephanitz, 1864-1936 (German Shepherd breed founder)