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Tracey Mahase
· March 30, 2018
I ordered a legends meal! The kfc website said the meal supposed to come with 6 pieces of chicken, 2 popcorn chicken, 2 fries, 2 coleslaw and 4 biscuits! I replaced the 2 coleslaws with fries so i’m s...upposed to receive 4 fries and 4 biscuits! When the order came I got 2 biscuits! I called them and they said they wud send it! An entire hour after I called again but this time someone from management came on the phone and said that the sides can change from what we’re seeing on their website! When I explained that this is misleading, she got angry and started giving attitude and then said she wud send the biscuits! I am highly dissatisfied with the service I received from kfc siparia and I hope something can be done so this won’t occur again! See More
Missy Singh-Gunness
· March 28, 2018
Just like many Trinidadians there are days you love to sit and relax and bite into a piece of KFC...

However, yesterday I bought the 6pc Mega Meal at the branch opposite Gulf City. This was the secon...d time when I bought it there and it had a smokey burnt taste to it. I strongly suspect that the oil was not changed as regularly as it should be. I belched this weird taste. It was horrible....

Please encourage the branches to change their oil regularly. Because there will be many more dissatisfied customers. There are times we purchase it regularly and now we are starting to change our minds from it to purchase bar b que...
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Amrita Sinanan
· February 28, 2018
KFC Gulf City.... I dunno if it's a trend with this whole chain to employ some of the sourest of sour ppl..... But today I truly lost it......I waited in line like everyone else, got to the front and ...was greeted by a "Yeah waz yuh order?"
Didn't say anything but proceeded to relay my order to her.... While telling her she continued to have a conversation with her college thereby missing hlf my order which I repeated for her twice.
I get the bill...where I asked for one particular thing... She charged me for two....I proceed to tell her about her mistake.... She then looks me up and down and says "well yuh was calling the order too fast so it had to happen"..... My blood is now boiling and I want to cuss so I don't.... Instead I keep my calm and give her my bill and keep the smile on so I don't lose it infront all the other ppl in the line....I get bk my money and I leave.

Listen I don't care how bad of a day you're having or how much you hate your job.... Customers shldnt have to beg you for good mannerisms and common courtesy. It is BECAUSE of said customers money that your employers are able to pay you at the end of the month... So like it or not... You have to have some sort of customer service in order to keep them coming back!

#cutthebullshit #fixyuhface #itscalledprofessionalism
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Shadell Edwards
· April 21, 2018
People of Trinidad like to come down on the customer service they receive at KFC outlets but do yall ever stop and think of how absolutely sickening and disgusting some of yall attitudes are towards t...he workers there????? I will share my experience yesterday as an example. I arrived at KFC independence square and i proceeded to order my meal. On ordering we then have to wait in line to collect. Three people were ahead of me and there was only one girl making out the orders.

The lady at the front of the line asked for a centre breast and the girl checked and told her there was only side breast, legs and wings and that chicken is coming. She said no she only wants centre breast so the 3rd woman in line said "darling i want two side breast here" so the girl moves on to giving the lady the side breast. Now the man who was second in line wanted thigh so he was waiting also. As she was looking to serve me next as i was 4th the worker in the back put up more chicken.

She reached for my ticket and that was when the man second in the line started to quarell bout " so yuh ent see me stand up here how yuh only serving people behind me". Mind you the new chicken now now touch the stand like 2 seconds ago and he getting on like if this one girl is a fucking octopus or something. She said "sir u wanted thigh and it now reach but this lady (me) wants a leg and wing so i was giving she it". This man start to rant and rave bout the girl stupid and who incompetent and bout this and that. Well i couldnt stand and watch that so i give him a few choice words of my own as well as other customers in the line who also started to console the young lady as she was on the verge of tears.

Now after about 7 or 8 experiences like that for the day how you expecting these girls to address people like that especially???? Smh sometimes we need to evaluate how we talk to customer service reps on a whole and not look down on them and give them attitude as well because two wrongs never make a right. Smh.
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Lilly Ford
· April 14, 2018
So I ordered kfc from St. Mary's junction, Freeport at around 6:30pm. After about an hour the driver reached and said she's not familiar with the area and is afraid of getting robbed and the next time... I order in the night I would have to walk out the road to meet her. First of all, you didn't get my order correct. I wanted corn & I got coleslaw which Im allergic to. Secondly the street is properly lit & signs directing you to exactly where I live. My neighborhood is very peaceful & safe. If you are driving & fear for your safety, why should I leave the comfort of my home to walk on the very same roads you "claim" to be unsafe. I paid for delivery to my house, not my junction! Furthermore, if I wanted to leave my house, I would have driven to the branch instead of ordering. Please be more professional & logical. See More
Jenna Boah
· March 2, 2018
KFC...what really goin on at d Independence Square branch? I rel sharpen up for my Zinger...left marios to come KFC for my zinger and what do I get? Rotten lettuce in my sandwich and d bread soft like... it never seen a toaster. It clear to me that this zinger sandwich was sitting on d line quite a long while before your staff decide to give me that shit for my money. This is how to lose loyal customers. And I sure u all wont even offer me back anything considering d crap food and crap service I received. Last time kfc ppl called to apologize and give me a big serving of nothing back for my troubles. See More
Rosanna Wiltshire
· February 24, 2018
Just came from you Westmoorings branch in which made me regret not going to another fast food service. My family and I sat in the drive through for close to 30 mins before we reached the speaker. Afte...r repeatedly saying good afternoon with no response, we rolled forward. We were two vehicles away from the window which took another 15 mins. When we rolled up, the cashier opens the window but keeps her back to us while carrying on a conversation with other members of staff for two to three min ( no acknowledgement of our presence) when she decides to look around my bf asks if the speaker was working she responds with attitude yeah, he explains that he was trying to place the order and she cuts him and says what you wanna get?
He proceeds to order a 5 piece special original. Upon arriving at home we checked to only realize that instead of original we got 5 pieces of spicy. No one in my family eats spicy so we ended up getting Chinese food instead. KFC Westmoorings better than that.
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Avinash Brijbassie
· March 28, 2018
I bought a 5 piece combo, and upsized it, collected the chicken, and was waiting for drinks, then the cashier started cashing again and forgot about me. Waiting, he cashed another customer, and i was ...still waiting for my drink. When i told him I'm waiting for my drink, he hurriedly proceeded to fill the regular cups, i said sir i ordered a upsize meal, and those are not upsize cups. I was infuriated with the poor service. The cashiers name is Arnald. His service was very poor, and to top it off he didn't apologize for his poor service. See More
Anicia Burris
· February 16, 2018
Let me tell you all what I don't like. Let it be known to the ignorant, KFC Windsor does not deliver to Santa Rosa Heights Arima...anymore..neither do they take orders for pick up. What is their therefore? Why would they stop delivering to a particular area without any explanation and why wouldn't you take an order for pick up..aren't you all interested in revenue or is it that you all are overflowing with it? Despicable. This is the kind of service we are subjected to in our country..this is the nonsense that pervades. It needs to be fixed..the customer service that exists is piss poor!! See More
Nayomi Mya Tamia George
· 8 hours ago
KFC don’t play up in allyuh ass eh so today for today a snack pack raise to $30??? Without notice
Every time KFC raising snack pack prices so all I going and do now is either don’t buy or buy specials... because I don’t understand how yesterday a snack pack which is 2 piece of chicken and 1 side was $28.00 and today is $30.00? See More
Ruben Neranjan
· March 10, 2018
By Ruben Neranjan
Lawd, When I see you, my mouth gets dry... You tempt me.. i just want you... Wanna hold you, touch you, taste you, enjoy you.. and make you mine. Sweet desire... Hunger.. temptation.. I am told continuously that you are no good for Mr but yet I was t you still. Thinking of you makes my heart beat faster and created unfulfilled desires.

I know there are others but you are the one for me. You are simply beautiful, sexified, delicious and I want all of you to myself. I want to feel you, taste you.. Lick you, bite you, devour you... I jus want you..

The memories would flood me, of times when we were together... In the car, in my bedroom, at the beach, even at the fall when I needed you to satisfy my hunger and you did an excellent job. I enjoy your hot breast in my mouth and your thighs are mind-blowing... Yet still I want more.. digging further after all is done in your greasy box....

Can't wait to have you again...Can wait to see you, smell you, taste you and enjoy eating your meat...

Until we meet again..
My sweet sweet sweet
Hot and spicy
Finger licking Good
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Lisa Ali
· April 3, 2018
KFC south Park. Worker- Julianna. Could you kindly remind Julianna that when someone enters your establishment we purchase your chicken fries sandwiches etc. We do not get it free we do not beg for it... free we do not expect it free. We pay for every single item received so the least we expect is a little pleasantness. Her attitude stinks. Yesterday was my second unpleasant encounter with her and it's really disturbing. I did not go there to beg for anything so please train these ppl you hire some basic public relations skills. Just basic. It's all they need. See More
Rachael Sobers
· February 25, 2018
So idk wat promo kfc drive tru has in tobago s'boro to b exact but the there they're trying to move so fast n rush u off that they actually putting shit in ur box... in numerous occasions I went in t...he drive tru n ask for SIDE BREAST n meet weh a going to sit down n eat is thigh n wing in muh box... the drive tru smelling stink I told the cashier she told the manager by the name Teresa... N they both stood n watch me like I was insane... them is the worse n I think I'm gonna stop buying kfc from in s'boro See More
Collene Findlay
· April 4, 2018
I want to give a big big shout out to Port of Spain KFC�����!!!
I had an extremely awful scare yesterday when I realized I forgot my phone at the kfc branch port of spain.�
I almost cut my losses but... wanting believe there is still good and honest people here in trinidad I proceeded on asking management for assistance.
Thankfully the area manager Mrs.Erica did everything to retrace and return my phone to me.
All members of staff was very helpful and supportive ��
Big ups kfc!!!
Get your chicken specials people !!!����
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Shanie Boo
· April 2, 2018
I always have problems getting food deliver..last time I wait 2 hrs after placing my order. This very moment writing this post I trying for an hr to place order. Ive called 3 times within the hr and told there is no driver so I cant place my order. Couva branch See More
Roseanne Ragbir
· April 3, 2018
Last week we bought a 15 piece and received raw chicken on the inside from the Munroe road branch...all had to be thrown away. Also, we got 5 packs of exactly do you split that with... 15 pieces of meat? Munroe road branch is the absolute worst in the world! Hoggish workers and raw meat all the time! Want to waste 159 dollars? Go kfc Munroe road! See More
Sarah Benjamin Paul
· February 18, 2018
Dated: Sunday 18th February, 5pm, my family and I had the most distasteful experience at the Valsayn drive-thru. We waited over 30 mins in line to be greeted with the most aggravated voice through the... speaker. She took our order, then proceeded to take it a second time at the window. She was talking, laughing and liming inside with a co-worker and DID not put in the extra 2 busicuits I asked for ( it was for my 2 kids). On top of that, she violetley handed me my order through the window (where I was being polite and said thank you each time she handed me something) to be greeted with a HARD STARE AND ATTITUDE. I am truly dissatisfied and I really hope KFC does a better job at screening their workers before hiring. Keep in mind that these workers are interacting with customers and this reflects badly on the company and the service they provide. See More
Alisha Rampooran
· March 16, 2018
The kfc outlet at the point lisas branch in couva has the worst costumer services. A few weeks ago I went in.....I proceeded with my order an ordered a dinner special....the cashier had on the worst f...ace she could possibly angrily said 'we doh have that...only thing remaining is wing combo... we not making no more chicken for today'. I assumed it was because of the time...... Now I don't ever eat wings but I ordered the 3 wing combo anyways.....btw why does the employee that cashing always interfere with the food??.…...she literally picked the smallest pieces she could possibly find she spent a great deal of time choosing that chicken.... anyway while I was getting my ketchup an stuff a guy walked in who apparently was the cashier's friend....he ordered an 8 piece...I remember saying to myself poor guy....too late....only to hear that mad annoying woman say....'hold on ah 15 mins chicken frying'... meanwhile alot more costumers were coming in.......she watched me straight in my face without even apologizing...I honestly had to stop my fiance from creating a big sense there that night....btw if you wanna work at a fast food outlet as popular as kfc...try removing your facial hair if your a woman..... See More
Nisha R Seepersad
· 4 hours ago
My sis had an even an bought kfc at debe resturant almost $500 was spent on mega meals for 32 people kk .An she asked for boats an was allowed 3 boats per mega meal .It was really bad to ask for b...igger cups to put ketchup etc an it was also a problem.This was friday evening gone at 6pm the cashier was Gail she operated like she was the owner an my sis has been supporting debe branch since it came to debe a very regular customer for buying, for events please see to it that this matter be resolved please thank u we are customers spending our money we should be threated plenty better man shame on this issue See More
Anna Williams
· April 2, 2018
So today at work I placed an order with KFC Diego Martin, I placed my order along with my location apparently it came up on the system and the customer service representative confirm the order and sai...d she's aware of the location. After waiting close to an hour I decided to call back for an update on my order only to hear "yuh place yuh order and have de driver driving all over Diego Martin looking for yuh because u didn't give yuh location" I was like yes I did only to hear the CSR say well u didn't talk to me but de driver say he couldn't find your location but hold on dey. Hold on for a few seconds and no one came on the line so I hanged up. I'm always ordering and today I was disappointed after waiting so long without getting anything. Please work together and have better communication in the future. See More