I wrote this and I don't really know what it means but it sounds funny.

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I'm on a podcast! Check out episode 44 at 59:51, I give my thoughts on an Oasis song called A Quick Peep. He gives a little shout out to the channel as well. Woo hoo!

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New month, new band - Pink Floyd! Check out my cover of Time which has me playing the guitar solo, one of my favourite solos of all time! Another Pink Floyd cover to follow on Sunday!

Here's my acoustic cover of Time Pink Floyd with the chords so you can learn it on the guitar. Probably my favourite song off Dark Side of the Moon, and has ...

I know a great way to stay happy, don't aim high! A study showed it works for Danish people apparently.

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It's those intangible things in life that mean the most. More than the tangible, I think. Maybe.

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I like taking famous quotes and then turning them on their head, like this one "Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you."

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Belief is important but it's not always everything, you still have to believe in the right things.

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the mistaken use of a word in place of a similar-sounding one, often with an amusing effect

Here's one I came up with...

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We all strive for happiness in our friendships and for me this is the very definition of it.

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Watch my Radiohead covers and me talk about them in my new Radiohead playlist!

Here's my acoustic cover of You and Whose Army Radiohead with the chords so you can learn it on the guitar. My favourite track off Amnesiac, the 2001 'sister...

There is no such thing as failure guys, so take heed of this advice

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Last week saw the tragic passing of Dolores O'Riordan, singer of The Cranberries. I did a tribute to her by singing a song she wrote called No Need To Argue. The album by that name was one of the first albums I ever got into and means a lot to me. Rest In Peace Dolores.

As a tribute to Dolores O'Riordan who tragically died suddenly last week on 15 Jan 2018 I did an acoustic cover of No Need To Argue by The Cranberries, a son...

You need to know this valuable bit of information so you can steer your life the way you want it to go

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I hope you've been enjoying my Blur series - in this video I tell you what I love about their music. This is part of a new playlist where I talk about the bands I love and what I love about them! Next week the band will be Radiohead!

This video is about what I love about Blur. Blur are in my top 20 favourite bands of all time, maybe top 10. They were a big part of my teenage years and my ...

Here's a relevant tidbit related to this very website!

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What's the best way to follow up a load of Oasis cover videos? A load of Blur cover videos!! Here's the first of 3 this week, my fave Blur song of all time. Next 2 to come on the weekend!

Here's my acoustic cover of For Tomorrow Blur with the chords so you can learn it on the guitar. This is my favourite Blur song of all time! It's the first t...

I wrote a song and made it on my iPad, it's called One Look and it's about friendship. So I decided to make a compilation video of photos and videos of my 2017 including lots of you who follow this page! My song is the music to the video. Happy New Year and make 2018 awesome!

In order of appearance: David Brookes Syed Saadi Ansar Nicholas Woolliams Daniel 'Duke' Gronner Claudia Herwig Nilima Khan Catherine Staples Nafeesa Sazen Claire Grogan Tanvir Haque Eshaan Akbar Shezmin... Kassam Mukul Choudhury Jag Purewal Feylé Malik Natasha Kaye Anna Choudhury Jasmine Green Eamonn Malik Reem Anwar Asif Khan Uzma Khan Sudeshna Khan Dilafza Khan Naeem Khan Jansher Khan Jazib Khan Shaira Iltaf Khan Norin Radd Azaan Waheed Milli Azeem Julian James Jonathan Boyle Cat Jane Nunn Naveed Shamsuddin Christopher Woolliams Fardin Ahmed Martina Foxie Ray Khan Janet Jackson Peter Jackson Hasneen Choudhury Shoj Umss Jia Kaur Raihan Islam

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This is a song I wrote called One Look: Imran Khan: vocals, acoustic, electric, bass, programming I recorded this during the summer of 2017 on my iPad and de...