In the last couple of years, I've had the pleasure of starting/founding an organization with other Cambodian American Literary Arts Association's (CALAA) members and is now serving as the Executive Director, and will be hosting an event tonight in Lowell,MA, please join us TONIGHT, FRIDAY, MARCH 16 AT 7PM. Details below.

Short Community Screening of WHERE WE COME FROM.

Mission of CALAA:...
The Cambodian American Literary Arts Association (CALAA), pronounced /k’lah/, is a literary arts organization that started in 2016 by a group of young Cambodian American writers and community-driven professionals. Through safe and welcoming spaces, CALAA’s vision is to engage and cultivate the emerging and established writers in the Cambodian diaspora, and multicultural communities through the literary arts by providing creative writing workshops, intergenerational knowledge exchanges, and professional resources. CALAA also aspires to empower the voices of the Cambodian diaspora by providing comprehensive programs and resources focused on the preservation, enrichment, and creative projects of the Cambodian community’s historical, social, spiritual, and cultural values.

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Late post - pics from the IN MY SKIN Poetry Reading/Open Mic event on March 11th in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Thank you so much Slap Paka Khmer's writer and founder, Yeng Chheangly, for putting this together. And thank you Scholar Library for hosting the event. And Tola Say and Phina So for promoting the event. If I forget you please let me know. I loved all of your poetry! Thank you to the readers and poets for sharing your insights on skin color, genderism, chapb srey, and sexism. These conversations are ongoing and i invite you to share your thoughts with family and friends so that we can refrain from toxic thinking.


Happening tomorrow indochina/CAMBODIA time 8:30AM Friday, March 9 at US EMBASSY LET'S CHAT! Join me live.

Thank you Khmerican's Phatry Derek Pan for the connection!

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U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We welcome Peuo Tuy to Let's Chat! this week on a special Friday morning episode!

Peuo is a Cambodian-American spoken word poet, fiction fantasy writer, and a c...reative writing workshop instructor. We are eager to hear about Peuo's journey from the Khmer Rouge refugee camp to published author living in New York. Check out her website here:

Join us Friday, March 9 at 8:30 a.m., for this special Let's Chat! Submit your questions to have them answered on air!

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I'm so excited for this! I'll be reading in Cambodia for the first time!

Sun 4:00 PM UTC+0735BE2 Street 298 Sangkat Toul Svay I, Khan Chamkar Mon Phnom Penh Cambodia Phnom Penh (4.38 km) 12308 Phnom Penh Get Directions
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The first-ever submissions call for Cambodian diaspora on a full spread zine. You do not need to be an artist or writer. Submit - Deadline March 10, 2018.

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Peuo Tatyana Tuy is with Camilla Lu Chen and 97 others.

The Cambodian American Literary Arts Association (CALAA) is excited to announce we are now taking submissions for our first community zine called, THE STILT HOU...SE!

Deadline: March 10, 2018

The theme is: Pheap Thon: Stories From the Khmer Diaspora. Pheap Thon (ភាពធន់), or "resilience" is the ability to recover from or adjust to struggle or change.

Each of our "resilience" stories are unique to our personal experiences, and so are the ways in which we process and express them. We will accept submissions (up to 3 MAX per person) in any medium, such as: poems, short stories, photos, recipes, visual art, audio tracks, etc. Submissions should relate to the theme of "resilience." Text submissions should be in ENGLISH ONLY.

Please include “Resilience Zine Submission” and your name in the subject line; and make sure your work is edited before submitting. Email all work and/or inquiries directly to: CALAA.LOWELL@GMAIL.COM.

Also, please share the flyer widely; especially with those who are not active on social media.

Stay tuned for more updates, and we look forward to putting out the completed project!

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I've been nominated by Miami Dade College for the Florida Literary Arts Coalition poetry tour next spring and fall 2018.

Thank you so much Program Manager, Paola Rana, of the Miami Book Fair for your nomination.

Crossing my fingers I get it!

"Stop Calling Me A Chink!" track. If you don't have the SoundCloud can listen to it on a laptop or desktop.

Recorded by Tim Cooper - thank you.

A powerful spoken word track about standing up against exoticism. Loving who you are and fighting to keep your culture.

My poem, "Pbouk Slew the Demons" is published on Laomagination. It will also be part of my forthcoming 2nd book of poetry called, Neon Light Brights (2018).…/poem-pbouk-slew-the-demo…/

This week we have a guest poem by Peuo Tuy, a Khmer American poet. A spoken word poet, creative workshop instructor, and community organizer, her poetry collection, Khmer Girl (2014), is inspired b…

Monica Kwok, a 2nd generation Cambodian American Harvard Law student, took my creative writing workshop in September, wrote this article partly inspired by my workshop.…/how-cambodian-americans-ca…

The importance of flourishing in education, media and politics for a group that faces a 24 percent poverty rate.

"Ma laid his ashes on banana leaves.
Let the current carry him down to the Mekong River,
circling towards the Gulf of Thailand.

Heaven, she whispers."


A few lines from my next book of poetry coming out in the future.

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It's finally here! We worked on it for months. This is my first hip-hop song. As part of our 3 part documentary film series called, "Refugee Voices 2017," Eric Tu and I wrote the lyrics to a song called "BreakBeat Etude." You are being introduced to the audio track. Stay tune for "BreakBeat Etude" music video coming this fall.

In our song, we got hip-hop and beat elements of Memphis Bounce, Trap, Boom Bap and Crunk.

Props to Eternal Love of Pure Heat for the amazing beats!...
Thank you, Nathan Fisher, for making this happen!

Enjoy! Tell us what you think. Click to listen - SoundCloud.

*note if you don't have the SoundCloud app; you can listen to it on a desktop or laptop.

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Going back to the 90s. "BreakBeat Etude" is an upbeat hip-hop collaboration by two artists, Eric Tu and Peuo Tuy...where east coast meets midwest. Produced by Eternal Love; Beats: Memphis Bounce, Tr


I wanted to share a poem I wrote called, "She Raises Her Shovels and Hoes High." Dedicated to the Vietnamese women and people. Did you know during the Vietnam War over 70,000 women fought against the US when their men couldn't? Stay tuned for the audio version.

This poem is published in and part of a WHYY series examining how the United States, four decades later, is still processing the Vietnam War. To learn more about the topic, watch Ken Burns and Lynn Novicks’ 10-par...t documentary “The Vietnam War.” WHYY members will have extended on-demand access to the series via WHYY Passport through the end of 2017.

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This poem was originally published in "Khmer Girl" (RJ Communications, 2014), and is dedicated to women and the Vietnamese people.

Hi supporters of Peuo's poetry,

Listen to a beautiful poem called, "Dear Mother," written by Peuo Tatyana Tuy.


Here's my schedule for the next 11 days -

1. Flying out to NYC to witness one of the most enlightening experience of my life for my dear friend, Sokunthary Svay's book launch for "Apsara in New York." It's this Friday, y'all, 9/22/17 @ 6pm...and we'll also enjoy some wine while we fall in love with this young lady's poetry reading. To my friends in NYC, I'll be in NYC ... come to the book launch I'll be there!

Event: Book Launch - Apsara In New York by Sokunthary Svay...
Location: Poets House
10 River Terrace, New York, New York 10282
Time - 6pm-9pm

2. Thursday, 9/28/17, facilitating a writing workshop for Harvard Law, Boston, MA. We will be writing about our Ancestors!

3. Friday, 9/29/17, writing workshop about bridging community and building growth for POWERTOTHE SHE yogi group in Lowell, MA.

4. 9/30/17 Cambodian American Literary Arts Association's Board and Staff Retreat. As one of the founding members, I'm so happy to have this opportunity to strategize for next year in order to build a stronger organization and what we can do to empower our communities.

In between all of that...i'll be seeing old friends and my family.

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AirportSaint Paul, MN
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Facilitated a poetry workshop on using an object to dig up memories of our families! Had an amazing time.

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Bryan Thao Worra is with Manola Suvannarad and 3 others.

Happening now with The SEAD Project: What Stinks: Fermented Fish + Feelings Creative Workshop until 9PM. Drop in any time with local Southeast Asian American ar...tists and writers for a fun interactive workshop on using creativity to address stress and challenges in our personal, professional and community lives! Snacks and laughs and more available!

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Khmer Girl shared an event — with Sokunthary Svay.

Hi Khmer Girl Likers - please join me for a night of beautiful work.

My friend and Khmer sister - Author, Sokunthary Svay, of Apsara in New York book launch, poetry reading and discussion in New York. Save-the-date Sept. 22!

Fri 6:00 PM EDTPoets HouseNew York, NY
145 people interested

My struggle with being a dark-skinned Khmer girl/woman in the Khmer community. I have found love and solace after 30 plus years. Listen to my interview in a podcast with author Neary Heng (From Internment to Fulfillment) in her show, "The Paradise Within".

From the words of Neary Heng:
Have you ever been teased,
make you the object of jokes,
Because of...
Your skin is dark, not light enough,
or you don't like your looks,
you hate a certain part of your body,
your nose is too big or flat etc...?
...Then you might relate to Peuo Tuy's story.
SKIN LIGHTENERS: You Can Bleach Your Skin, But You Cannot Bleach Your True You Identity - Peuo Tuy
"I'm not your Asian Exotic" is a must listen!
Please enjoy listening to this conversation with Peuo Tatyana Tuy!
Part 1:…/skin-lighteners-you-can-bleach-your…/

Part 2:…/skin-lighteners-you-can-bleach-your…/…/skin-lighteners-you-can-bleach-your…/

Thank you for this interview Neary Heng!

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