You are invited to attend a parent education night in Calgary sponsored by Kids Come First. Please register at as seating is limited.

What: Is Your Child on the Math Path? An evening with Dr. Ryan Hamilton
When: Thursday, September 28 at 7:30 pm
Where: Glamorgan Community Association (4207 - 41 Ave SW)...


Join Kids Come First for an informative and engaging dialogue with one of Calgary's leading math experts.

Most parents envision a future for their child that includes post-secondary education, whether a four-year university degree program, a diploma or a trade. The overwhelming majority of these programs require Grade 12 Math and many also require students to complete additional math courses as part of their program. But are our students ready? What does it mean for our children to be proficient in math? How can we ensure they have the math foundations they need to open the doors to future schooling and careers?

As a math expert and course coordinator for Introductory Calculus, one of the highest-enrolled first year courses at the University of Calgary, Dr. Ryan Hamilton will offer his first-hand perspective on the mathematical readiness of incoming students and the immense challenges many of them face. He will also explore connections with the current K-12 math curriculum currently being reviewed by the province, providing valuable insights for parents with children of any age.

Lisa Davis, founder of Kids Come First and co-author of Math 911 will kick off the evening with introductory remarks.

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Dr. Ryan Hamilton holds a Ph.D. in Pure Mathematics from the University of Waterloo and is currently a faculty member at the University of Calgary and Curriculum Lead for the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Kids Come First is an independent not-for-profit organization advocating for quality K-12 education across Alberta. Our mission is to build a better future for students by improving math education, advancing STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) learning and ensuring as much education funding as possible is reaching the classroom. Learn more at

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This hurts working and single parents who don't have flexible jobs or extended family to help them. To place this kind of stress on Calgary families who have come through the worst recession in decades and where unemployment is the highest in the country is just not right.

The board also said some schools will see their bell time changed by up to 30 minutes

While election financing laws have been changed provincially, they have not changed for trustee elections.

Corporations, unions, and political action committees can donate to trustee elections and this must be changed.

Kids Come First and CAPSC (Calgary Association of Parents and School Councils) have launched a petition asking the Alberta Government to end special interest group financing of trustee elections.


Lisa Davis of Kids Come First states “Education must be free from influence of special interest groups who have funding available that ordinary Albertans do not have access to”.

These legislative changes must be made for the upcoming October 2017 trustee elections.

For example, the last Calgary Board of Education trustee was elected in a by-election in 2015. The successful candidate, Julie Hrdlicka, took almost $19,000 in union donations. This was a huge increase from past elections and was four times the amount the next candidate raised in total from third parties. School boards also spend millions of dollars on third party contracts, and it is important these expenditures are perceived to be free from interference.

Althea Adams agrees “the current government took important steps to special interest group financing from provincial elections, and now must move quickly to ensure that individual Albertans determine the election of trustees, and not special interest groups”.

Sign the petition at:

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Parents entrust their children to the judgement of professionals in the school board. It is important this special relationship between children, parents, teachers and administrators is not perceived to be influenced by third parties.

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By Sarah Bieber On the surface, it seems like last week’s budget was good news for Alberta’s children.

Calgary Editorial Board Agrees with Kids Come First that Math Trends are Concerning…/editorial-math-grades-dont-add-up

Of all the school subjects that should produce consistent grades, mathematics has to be chief among them.

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Alberta's former director of diploma exams says the curriculum rewrite is an opportunity for the government to create clear curriculum standards

Danielle Smith – High School Grade Inflation revealed by Kids Come First Data…

Lisa Davis, founder, Kids Come First, talks about the CBE and how they published math marks, which showed significant disparity between school marks and diploma/provincial achievement tests.

High School Grade Inflation Report by Kids Come First shows inequalities…/grade-inflation-rampant-at-cbe-sc…

Kids Come First said CBE's published math marks show significant disparity between school marks and diploma or provincial achievement exams

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The Phoenix Foundation in Calgary and other private schools across the province say an Alberta advocacy group ...

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Kids Come First said they will focus on issues surrounding math education as well as Alberta Education and school board spending

CBE Math – grade 6 failure rate 58% higher than Catholic Board and northeast schools at severe disadvantage…/kids-come-first-report-suggests-cal…/

Results of a Kids Come First survey were particularly troubling in northeast Calgary, where 93 per cent of schools are falling below the provincial average in math. That’s the case for students in only 47 per cent of Catholic schools.
With more careers than ever requiring math, parents say grade inflation by some teachers in that subject is putting public school students at a huge disadvantage when they write final exams and app…
Alberta's former director of diploma exams says the curriculum rewrite is an opportunity for the government to create clear curriculum standards

Our response to CBE regarding math in the NE

Advocating for Education

Our response to CBE on math in the NE.

Advocating for Education