Even as a fellow Officer in this department, I appreciate the way this group of police men and women serve their community. Not a bad sunrise to push a vehicle out of the roadway to, if you ask me. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty around you. 👍🏼

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Crash/Power Outage: Officers are on scene investigating a one vehicle crash into a power pole in the 1400 block of Houston Street, near Meadowbrook Park. The roadway will be closed for a while, please use an alternate route. Area residents may have an extended power outage. SWEPCO has been notified.

LIVE from Downtown Kilgore, Independence Day Firework Show!
Live from downtown Kilgore!
Live from downtown Kilgore!
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Carolyn Beebe Romero
· January 16, 2018
You are guys are the best . I'm very proud to live and this town and have lived here all my life the best ham ever is Kilgore Texas the best police department ever is KPD. I feel so safe and I'm very ...supportive of our Police Department which are the best in Texas are we can say the best in the whole United States See More
Sherry Sparacino
· March 19, 2018
The Kilgore PD is a strong, close-knit group of caring individuals who proudly serve our community. I personally have known at least 2-3 of them for at least 15 years or more. These men and women trul...y care about the community and do all they can to keep the community safe. May God continue to watch over each and every one of them. See More
Peter Kurten
· April 2, 2018
Just awful! The "leadership" is worse than the three stooges and the other 65 mouth breathers we're stuck with never cease to disappoint. It's as if they practice screwing everything up. The entire de...partment, top to bottom, is just an embarrassment. I'd feel safer with the TSA. See More
Debbie McAlister
· March 1, 2018
Why haven't we heard any more on the new years eve MURDER of Tracy Reedy? You know who murdered her, you know where his family and friends are. Yet Dwight Scott is out walking around, getting high and... laughing about killing Tracy. DOES this NOT MATTER because it's a black on black crime????? And I don't want to hear you are "actively looking", because it's been two months and you have done NOTHING!
See More
Jack Anderson
· December 18, 2017
Brothers and sisters of law enforcement if you want a good gym and a good discount for all law enforcement you need to check my buddy Kilgore raw iron he just open up
Neva Caldwell
· January 17, 2018
They take very good care of our city. And try hard to keep crime down in. Our City, it is a heat place to live, and sincere.
Greg Stahl
· October 30, 2016
Want to say thank you to all the officers that worked my accident Saturday night. I was on 259 @ Stone road in front of Best Western when I was read ended and pushed into the truck in front of me. Th...e person that hit me left the scene turning into the BW parking lot and gone. I did not get the officers names but I appreciate the good job. See More
Bonnie Blue Byrd
· July 9, 2017
I just moved here a little over a week ago and every time I pass by a police officer, I see him/her doing their jobs in an awesome manner. I like seeing a community that actually care about each other... and look out for one another. I really feel like my son and I will be safe and happy here. � See More
Christian Allen
· July 14, 2017
The staff that I had the pleasure of meeting as well as knowing the Chief and other staff members made it a pleasure to visit. The front offices were well kept, the foyer was clean and pleasant during... my brief wait. See More
Leslie Ross
· October 27, 2017
Thank you to all the officers and EMS, Firedepartment this morning at stoneridge apartments ... We got out safely .....we can't thank y'all enough god bless !!!
Charles Reed
· January 2, 2015
Kp arrested me on suspicion of DUI a year ago after a call in to them about a silver truck driving recklessly. My truck is black , I refused there unconstitutional blood test so they took it and it wa...s under .08 I was forced to plea to wreck less driving due to not having 8 grand for more lawyer time - wrong car and wrongly caused no rights read and still I payed 3000. Only for it all to be dropped year later lol revenue for kp is what it's about not safety See More
Andrea Willey Sanchez
· February 22, 2014
Overall I know that all involved do their job, but I have one main problem. We are told by many police officers that if we feel something is suspicious then we should call just in case. Well there has... been two different occassions that we have called. The first I was treated with kindness and my concern/suspicion was treated as if it were important. Tonight I called and was telling them that I had seen something suspicious. Well I guess whoever I talked to didnt have the same feeling as me because they raised their voice and said well that doesnt seem suspicious to me. As soon as hung up I burst into tears because I felt like I was getting chastised for being a tattle tale. I always go with my gut feeling, and my stomach was churning with worry when I called. See More
Dennis Scott
· September 11, 2016
We had an accident today at Atwoods in Kilgore. It was the little ole man's fault. Police were called. A police woman Officer Davis came and took all the information. The little man was 81 and upset b...ecause of the accident. I think a little confused. I know policemen get a lot of flack. But I just want it to be known how nice she treated this man. Officer Davis you are to be noted for kindness and patience! See More
Ann Thurmond Rossum
· July 26, 2016
Thank you KPD for your representation in Baton Rouge. I have family and friends living there. Some are personal friends with fallen Officer Montrell Jackson's family. May the Lord continue to bless, w...atch over and keep you safe! See More
James Stephens
· July 26, 2016
Kilgore PD is still trying to keep us all safe despite what's going on around the world with other officers I know this because of the quick response last night due to an attempted break in. Kilgore P...D has my help anytime. See More
Jus'me Sherry
· September 30, 2015
Every time I need assistance on the job, KPD is always there! They respond quickly and are very polite and concerned with what is going on, as well as keep me up to date on progress with issues. KPD i...s one of the best departments in East Texas! Thank you for always being there! See More
Amy Fout Bates
· March 3, 2017
Thank you for your presence on campus today. We love KPD and KHS. We had a good day at school and felt safe. Sincerely, Amy Bates, KHS Teacher
Joseph Jurenka
· May 20, 2016
Impressive to watch KPD utilizing Facebook to inform, display, and brag a little bit. Ya'll do an outstanding job....hopefully you get told that every day. Thanks!
Jalissa Baggett Smith
· March 15, 2014
Officer Phillips is the best! He waited patiently with us as we tracked my stolen phone. :) I don't know what I would have done without him and the rest of kpd. Thank you Officer Phillips! You're awes...ome! (And Amber I know you were secretly being awesome behind the scenes!) See More
Tracy Woods Herron
· July 9, 2017
There's no place I'd rather be than this great town!