"Stay" cover Kimberley Heberley (originally Rihannaft Mikky Ekko)
Goodbye PERTH!! Thank you for all of your amazing support I would have never of dreamed this would be happening xx I love you all so much see you in LA <3 #wcopa #hollywoodbound #perthsnextpopprincess
How convenient .... A garden with free pianos to play!!! #melbourne #freepiano #yay

Happy International Womens Day!! Not just today, but everyday recognising and embracing the power we have as women - our incredible body, mind, strength and immeasurable value.

What we have to say, think and contribute will always matter... and will always matter equally. ❤️ #IWD2018

📷 Bri Hammond x

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Before things get crazy I'm doing a super special, intimate show here in Melbourne this Thursday night, YAY!

I'm excited for this opportunity to sing for you and because its been a while.. I get to share more stories about the songs (than usual), what I've been up to and what's to come...

Event details, ...

Can't wait to see you soon.
Kimberley x

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Kimberley Heberley

A while ago, I learned that true love means wanting the very best for someone and their happiness.. even if it means you have to let them go.

I've always been told that what is meant to be will be. I'm so grateful for those who I do have in my life today and always.

Happy Valentine's Day and here's to loving, finding and serving yourself in this crazy world and to those who bring out the best in you. xx

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Celebrating my first show of the year with a Polaroid.. and they gave me a bottle of wine. Let the games begin x

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When you decide it's time to put you first. To have faith that everything you're doing is bigger than you could know. ohhh hey 2018... x

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Merry Christmas!!

Sending all my love to you all on this wonderful day.. so happy to be home. xx

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And just like that, done and dusted!!

So proud of all the hard work and lessons I've learned in this year. Acting has become such a huge part of my life and now I don't know how I ever lived without it. It's been the biggest and best surprise life has thrown at me.

On to the next adventure... #secretbridesmaidsbusiness

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This is exactly how I feel about moving to Melbourne, 3 years ago.. TODAYYYY

I've been very nostalgic the last few days. I feel like I've grown so much and will never forget how ambitious that girl was to want to change her life to make her dreams a reality.

The truth is... the only moment you really have is right now. Success and failure walk the same line- they're ever changing, intangible states only defined by how we perceive them. You're always living the dream if you... choose to see it that way. I didn't know it back then, but I know it now.

I'm forever grateful and cherish the experiences which have led to both complete heartbreak, devastation and somewhat torture to feeling like the richest, most successful and happiest person I've ever been...probably in the least expected of places.

The only reason this journey exists is to discover yourself. We are the only ones in charge of creating our destiny and living our own reality... and I will forever be grateful for the moment I decided to take that risk and it has been everything.

I'm not scared of "failure" or what success "looks" like any more.. when you've looked your greatest fears in the eye the only thing that it changes is YOU..and I'm so glad to be changed by it to make the most of it.

Happy 3 year anniversary Melby ...can't wait to see what's on the other side.

Kimberley x

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Just before we went and slayyyyyed #soundvision festival. 🔥 #beydance

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Is this the closest we will get to Taylor Swift? Hopefully not.. but I'll take it!!


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Kimberley Heberley updated their cover photo.
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(and more importantly... who's who 💁)

Faulding has cooked up something pretty special and with no one else I would rather be with than my queen of a sister.. #twinningforreal

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Your official hype girl.

I had the most amazing time cheering on all my fierce dancers at Bey Dance and being apart of something that is inclusive and embraces ALLLL parts of who YOU ARE

All the glitter. All the stilettos. All the booty pop!! Welcome back to Melby now...#whoruntheworld

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Telethon 2017. MAGICAL AS ALWAYS!!
It’s an absolute privilege to be apart of the show and my heart will forever be here back home.

Thankyou to everyone who has showed their love and support and to those who watched or stayed overnight - I had the most incredible time.


I picked this song, "Gravity" because I adore it and is by the queen of piano ballads, Sara Bareilles.

" I stand, so tall just the way I'm supposed to be"

Love always,
Kimberley x

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Kimberley Heberley performs Gravity at Telethon 2017

So excited that tonight I will be performing for Telethon!! And by tonight I mean if you're down for a pyjama party or pulling an all nighter at the Convention Centre like I will be doing then please join in

See you on your screens or with your onesies tonight xx #doingitforthekids

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Selfie game is strong which can only mean one thing..... IM BACK ON HOME GROUND I repeat THE EAGLE HAS LANDED, HELLO PERTH. ✈️

That can also only mean one thing... It's telethon weekend this week, coincidence, I think not!! #telethonweekend #perthlyf

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