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  • account executive/ strategic and architectural accountsApril 1, 2014 to present
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  • A woman should be so lost within God, that a man should have to seek him to find her.

    I wrote this 12 hours before my mom passed...
    I love my mother way to much, And when she is gone, I will still feel her touch. Her comfort and love will always be near, She always reminds me not to fear. She is just so wonderful for I hope to be just like her, From my journey up to heaven, from down on this earth. I know that she will be proud of me, no matter what I do. With her are so many memories, From her giving birth to me until we moved. I am so glad that we found her dream house, and giving her the best life she could ever have. And just as I am proud of her, the same goes for my dad. Things will be hard at times but I know that she will be there, I am so very lucky that I also have her hair. I hope to be beautiful and as kind as her today, and to love my dear God and never be ashamed. She will always be with me no matter what, And like I said, I will always feel her touch. I Love you mom and I thank God everyday that I was the luckiest person on earth to have the greatest mom on earth. Thank you!

    So a little about me....I have a terrific family that i love more than anything in the world. Anything I do involves the family. Friends are considered family. Family is my life and I would do absolutley anything for them. I love to do pretty much anything and life is great in my book. Never a dull moment. Jesus died for me so I am choosing to live for him. God gives me many opportunities and I love it. I do not want to have any regrets. Well this is me. If you want to know more then let me know. Have a wonderful and blessed day!!! :)
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  • " Daddy, I don't wanna Be a cow!! :("


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