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Great to be back in front of the camera! Enjoyed filming The Wealthy Life with Sybil Verch - talking women & investing. Watch for my segment to air this fall! #womeninfinance @WealthyLife_SV

By not giving ourselves the minutes — or hours — free of devices and distractions, we risk losing our ability to know who we are and what’s important to us, says physicist and writer Al…

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Pretty straightforward explanation in here:

David Altro and Matt Altro Special to The Globe and Mail Published May 14, 2018Updated May 14, 2018 There are many answers to the question of whether you need to pay tax on the sale of your U.S. property. Just ask your neighbours sitting around the community pool at your Sunshine State resort. We ca...

On the greatest risks to retirement savings – it’s not typically from overspending:

Because people worry about outlasting their savings, most adjust by living humbly – often overly so

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"Do not be impulsive,” cautions Lito. “It’s like going to a pet shop where every puppy is cute, street dog or pure bred. Do your research and don’t buy some random artist on day one.”

Advice from some of the world's most successful buyers.

US stats but interesting nonetheless: Single women accounted for 18 percent of all home purchases last year compared with just 7 percent by single males

Only married couples make up a bigger piece of the marketplace, according to one survey.

"The party’s over for now for those sitting on Vancouver’s most expensive properties. Prices at the top end of the market plunged 7.6% in the six months to March, making it the world’s second-worst performer during that period"

The party’s over for now for those sitting on Vancouver’s most expensive properties.

Charlie Munger also didn't hold back on his thoughts, describing bitcoin as “worthless artificial gold.”

The billionaire investor says buyers of bitcoin thrive on the hope they’ll find someone else who will pay more for it

This was especially prevalent when rates were at record lows:

High-net-worth Canadians borrow against their real estate holdings to amplify their investments

May the 4th be with you! Happy Star Wars day!

Celebrate four decades of wit and wisdom from a galaxy far, far away.

All the more reason to be extra vigilant in protecting our elders: "The dirty little secret about elder exploitation is that almost 60 percent of cases involve a perpetrator who is a family member"

Telephone pitches, online scams and greedy family members are targeting the most vulnerable among us, and it’s about to get much worse.

I always appreciate a good entrepreneurial story:

First step: Sell your wine collection and move to Oregon.

To help with any last minute tax filers, here is a quick reference infographic on some potential tax credits and deductions:

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Life isn't static and neither is your estate plan. Too many things can go wrong if it's regularly updated.

Everyone should review their will every five to seven years or after every substantial life event, experts say

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