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So excited to announce that I've joined Raymond James!

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How "googling" disrupts the flow of understanding & absorption:

Outsourcing knowledge to Google keeps you from learning things the right way.

Meanwhile the cost of a degree, without living expenses, has increased ~3.4% over the past 3 years to $24,492:

Some parents owe so much they can’t save adequately for their children to attend college or university, new research from the analysis firm Strategic Insight...

Some very good tips in here no matter what income level the family is at:

Privileged parents need not raise entitled offspring. Here’s how to embrace good fortune without overindulging the...

Happy summer solstice! Get out there and enjoy the first official day of summer & longest day of the year!

Celebrate the start of summer with these solstice facts.

Words of advice - get the wheels in motion long before you sell:

It can take years to prepare a business for a tax-efficient transfer of ownership, experts...

Indeed! "Prices themselves befit 'major cosmopolitan areas' in a country deemed desirable and stable":

Prices don't look skewed when compared to global cities, David Rosenberg...

Starting to see more and more on this in the news these days #takenote

Millions of Americans are shackled to high-interest auto loans after a subprime lending spree, and regulators fear the effect on the broader economy.

Awww: "Dads appear to want time with their kids instead of a pair of socks or the usual tie"

Americans are spending a record amount on Father’s Day gifts in 2017.

Appears the world hasn't discovered Canada's fabulous craft beer market yet! Random Saturday chart for you:

Beer has become less popular in the world’s biggest...

Some good points in here that you can use when talking to your university kids about money:

Whether you’re just graduating or have been paying student loans for years, a few basics could make a big difference.

A trend I am seeing much more often as housing prices have been increasing:

Money now is worth more than money later, if you can spare it — and if your adult children are financially responsible.

"Canada is suddenly looking like a friendly haven for high-tech sectors, especially clean technology and the specialized, often international, talent its development acquires. It helps that the United States, Britain and Europe are preoccupied."

Brexit and U.S. stand on immigration and trade give Canada a chance to build home-grown...

Quite the engineering feat - "Granite bedrock in Western Finland will be the final resting place for the country’s spent nuclear reactor fuel. A spiraling vehicle tunnel as well as access and ventilation shafts lead 1,400 feet underground, where the fuel will be stored in about 20 miles of tunnels for thousands of years."

A plan to build a repository in granite bedrock has progressed smoothly for years, in contrast to the United States’ experience with Yucca Mountain.|By Henry Fountain

"Retention rates appear to rise with each year of seniority, starting at 60 per cent for those who have been at a job for one year — also near record levels — and rising to 95 per cent after five years."

The probability of keeping a job once an employee has been with one company for five years or more is now at 95 per cent.

80% of high-net-worth clients own 2+ properties, with one in five owning property outside their home country:

Canadians of means have long flown south to winter homes in the United States. But now some are venturing farther south or to...

Never an easy topic to broach but SO important:

One key thing to bear in mind is the difference between treating children fairly and treating them equally, expert...

"72 per cent of art collectors said they bought art for passion 'with an investment view.' The report also says 51 per cent of collectors consider the diversification benefits of buying art, up from 37 per cent in 2014."

Art collectors are facing a dilemma as they update their estate plans: What to do with a collection that could be worth millions of dollars.