The 6 things at play when your purpose feels clear, but the op...
How can passionate love FEEL SO GOOD and yet BE SO WRONG?
How do we navigate from our body when we get disconnected?

What do you really want to do with your life?

At some point in our lives, we all wonder what we’re doing here. Growing up, most of us feel like we’re supposed to find some deep calling within us that will automatically lead us to be successful, happy adults.

But as adults, most of us still struggle with this same conundrum. So let’s take a closer look.


In non-dual spiritual teachings, there is an experience we call Being: having your senses connected to the present moment, with the simplicity of being focused on those senses, instead of all the mental thoughts or swirling emotions. And when you are really standing in the present moment—in the ground of Being—you can notice that it has a will; a direction that isn’t influenced by those thoughts or emotions.

This direction appears with much less effort than the directional pull of the mind, because ego’s direction has so much force in comparison. And if you listen close to this impulse, you will see that it also feels sweet, like there is a natural desire to be moved by this direction. But to most people, this impulse is very subtle.

In my teachings, I refer to this “call from Being” as a Delicious Yes. Being able to spot something deeper than the mind—something that feels very good, is directional, and very simply underfoot in this moment—can be hard to spot.

So I point to that internal sensation of delicious as the guide for each step forward—a way to find the moment-to-moment action of Being. Those actions accumulate, and from a bigger perspective, they start to show up more like your purpose.

But that forward motion can easily be blocked in a moment by mental or emotional signals and overall confusion. And so it can be helpful to look at these “blockages” from the bigger perceptive of purpose. read more:

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Reminder of the day. Let this guide you.....

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Doubt and fear will steal your resolve and your willingness. Unless you don't let it. Unless you don't get hoodwinked by the same old "I'm not good enough!" "I can't do this." story, which is really such a huge lie, because you are made of a limitless source and you are never going to be less than. #FridayFunday

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There is a difference between self importance and self love. Self importance is backed by a little me that feels invalid and is trying so darn hard to exist, to be someone special, to be seen and to be heard. Self love is having access to a source that proves to you in every moment how truly special and loved and seen you actually are. #goodvibes #inspo #thoughtoftheweek #selflove #loveyourself

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Isn't it interesting how often we feel like nothing is going to change? That is a great pointer to where you are stuck. Where you need to do some painbody extraction. Because in reality everything is change. Always. #WisdomWednesday

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When you don't sleep well, you don't feel well, or you are up against a challenge, it’s so easy for fear and despair and resistance to creep into your head. But there is this whole world in this one moment and you aren't really in charge of it, you are not separate from it, and well, you aren't even a problem in it. The only problem is your head telling you that you are the center of the moment and you are not good enough. Without that, you might even be happy even without the sleep, the wellness, the yoga and vegan juice. Even just as you are, you might notice it’s all okay.

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Taking oneness on in a big way. How about a practice this week where you stay conscious to the fact that everything in your world is coming from source. Really take some time at the top of your day to notice things are not "things" rather they are sourced from energy, they are made out of the same energy that you are made of.

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How I love Jack! "As we willingly enter each place of fear, each place of deficiency and insecurity in ourselves, we will discover that its walls are made of untruths, of old images of ourselves, of ancient fears, of false ideas of what is pure and what is not." @JackKornfield Willingness is the key here though, a willingness to stay conscious in the face of fear. #motivation #spirituality

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In class, on retreat, etc. I focus on community as much as I focus on offering you tools for unraveling the pain. Because with the company of others who are diverse and inspiring will you grow to your deepest potential. We don't heal alone. Only pain wants that to be true.

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I had a birthday, to celebrate one more dance around the sun I took some fun and sexy shots. Time to remember what I got given! And yup I am a super babe, but this shot is enhanced by the lovely Julie on makeup and Misty behind the camera at JellyfishJones studios!

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Kiran Trace

I had a birthday, to celebrate one more dance around the sun I took some fun and sexy shots. Time to remember what I got given! And yup I am a super babe, but this shot is enhanced by the lovely Julie on makeup and Misty behind the camera at JellyfishJones studios!

"The idea that peace is conditional, depending on certain needs being met - being loved and appreciated, financially secure, well rested, having good work - is eventually replaced by the realization that the moment you're experiencing right now is the only one, and it can't be changed."- Joan Borysenko
This is a pretty mature quote. Imagine just resting in this moment and letting it all be. The challenge is that your mind has a very powerful story about what you are supposed be and what this moment is in contrast. Now this is the mind's story, which means it is most likely not true. Full of agenda and that's how you know it’s all backed by fear. And fear is a lier. So, you will need to stop and look around. Really notice this moment is occurring in its own perfection and in a way that includes you. Even if you just get a glance of this, you will start to open to much bigger possibilities!

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We can not heal alone. As much as our wounds would like us to hide, to stay unexposed, to sit alone and figure it out ourselves, it will never be how we eventually transform. #TruthBomb #StrongerTogether #healing #love

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"An open mind is a prerequisite to an open heart."- Robert M. Sapolsky. Or as I would say, no mind. No need to constantly look for answers up in the head. If you live in your head, you can't know the terrain of the heart in any real way.

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So often there is this idea that life is something to survive or get through. Little parts of us are still cringing in fear from a past experience of trauma or pain. We forget how totally free we really are. How utterly free this very moment is. Freedom feels like celebration in my being.

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