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Joseph Chen
· October 11, 2017
Good burger but combo was little pricey. Student meal require ID card to order was not friendly enough. Remove restriction and more customer will show up regularly
Max Farrell
· October 17, 2016
Really quality ingredients, good service, good attitude. Well put-together and delicious. I especially love the point cards, once they're full those things are worth their weight in gold.

This is s...omething different from an American-style hamburger. Also, their vegetarian and vegan options are tasty and satisfying as well. See More
Thomas Lazarides
· July 31, 2016
If executed well, this could have been a 5 star experience - good quality ingredients, skillfully prepared, competent and friendly service, decent price :D

Few boo-boos today though... :/

* Ordered the BBQ sauce burger. Didn't come with sauce.
* Ordered a triple burger, cooked rare. One patty was rare. One was medium. One was cooked-through.
* 40-minute wait for food after ordering
* Burger contained a very hard piece of gristle, about the size of a marble

So that kinda took it down to more of a 4-star experience :)
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Erin Clark
· June 9, 2014
KGB offers a very good selection of burger options as well as non-alcoholic drinks (I can't remember what they offer in terms of alcoholic beverages). The atmosphere is a tad cramped and noisy but not... at all bad. The color scheme helps the place feel a bit warmer and more comfortable. The only downside is that they don't automatically toast their buns and--more importantly--their buns are herbed and tend to overwhelm some of their more subtle flavor combinations, such as cranberry and camembert, which would otherwise be a grand slam. Overall, I would definitely recommend KGB. Try the lamb burger ;) See More
Keith Sa
· January 14, 2016
As a vegetarian, I always appreciate any place that offers meat-free meals. KGB gives me lots of inventive options. Even better, they're all really good! I love the cranberry camembert burger, with th...eir tomato soup on the side. My favorite! See More
Morgan Le Faye
· May 22, 2016
I'll be honest. The foods decent and the reason for a two is due to errors on my order. I've come here exactly three times and every single time I have come there was no sauce on the burger I ordered... or cheese. For example today I ordered the #4 with feta and tsaziki, neither of which actually came on the burger. When I asked for the feta and tsaziki I was given a little tub of tsaziki and literally one 1/4 inch crumble of feta on top of it. I asked if she was serious that there would only be one feta crumble and she told me yes. The prices of these burgers are far to expensive to warrant being stingy on the cheese. See More
Mark Andrew Goding
· July 5, 2014
If you have never eaten at KGBs your life is incomplete and you will live the rest of your life as an unfulfilled person and when you die it will be will be with a sense loss.
Your first bite will ...confirm that the angels of beef are now fornicating upon your tongue. Even the vegeterians (undeserving scum tnat they are) are spoilt for choice with a cornacopia of options that carnivores will enjoy too.
There is only one confirmed winner of the burger wars in Taipei. That…is…KGBs.
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Themba Child
· January 23, 2016
I eat there all the time! Excellent food and nice staff. The veggie burger is highly recommend as well as the apple walnut salad. Just do it!
Gezerogullari Mucahid
· July 22, 2017
Burgers are great, and the staff was nice. Only the service charge was a bit unexpected.
Kim Phillips
· September 26, 2016
The veggie burger with blue cheese is one of my favorites. I've had a lot of crappy veggie burgers in my time but this is not one of them.
Michael Jameson
· May 28, 2015
Mm not great, and definitely not "gourmet" (sorry!)

Perhaps the beef burgers are better, but the veggie burger (which contains eggs, sorry vegans) was just mushy and not very tasty. Also, had kinda e...xpected a choice of different burgers (website says 9 veggie burgers), but its all just the same patty with different toppings.

Service was also bit hit and miss. One waitress/hostess was very good, but there were lots of staff members slumped over the table in the center of the room playing on mobiles/talking. When I walked in there was no greeting, just the group in the middle looked at me, and while staying seated one said "1? OK there" and pointed to a table in the corner... C'mon guys, make an effort - even if you work in the kitchen you can still welcome a customer properly.

Would consider coming back at a different time of day, but only if they improved the veggie burger. 2.5/5
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Neil Wade
· January 14, 2016
You know how there's a hamburger shop on every corner in Taipei now? KGB IS the original and still the best. Why support some businessmen jumping on the latest restaurant trend? Support fantastic burg...ers with soul at KGB! See More
Sandy Yang
· January 25, 2016
My top burger restaurant in Taipei. In love with their burger and salad! Defiantly gotta try it snd I am sure you will come back like I do! Cheers
Coco Chen
· August 29, 2017
Best burgers ever!
Nick Vaky
· January 23, 2016
I eat the mango jalapeño sandwich so often everyone of my friends makes fun of me, what I know what I like! And the mango jalapeño chicken sandwich is dope!
Dom Grant
· January 14, 2016
My fave burgers in town. The staff are always friendly and the Kiwi beer is cold! Perfect!
Esera Tanoai
· January 15, 2016
Best burgers in town. Kiwi Mate!!! Burger with Beetroot & Pineapple, sign me up.
Try the Salted Caramel Shake and Fudge Brownies as well.
Ok, just try everything!!!
Pierre Hirsch
· January 14, 2016
Great location, great burgers, very nice staff. If you're a cheese lover, or French, you'll love it for sure!
Guga Abesadze
· January 25, 2016
One of the best place to have decent burgers in town.
Zacharie Touzin
· January 14, 2016
Awesome burgers, lots of flavors to choose from and attentive staff. Highly recommend!
GTV八大電視 featured KGB on WTO姐妹會.

KGB is open ... burgers, brunch, milkshakes, dessert,

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雖然外面天氣寒冷,但是KGB能夠帶給你溫暖 it’s cold outside but t’s warm at kgb

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Drink spotlight 本週飲品優惠
Raspberry shake覆盆子奶昔

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Burger Spotlight 焦點漢堡
NZ grass fed beef patty, fresh smashed avocado, bacon , lettuce, tomato & red onion
紐西蘭牛肉 手工製作, 培根酪梨 新鮮酪梨碎泥及培根,生菜,番茄和红洋葱

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加倍快樂 2個草餵新西蘭牛肉餅,培根,切達干酪,生菜,紅洋蔥和西紅柿
Double Happy 2 grass fed NZ beef patties, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce , red onion & tomato

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Burger Spotlight 焦點漢堡
小小羊肉堡 紐西蘭羊排搭配培根+新鮮薄荷薑蒜美乃滋、烤洋蔥
The “Lil Lamby” – lightly seasoned New Zealand lamb with mint aioli, bacon & grilled onions, lettuce & tomat

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January 4

Drink spotlight 本週飲品優惠
Salted caramel milkshake 海鹽焦糖

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嗨,廚房將在今晚9關閉,並將在10新春佳節關閉 Hi the kitchen will close at 9 tonight & the kgb will close t 10. Happy new year

Drink spotlight 本週飲品優惠
Large or small Oreo shake – 50% off this week 大杯或小杯奧利歐奶昔 _ 本周5折優惠

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Brunch Special 早午餐優惠
20% before 12:30 this week 這個禮拜12:30以前8折優惠
星期六&日 中午12:30之前 打85折
Avocado toast, smoothie bowls (Acai, Mango, Mango Raspberry & Berry) & cereal
酪梨吐司, 早餐碗 (巴西莓碗,芒果覆盆子&莓果碗) & 麥片

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Burger Spotlight # 1 優惠漢堡 #1
Swiss cheeseburger – simple & classy 瑞士起司漢堡 – 簡單&經典
Only 230 with fries (or salad) & a drink (soda, hot or iced tea) with our Monday lunch special 11:30 to 2:30
星期一商業午餐從11:30~14:30 只要230 附有薯條或沙拉&飲料(汽水,熱茶或冰茶)

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雞肉阿囉哈 經典夏威夷風味雞肉排搭配鳳梨美乃滋, 鳳梨片, 培根
Chicken Aloha grilled or crumbed chicken with pineapple, bacon & pineapple mayo

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Drink spotlight 本週飲品優惠
Peanut butter shake 50% off this week 花生奶昔 – 本週五折優惠

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