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Pandit M K Shastri
· March 21, 2018
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Yãšhwanth Hõňêý
· March 19, 2018
Sudeep sir is an inspiration ..... He is an million heart ...... Sir I love your acting and care tacking....... As per all know u r attitude person .... But they don't know in that attitude its the... big love ...... We love u sir ������� See More
Sudha KS
· February 28, 2018
Fans Fan is Kichha SUDEEP
Im' also a mad Fan
we all liked karnataka and India as well his achievement is to Continue and our whole
world to be loved by SUDEEP Fans
lvu Sudeep sir �������
Shylaja S Babu
· February 18, 2018
Hai sudeep sir i like so much my andicapt child is 18 years liked so so much sir pleas come my home sir
Malatesh Popale
· March 8, 2018
He is one but million people loving person he is always perfect person I love u Sooo much Anna
My biggest dream when I meet u ���
That is my biggest Dream � Anna
Shridevi Pattar
· March 1, 2018
I am big fan of kicha sudeep sir. Kicha sir I am waiting for your wonderful movie. Love you sir.
Annadaneshwar Hiremath
· February 10, 2018
Kiccha Anna is my bro we are seeing Vishnu dada in deepanna
He is King and he is always the BiggBoss
Chandu Sk
· March 14, 2018
Love you kicchannaaaa��� best of luck for your all upcoming movies�
Jalaja Basavaraj
· February 19, 2018
Hi Sudeep Sir, we are your fans. but we don't like to campaign in Congress party.
Ravikumar Ravi
· 16 hours ago
I lv so much kichhasudeepanna iam die hard fan only kiccha sudeepanna annan fans balaga innu dhod mattak belili....... Lvu so much kiccha bro
Basu Yaragoppa
· March 16, 2018
KS* is King of sandalwood and Bigg boss of all types of skills and acting...*Sandalwood Bigg boss Kiccha$udeep*
Avinash Avi
· March 8, 2018
Love you deepanna love you deepanna love you deepanna love you deepanna
Renu Aradhya
· March 9, 2018
It’s not a just group, it’s become’s our family 😍😍😍
Kalachakravarthi Kiccha Kishor
· February 11, 2018
I love sudeep anna and all sudeep fans are all like a my family
Gurudevi Walikar
· March 28, 2018
sudeep acting is super ivana acting bahala chenagide.

i miss you good evening
Sunil Naik
· March 27, 2018
And only for KICCHA ANNA, he is stupendous his voice is so powerfully pack etc etc etc.. My � only and one and only KICCHA ANNA
Prasad Hugar
· March 8, 2018
My favorite actor one and only kulakoti Kannadada abhinaya bhargava abhinaya chakravarthi Kiccha Anna
Ashu Arav
· February 13, 2018
I love kiccha sudeep he is stylish star in our karnataka
Ramakrishna Duragadi
· February 11, 2018
I love him.. his style, his look, his actions, his acting all are awesome
Revati Kittur
· February 23, 2018
Hello sudip sir... U r my fav Hero more than bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood Heros.
Kichcha Sudeep's Upcoming Movie Ranna First Look
The Beautiful Song "Just Math Mathalli" Sung by A Fan # Akshay Badamane #TeamKKSFA
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