Brand New Classes from Koh Tao International Primary started this week!
Just look at these super sweet swimmers, all smiles and splashes, ready and raring to learn to swim. 💦💦💦

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This was a very big day for some very excited little Koh Tao Fishies! Kaw Hom, Oliver, Kia, Ei That OO and Rocky have all just started ...learning to swim thanks to Nicola Stockdale from Splashdance 'n' Swim!

We have 3 new groups going weekly now, but we are working on classes for TOTS and 3YR Kindy, so watch this space!

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Love these 💙💦💦

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This rainbow unicorn float holds six people 😲

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Just look at these guys go!

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RESCUE SWIMMING CLASS with Splashdance 'n' Swim!

Advanced swimming class

Thank you once again Nicola Stockdale

After a short but well deserved holiday, I'm back and ready for the water!
With blue skies and warm waters, there couldn't be a more perfect time to learn to swim. For more information on swimming lessons, send a message or call Nicki on: 0878897772.

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You are NEVER too old....Start today and Swim for Life 💦💦

George Corones says he is "quite delighted" after appearing to have smashed a freestyle benchmark.

Meanwhile the swimmers in Norway be like.....

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Vinter i Norge!

Swim Trials with Koh Tao International Primary School!
Fantastic day and we so look forward to introducing new classes with some new faces 💦💙💦

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The kids were tested for their swimming abilities yesterday by Miss Nicola Stockdale in order to place each child in a group appro...priate to their level. It was a BIG job and it took 8 adults to do it, but all the children did very well and were on their best behaviour 😉

We will release swimming groups and times shortly.

Thank you to Splashdance 'n' Swim for taking the time to assess the children and for your incredible support of the school. These are some very lucky kids! ❤️

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Super Swimming Lesson with the Super Cool Kids from School 💦💦💦

Swimming Lessons This Week with Splashdance 'n' Swim

Thank you Nicola Stockdale, you are a champion 😉

This video is about My Movie 8

Super Hot Mermaid swimsuit 💦

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February 2

Totally Mermazing 💦
Our wonderful Por was back on Tao for a holiday and was eager as ever for another pack of swimming lessons
Por who lives on Samui, has been coming back to Splashdance 'n' Swim for over a year on visits and each time the progression is amazing!!
From being a non swimmer with fear of the water, to becoming a competent swimmer with some great water skills
Check out our final lesson, where Por showed strength as I pushed her even further into our final stroke techniques (Butterfly) and the world of being A MERMAZING MERMAID 💦


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Another great session with these awesome kids

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Reception, Year 1,2,3,4 Swimming Lessons with Splashdance 'n' Swim! Another great session, thank you Nicola Stockdale❤️

Although Even originally wanted to complete her Open Water Diving when visiting Koh Tao, she had very little swimming experience and was unable to pass the requirements for the course.
This did not ruin her visit but instead she was determined to learn to swim and float and signed up for 3 days of swimming workshops and improved all water skills and stroke techniques.
Even vows to continue to practice and return to Koh Tao later this year to get her diving licence! 💦💦💦

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Mary you were Marvellous
At the young old age of 70 Mary was determined to finally beat her years of fear for the water, and learn to swim!
Initially booking 1 lesson to try, she immediately after booked a 10 hour Splashpack, extended her stay and came back the very next day and the days to follow....and we smashed it 👌
In the classes Mary practiced floating, gliding, treading water, stroke development and snorkelling and left a very happy competent swimmer. We had laughs and tears, we had fun and frustration but most of all we had triumph. Well done Mary be very proud....I am xx

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