Come check out Luigi! He is already fixed, microchipped and front declawed. He is apart of our special making his adoption fee only $10! If he just isn't the right one for you we have plenty more cats that would love for you to be their purrrfect match!
ALL of our adoptable dogs got to enjoy time in a playgroup today! While not every rockstar is featured here we did our best to get everyone some camera time. See all of our adoptable dogs at! #adoptdontshop #alldogsareindividuals
Come in to meet sweet Boo Boo! This beautiful girl would prefer to be the only cat but does enjoy the company of dogs! Call 765-452-6224 ext. 2 for more information! ❤️
420 Reviews
Tell people what you think
Lexy Bennett
· January 2, 2018
A cat was dumped off at my door two weeks ago in horrible condition. I, being the animal lover I am, decided to bring her into my home and rescue her. After a week of being at my house she started bi...ting me and my family members and then attacked my dog. I decided to take her to the humane society and when I brought her in and explained the situation they were extremely rude! While I was trying to explain to them the situation and how the cat’s attitude had changed, they continued to talk to me like I was stupid because the cat was being friendly with them. I also tried to explain to them that this cat had also tried to attack my other cat and once again, they talked to me like I was stupid and didn’t know what I was talking about. They asked what kind of dog I had and as soon as I told them she’s a pit bull, their entire demeanor changed. They immediately started saying that the cat wasn’t in the wrong and that I don’t know what kind of home she came from. Then tried to blame my dog! Who I might add didn’t even growl while this cat was latched on her face!! To top it off, they charged me $35 to surrender a cat that wasn’t even mine to begin with. All because the cat had “been with me for two weeks”. See More
Kelly Robinson
· November 14, 2017
Mickey, Minnie, & Pluto have been part of our family for two weeks now!
We found them as strays at a park, and the Humane Society kindly took them in. While there, they were truly given the BEST care...; intense grooming, food, shelter, love, and a community that rallied together to get them all dental surgery that they desperately needed! (Thank you to all who graciously donated!!!)
A few weeks after dropping them off at the humane society, we stopped by to check back in on them, & expressed interest in perhaps adopting all 3 dogs. The rest is history. The humane society made it possible to keep all 3 doggies together, and to bring them “home”. It’s like Mickey, Minnie, & Pluto have always belonged with us. Thank you again for helping us complete our family!
See More
Samuel Hughes
· December 27, 2017
I personally have never adopted from there, however I make regular donations ranging from food to blankets or whatever it may be. I have never had a good experience with staff members there. It’s firs...t and foremost about the animals, I’m by no means expecting a standing ovation because I willfully donate however maybe a simple thank you? Instead of acting as if it’s expected and not appreciated? See More
Emily Katherine Smith
· November 25, 2017
We had the best experience today and adopted our first TWO dogs. The staff were all so nice and welcoming and we even left with a treat bag full of treats and toys. Thank you so much! We can't wait to... get our new furry friends next week. See More
Peggy Frye
· August 11, 2017
In October 2013, I went to the humane society looking for a new fur baby. I looked at dozens of dogs, interacted for over an hour, and just felt no connection. Just as I was about to give up, one of t...he gals working there said, "I've got one other dog. She's pretty special. We've had her quarantined because of kennel cough, but she'll be joining the others later today. Let me bring her out." Then this bounding bundle of energy, all arms and legs, came into the fenced in area with me. She jumped right up, paws on either side of my neck, looked directly into my eyes and seemed to speak straight to my heart. "Hi Mom! You came for me!"
I've been in love with my Stella Rae ever since.
See More
Miranda Rood
· September 13, 2017
I had to give my cat, whom I loved so much and cared for for 2 years, up for adoption because she was pooping everywhere. I tried to get her back because my dad said I could bring her to his house, bu...t she was adopted. So, I went in today to adopt a cat to bring to my dad's house and they wouldn't let me adopt her. Jackie, the adoption manager, would not listen to me as I tried to explain why I had to give up Lucy. She told me she was "done with the conversation" and she hung up on me. They were extremely rude and unhelpful. The worst employees I've ever dealt with. See More
Billy Ashley Breedwell
· January 21, 2018
I had someone call in and say I wasn't trying care of my dog and I had to give my dog up or I was going to jail and then when I was told that could have him back and told them not to adopt him out bec...ause I was coming in because I had the money to get him back and they adopted him out and now I'm looking for the people that adopted my baby butters because I would love to talk to them And work things out to get my baby home with me because someone was being rude for calling in and he is being missed by my boys and I really miss him and plus I was working on trying to make him my service dog so please help me fine the people that adopted butters around the 19th or the 20th See More
Amber Tague
· November 20, 2017
I adopted my cat Harper October 26th! She was so scared when I brought her home, but I knew she would open up and she has come along way, she's opened up so much! She's my lap baby :) she used to hide... and not want to come out but showing her she's loved has opened her up and she knows when I am about to go sit in my chair and she's always up there before me waiting on me to sit down so she can lay on my lap I absolutely love Harper and am so thankful for her! � thank you KHS!! See More
Mike Vaughn
· September 28, 2017
Found a wonderful 14 yr old dog that my border collie that is 9 yrs old lost her
buddy he was 14 , and she loves tippy new name is romeo.. thank you for him we love him very much . We did our wellne...s check up he is still in good shape.. def and almost blind but still loves to play with new big sister.... See More
Meredith Williams Kerner
· January 24, 2018
We have adopted two cats over the years from the shelter. Each time the staff has been great and friendly (we adopted in 2002 and 2015). I occasionally make donations ( most recent one yesterday) and ...have always been thanked. Yesterday a staff member helped me carry on blankets I brought. See More
Mike Vernon
· December 13, 2017
Harley came into ours lives 9 days ago and I picked her up from Noah's Ark 7 days ago. She is a blessing to our family and she has settled in very well. She has adapted to potting outside with no inside. We love her so much. Thanks KHS. See More
Malaney Allen
· August 19, 2017
KENNEL COUGH. Turned into pneumonia.
Walked by the Humane Society event in the mall. Of course we looked but i have 4 cats already and told them no because we just couldn't afford more. They kept on us, which was fine because every animal deserves a forever home. Well we gave in and they suckered my fiancé into both of the cats that were left. We get home and the girl we adopted just laid around all day long sneezing. Next couple of days pass and she has snot matted on her nose, wheezing, won't eat or drink. Took her to the vet and they said she had a respiratory infection. My cats WERE healthy before she came in. Now 4 of the 6 cats are sneezing with snot matted and no appetite. Not only did they not mention that she was sick when we got her BUT i have to pay for 4 vet visits AND antibiotics. I do not regret adopting my baby but this has caused so many problems for us �
See More
Ann Freeman
· January 30, 2018
We’ve adopted 3 dogs from here for our farm and the staff and the dogs have been wonderful. We adopted a cat lil Boston Terrier, an Australian Shepherd to heads our sheep, and a Rottie to guard our and they have been wonderful adoptions! See More
Chris Collins
· July 20, 2017
Thank you for all that you do, and your hard work helping the animals. I am glad your shelter was picked for my pet food donation of the month, through Meowbox. I know it's only one can of food, but I...'m sure the animal that received it, was very happy. Thank you again, for your hard work, and care, for creatures who can not care for themselves. If I'm ever in Indiana, I'll stop by, and say HI! ☺ See More
Kayla Newman Hughes
· October 14, 2017
We adopted a cat named Boston. The staff was so helpful and friendly. They let us take our time and pick out which cat would be a good fit for our toddler. We would definitely adopt from them again! �
Julie Greenwood
· January 30, 2018
I take in birds that need a loving touch before they are ready for their feathered homes. They have all animals welfare at heart
Jen Nielander
· August 20, 2017
Your organization is awesome. We have multiple fur babies from here and they are all amazing pets. Great customer service and I can't wait to see what the future holds with the new building. Keep it up!
Mikey Rubio Sr.
· August 21, 2017
place a laughing joke that all to it , rude and disrespectful and they kill the animals after they in there so long ... they should be closed down
Mike Talley
· May 19, 2017
I dont like this place i had to take my dog here and they told me he would be fine and they would work with him and find him a good home...instead he got miss treated and his outdoor open all day and ...night when it was winter and very cold out...i know i would drive by and check up on him...but instead them doing what they said they was going to do for him they killed him said he was to mean...thats bullshit...i had 3 lil kids around him and he never was mean or bite them...he just wasnt used to a place like that and all he needed was to be worked with...i will never give this place my money or help...i used to talk about good things of this place before all this but not now... See More
Christy Montgomery Trobaugh
· February 4, 2018
I came here to adopt a puppy named JoJo. The staff was super friendly and well informed. Thank you. �

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Our canine companions are looking everywhere for you! Playgroups keep our dogs socialized and exercised while they wait for you with us. Each dog’s adoption fee is $120 or $150 depending on age. Some may say it’s a small price to pay for many priceless memories!


Are you looking for the purrrfect feline friend? Tory loves to hide but once she’s comfortable she adores affection. She’s been coming out of her shell more each day. When she first came to us she preferred to be left alone now she wants more pets each day. She’s a year old, spayed, microchipped and up to date on her vaccines. Come visit her and see if you are a match!

We have puppies! Griff is the only male. They are mixed breeds that will probably be around 40-50 pounds. They are 10 weeks old and not spayed/neutered yet but they will be before going home! Their adoption fee is $150 which includes their spay/neuter, microchip and vaccines. Come see if one of these sweet babies is for you! We will be here until 5 doing the last adoption at 4:45

Image may contain: dog
Image may contain: dog
Kokomo Humane Society updated their cover photo.
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Our canine companions are hoping you are the one for them! They have been enjoying their time with us in playgroups and doing activities for Sampson’s Birthday but they’re really hoping to be heading home soon! Check out our website,, for more info on us and our furry friends!

Kokomo Humane Society updated their cover photo.
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Happy Birthday Sampson!

Kokomo Humane Society added 2 photos and a video to the album: Birthday Boy.

As you know it’s Sampson’s birthday! We are all celebrating! He’s awaiting his perfect birthday present!

As you know it’s Sampson’s birthday! We are all celebrating! He’s awaiting his perfect birthday present!

It’s our Sampson Man’s 1st birthday! He has been hanging out with us for the better part of these last six months. His a heartthrob and a playgroup party boy. He loves to play with any type of toy and adores all the affection he can possibly get. We are just amazed that his forever human hasn’t scooped him up yet. In honor of his birthday he has a special adoption fee TODAY ONLY! If you think he’s the one for you, come visit us from noon to 4:45 today. Will you make this handsome man’s birthday wishes come true?

Louise is on her way home! We're not sure who is cuter.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and shoes

Stop by to meet beautiful Tasha! She is only 3 years old and she is really hoping to find her forever home today.

Image may contain: cat


Stop by to meet Billie Kay today! This friendly cat is 13 years old and she has already been spayed, vaccinated and declawed. She can’t wait to find a loving home!

Image may contain: cat

Are you feeling lonely after this Valentines Day? Our canine companions are just what you have been looking for! Each are beyond ready to give their humans all the love they have been missing. Come visit them anytime Monday through Saturday noon to 4:45 to see if we have your perfect match! Check out our website,, for more information!

Have you met Meeka & Pickle? Meeka is a 2 year old Russian Blue mix. Although she is the shy one of the group, she is sweet! Pickle is a 2 year old tortoiseshell. She is feisty & playful in the best way! Since these two came in together & are a bonded pair, we are doing a special!!! Both of these sweet girls for $50. Neither one are spayed yet, & that is covered in the fee! Come check out these sweet girls & see if you can deny them some Valentine's Day loving!

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