Don't just release a video arbitrarily, have a plan to make the most of the release. Not only should you be trying to get as many people as possible to watch your video - which requires planning in advance of the release - but you should be aim...

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FINAL DEADLINE TO SUBMIT FOR THE JUNO AWARDS IS TOMORROW (Thursday) at 5pm EST! If you are a Canadian artist who has released music since September 1st, 2013 make sure you submit! If you know any Canadian artists who have released music in the same time frame, please share this with them. Links in the comments.

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Music BC

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Music BC members get a steep discount when you apply for CARAS Academy Delegate account. Email us at for more information!

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Kyle Kraft is with Jay Swing and 11 others.

Submissions for this year's #JUNOAwards are now OPEN! See comments for more details and for the link to submit. The final deadline to submit is November 13th, so don't sleep!

Unfortunately countless people in the music industry get taken advantage of by people promising to provide services they don't deliver on. I've heard of it happening a lot lately to people who I have mutual acquaintances with, so I thought I would write this in an effort to try and help other people avoid falling victim to the same kind of situatio...ns. A sad reality of the music business is that there are a lot of shady people who are looking to make money by getting paid to provide services or results they don't deliver on as promised. Everything I'm about to suggest to try to help minimize the chances of that happening will probably seem like common sense, but people are continually allowing themselves to be scammed by not practicing these ideas. Here are some ways to minimize the likelihood of getting scammed:

1. Do your research. Ask people you are considering working with for references for multiple past clients of their (ideally for people whom have had the same services performed for them) and actually contact those past clients to confirm their happiness with the services provided. Spending a little time  to email a few people could save you a lot of time and money you could lose working with the wrong person, or also potentially from paying for something at all at the wrong time. Check references with previous clients, other industry people in the same city they live in, local and regional industry associations, etc. Ask previous clients not only about their own experiences with the people you are considering working with, but also if they have heard of anyone else having negative experiences working with them and if so try to communicate with those people as well. While single instances of unhappiness or a lack of responses from some previous clients may not necessarily mean you shouldn't work with someone, they should result in you doing additional research to insure you don't hear more of the same. If you do hear recurring negative stories about someone from people who have worked with them before, that is a pretty definitive sign that you should avoid working with that person. If someone has no real track record of tangible success, that should also be an indication that you should go with an alternative option. Don't be fooled by smooth talkers who can't prove that they have numerous instances of success to back up their claims that they can make things happen for you.

2. Compare multiple options. There is always more than one option for you to choose from, and if you aren't aware of of multiple choices you simply haven't done enough research online, via your network of industry relationships, and via the other resources available to you. Good service providers will tell you who their competition is if you ask, and why they are better suited to assist you than their competition (or perhaps even suggest that your competition might be a better fit for you). Be sure to compare not only references and prices for the same services, but also your impression of your interactions with each person, the free and/ or low cost content they've created such as blogs, books, workshops, courses, and so on. Even if you've found someone to work with who seems legitimate, you should still research further as you may be able to find a better option. Also, it's a wise policy to always have some alternative options researched in case a relationship doesn't work out or in case that person's availability changes unexpectedly.

3. Get offers and agreements in writing. By insuring that you get things in writing you are allowing yourself the opportunity to be able can refer to what was proposed to you (and agreed upon) as opposed to relying on a memory of verbal communication which leaves you open to future debate. If a deal is particularly large or you are making payments in the thousands of dollars, you may also want to consider requesting at least a simple contract is signed by all parties outlining everything that has been agreed to. Hiring a lawyer to draft or review a contract may be ideal if it makes financial sense, but is not a necessity especially for smaller agreements. A signed contract in plain English created by a non-lawyers is just as legally binding as one that is, though it may be missing important points that an experienced professional may advise you to include.

4. Ask questions. Get as thorough an understanding of what is being offered to you as is possible, as well as about the anticipated results. Ask what proof they can provide that they can help you, and ask who their competition is and how they can help you more than that competition. Ask what could get in the way of the anticipated results from occurring, and question all aspects of anything being guaranteed to you. If you are paying for something that involves other people, make sure you are in direct communication with those people as well and that at the very least that the person you are considering hiring has been given their permission to speak on their behalf.

5. Get input from more experienced people about what you're being offered, and about the people who you're considering working with. Whether you are fortunate enough to have a friend with relevant experience in the industry, are already working with someone in the industry who you know you can trust, or hire someone you are confident in specifically to advise you, getting an objective, impartial, and knowledgeable outside perspective about potential relationships is wise idea.

6. Ask to spread payment out. If you are being asked to pay in full upfront for services (which a lot of legitimate professionals do require, as many have been burned too many times to wait for payment after work is finished) that are for large enough amounts, see if you can pay part up front and the rest at an agreed upon point part way through the work. This is something that really makes sense to suggest when thousands of dollars are changing hands and/ or work is being done over the course of multiple months. That way if you aren't satisfied with how things are going you can always pull the plug and only be out part of the money you would be if you had paid in full up front.

If these ideas were all being used regularly there would be far fewer people getting taken advantage of, and a lot more progress being made. I hope that this helps you avoid getting scammed as you make you way through this treacherous industry!

Please visit for more tips on developing your career!

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Congratulations to Krafty Entertainment clients Madchild, Classified, Rich Kidd & SonReal, Manafest, Thousand Foot Krutch, and The City Harmonic on their Juno Award nominations this morning!

Congratulations to Krafty Entertainment clients Swollen Members, Evil Ebenezer, Cityreal & Wes Mackey, and Animal Nation on their Western Canadian Music Award nominations! coverage of Saturday's showcase for Rhymesayers Entertainment GM Jason "J-Bird" Cook:…/rhymesayers-showcase-brings-…/ Thanks to Amalia Judith!

Vancouver, BC – Fortune Sound Club proved a worthy forum for some of the best hip-hop in Western Canada, particularly when viewed by Rhymesayers rep Jason “J-Bird” Cook, brought out by Krafty Entertainment. Kyprios hosted, while artists from the Prairies and West Coast alike grabbed their fifteen mi...

VancouverIsAwesome coverage of this afternoon's workshop featuring J-Bird from Rhymesayers as well as the free hip hop showcase this evening at Fortune at 8pm sharp!…/the-bassment-volume-forty-…/

The study, promotion and preservation of Vancouver arts and culture, with a positive spin

Saturday May 5th at 8pm Krafty Entertainment in conjunction with Gman & Rizk will be presenting a free showcase of some of Vancouver's top rappers including SonReal, Evil Ebenezer, Snak the Ripper, Cityreal, and Def 3. For more info check out

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Hip hop artists who are current paid Music BC members have the opportunity to submit for free to be considered to perform a live 15-minute showcase for Rhymesayers Entertainment General Manager, Atmosphere's tour manager, and Soundset Festival organizer Jason "J-Bird" Cook along with other experienced hip hop industry people in the early evening of... Saturday May 5th as part of a showcase organized by Krafty Entertainment at Fortune Sound Lounge in Vancouver ( ). The submission deadline for this opportunity is 11:59pm PST on Thursday, April 26th.


Paid Music BC members who are interested in participating in this showcase should email ALL of the following to :


- Your current Music BC membership number (will be verified that is valid).

- A link to your facebook page.

- A link to 1 of your songs OR videos on YouTube only.

- A 200 word (max) summary of your career accomplishments.

 - A list of your 10 most recent live performances.

- An estimate of the number of people you can get to come to watch your showcase if you are selected for this opportunity.



Submissions that do not include all of the above or that include attachments will be automatically disqualified.


Applicants must be available to perform in the early evening of Saturday May 5th at Fortune Sound Lounge in downtown Vancouver. As this showcase is free for to the public, the only compensation for performances is the opportunity to make an impression and possibly further a relationship with some key industry decision makers.


Selected showcase artists will be notified by May 2nd.


Also be sure to attend the Music BC "Building Your Touring Career" seminar on May 5th at 1 - 4pm that J-Bird will be the keynote speaker at, which will be taking place at Tom Lee Music Hall on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver. This seminar (like all Music BC career development series seminars) is free to paid members of Music BC. Full details on this seminar can be found at , and for more info contact Music BC ( ).


Please visit for tips on developing your career!

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The final deadline to submit for the Western Canadian Music Awards is this Sunday (April 8th). Please share this and if you know any Western Canadian artists who released at least a 5 song EP between January 1st, 2011 and March 31st, 2012, please encourage them to submit for consideration for the WCMAs. For more info check out

To apply to play the BreakOut West 2012 Festival, or be nominated for the 2012 Western Canadian Music Awards (industry & artistic), make sure to have your online submissions completed by APRIL 8, 2012.
Krafty Entertainment added a post from March 30, 2012 to their timeline.
March 30, 2012

Another $297,171 (yes, well over a quarter of a million dollars) in funding approved for my clients this month between FACTOR and Starmaker! FACTOR's peer juries shut down a couple applications I had hoped to get approved, but will get those next time and overall this was still a VERY solid month!

Krafty Entertainment added a post from February 15, 2012 to their timeline.

Congratulation to Krafty Entertainment clients Swollen Members, Classified, D-Sisive, & Karl Wolf on their Juno Award nominations!

Krafty Entertainment added a post from February 13, 2012 to their timeline.

I just received word that I've successfully gotten a 4th company approved for FACTOR Direct Board Approval status! Welcome to the club - and new business opportunities - HalfLife!

The Juno Awards are now accepting submissions for nominations. Please share this and if you know any Canadian artists who released music between September 1st, 2010 and now (or who will be releasing something prior to November 10th, 2011), please encourage them to submit for consideration for the Junos.
For more info check out…/2012-juno-awards-calling-for…/

Toronto, ON – The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) announced that the 2012 JUNO Awards is now accepting submissions in the category of Rap Recording of the Year. JUNO Week unfolds in the nation’s capital, Ottawa, ON March 26 – April 1, 2012. The celebration includes a series o...
Krafty Entertainment added a post from June 30, 2011 to their timeline.
June 30, 2011

Congratulations to Krafty Entertainment clients Evil Ebenezer, SonReal, & Cityreal on their Western Canadian Music Award nominations!

Numerous artists have expressed interest in getting career development guidance from me to help them insure they are on the right track, but often have not been in a position that getting ongoing guidance was something that they were able to afford. I have always made every effort to be as accommodating as I can be of ...

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