As a winter storm leaves the area, temperatures and snow impacts remain with many schools cancelling classes or adjusting schedules for Monday.

As of 10 p.m. on Sunday, Heart Butte Public Schools and Grass Range Public Schools canceled school for Monday.

The Front Brewing Company, a Great Falls brewery open since 2012, is in the process of being sold and changed.

Jeremiah Johnson, the purchaser of The Front Brewing Company, said he and his wife are extremely fortunate.
Winter Storm Batters Parts Of Montana
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Slick streets in Great Falls

The game was tied at 57 with three seconds left. Enter Fairfield Eagles sophomore Keeley Bake who heaved a half court prayer as time ran out. It was answered.

Fairfield will head to divisionals this coming weekend in Glasgow.

Wind chills will dip to near -35° at times and Wind Chill Advisories are up for all of north-central Montana through Monday.

Temperatures are expected to remain below average for the next seven days.

"We want kids to feel empowered to communicate about their fears or if they hear something that makes them fearful," Dr. Robert Velin, a neuropsychologist, said.

Dr. Velin said to look carefully for changes in behavior, mood, appetite, or sleep habits in your kids.

Chea Hollis grew up in Great Falls and is now a newcomer to the Missoula Police Department. She developed a love for helping children through her master's degree in social work and spends her spare time with Charlo Elementary School second-grader Braidon Butler.

Braidon enjoys their time together too especially spending time with animals.

The Port of Whitlash is closed on Sunday, February 18 due to impassable roads.

CBP anticipates the port reopening on Monday, February 19 once roads have been cleared of snowdrifts.

The Montana Department of Transportation has issued severe driving conditions for much of north-central Montana including around Fort Benton and Highway 2 from Browning to Harlem.

As of 10:45 p.m., the only road closed in Montana was Highway 89 from Browning to St. Mary.

A Winter Storm Warning is in effect through Monday with gusty winds developing Saturday night, which will cause blowing and drifting snow.

If you have to travel on Saturday evening, be very cautious and take your time.

While many people look forward to the games, some were concerned about driving home during the winter storm.

Jonty Stahl and his family are staying for the last game to watch his two daughters play for the Rams, but once the final buzzer sounds, he said they’re driving three hours back home.

NeighborWorks Great Falls held a Homebuyer Education course on Saturday in which people received advice and guidance on the steps to take when purchasing a home.

The course touched on spending plans, home inspection, realtors, and loans.

Paul J. Laverdure has been charged with aggravated assault after allegedly beating a man. When police arrived, the victim was unresponsive and choking on his own blood.

Laverdure told police he only hit the victim once.

The summer of 2017 was a tough season for fire departments around the state including the Sand Coulee Volunteer Fire Department.

Brawley decided to put in for a grant from MTN’s Montana's Wildfire Relief Fund.

The school shooting in Lewistown happened more than 30 years ago and in that time, Rob McClain has moved on and opened his own business in Butte. But every time he hears of another school shooting, it brings him back to that awful day.

When they heard the second loud bang moments later, the students, teacher, and staff would soon learn the small rural high school in Lewistown would be the site of a deadly school shooting.

Dr. Scott Issacson and his wife Amy Issacson are helping many who are unable to travel, serving clients within a 60-mile radius of Helena:

Dr. Scott Issacson and his wife Amy Issacson are helping many who are unable to travel.

Between 1-3" of snow is expected on Friday night, which will make roads icy and snow-covered by early Saturday. Mike says this is ahead of the big winter storm expected to arrive by Saturday afternoon:

Drivers should be prepared for extreme winter driving conditions through early Monday.