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Kunnect, a long-time provider of one of best and inexpensive cloud-based telephony and hosted call center solution in the world, recently unveiled its WebAgent 1.0 web application that can be used ...

There are both opportunities and threats to consider.

CCAP President Benedict Hernandez: "A 15 percent annual growth rate becomes more difficult as the base grows bigger. One of the threats to the development of the Philippine contact center industry ...

August 26 was yesterday; not yet a done deal?

MANILA -(Dow Jones)- Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (TEL.PH) said Friday it is in talks with JG Summit (JGS.PH) to extend a deadline to close a deal to acquire rival Digital Telecommunications Philippines Inc. (DGTL.PH).

--- "Last year, we (the Philippines) generated about $4 billion to $5 billion in revenue."

DESPITE the tough competition from India, the Philippines is cementing its position as the world's contact center hub, leveraging its claim on its steady and abundant supply of highly skilled, English-speaking talents.

--- Heard all around the recent PR Congress: "The Philippines' next growth market will be the Blog Call Center, which does outsourced brand advertorials."

"The PR practice in the age of Social Media."
HELERMAGAZINE is a magazine made by call center people for call center people. From the company that gave you your daily skins of envy HelerDesigns KOLBOY™ and KOLGIRL™ shirts, as well as your monthly dose of rock and roll mayhem AfterShift Jam™ comes yet another call center industry offering.
Top global outsourcing industry executives and luminaries will be participating in a series of discussions and debates about the future of BPO industry and the dramatic transformations it needs.
Today, even a mom-and-pop store or a SOHO can now afford to use a hosted solution like Kunnect’s for its various sales, marketing, service and support campaigns without long-term contracts.
This article appears in Manta, the largest free source of information on small companies. The author, Larry Prevost, is an instructor and an IT consultant for Dale Carnegie Training of Ohio and Indiana.

Whether you are at the beginning of your sales process or you have just finished presenting your solution and you are fielding questions, if your prospect has doubts about your product, there is always the possibility that your product's capabilities aren't really in question. You need to ask yourself if it's your prod...

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If your customers or prospects are procrastinating at the beginning of the sales process and they keep putting off your initial call, it's probably because they believe that you have nothing of value, and meeting with you will be a waste of their time.


Initially, you need to increase your ability to gain rapport and sh...

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One of the statements that I used in the past was, "Hello, this is Larry Prevost from ACME Earthmovers Corp. Could you let Mr. Rubble know I'm on the line? I'll hold, thanks." You know what? It worked in the early days. I was able to get to the decision-maker more than 70% of the time.

Then a few things happened.

1. Switchboards became more sophistic...ated, cheap, and plentiful. In fact, they now allow incoming calls to be routed to their final destination with no human intervention. So if you call into a company's main number and you do manage to get a human operator, that person is probably the first line of security for incoming foot traffic as well. They really won't have a lot of time for bantering with you. Just tell them who you want to connect with and they'll put you through.

2. VoIP. If you thought caller ID was a nightmare, then you are gonna love Voice over IP or VoIP. At one point, managers and decision makers had to look at the LCD display on the phone to see the number and possibly the name of the party calling. These days, with the right system, managers can automatically forward a block of incoming calls to other numbers or directly to voicemail. So, as a manager, I can set up my calling profile to forward my most important contacts directly to my cell phone while forwarding the pesky chemical sales rep directly to voicemail.

3. Voicemail. Today, you are more likely to reach the electronic gatekeeper instead of a real person. With so many people operating from their cell phones, using Skype, and interfacing with Google Voice, you will probably find yourself leaving a 30-second commercial directly to the decision-maker rather than speaking with a "gatekeeper." Be ready to make it a good one.

Over the last few years when I actually reached a live person, I've had better results by engaging the "gatekeeper" and soliciting their help rather than trying to get past them. Simple statements, like, "I'm hoping you can help me out." Or "I'm calling for Mr. Boom today regarding a previous correspondence, but before you put me through to him, I have a few questions for you if you have the time." The "gatekeeper" can be a wealth of information if you take the time to do some discovery work. And the information they supply will give you an additional perspective over information you collect over the web.

For small companies, you'll probably end up speaking to a machine rather than a human being in the initial phases. But as your target companies increase in size and the people that you call on have more global influence, so will the probability that you will speak with a personal assistant before you reach the decision maker. Instead of trying to get past them, I would encourage you to first try to turn them into your allies. After all, in a large company, you will need all of the allies you can find.

By: Willie Thompson

Source: Manta


Kunnect makes it very easy for your sales, marketing, service and support teams to start creating more customers, make them stay with you, where both you and your customers earn, gain, and benefit from all of it. Kunnect makes "Talk is Cheap!" a reality.
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Telemarketing, telesales, cold calling ... whatever you want to call it (and I'll use the terms interchangeably), the professional use of the phone in sales is a process, not a goofy technique or gimmick.

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--- "Selling is like baseball because an
error can cost you the sale."

Selling is like baseball because an error can cost you the sale. To succeed, you need to look ahead so you can reduce errors and mistakes. Unfortunately, many sales people fail to look at the entire sales process and anticipate the barriers, obstacles and challenges that may cost them the sale.