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ช. ชนะชัย
· January 10, 2016

A small poll of the logo we use.

At #Kvasir we frequently explore the realms of what can be done and have recently launched a #Skype alternative. Yep we launched secure #videochat platform that we call #VidSeeChat.

To be fair, we do not have all the resources as Skype/Microsoft has but the features we have included will cater for most users.

What is it?...
It's a video chat that works in a browser across multiple platforms (Mac/PC/Linux/mobile) and across browsers.
For #Chrome users no extra download, #Firefox, #Safari, #IE browsers requires a plugin that is downloaded if user do not already have it .
Works even with android devices using chrome browser.
An #Android app is to be released soon.

Future functions in the works include screen & document sharing.

It's still in early beta but already works remarkably well, so feel free to test it out at:
We apologize for not have a working SSL certificate installed at this time (it's still under testing) so you need to confirm the SSL.
If you have an interest of having your own video chat or a private secured server for #conferencecalls between your HQ and satellite offices, we have the solution for you.
We can also provide a full HD conference room #telepresence with up to 4 screens supporting #documentsharing as end to end solution.
Contact us for more: information (at) kvasir,asia

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I loved games n I was younger and still love slow paced strategy games, well not chess, tough it is a good game, but something with a bit of visual cosmetics.

Here is a old classic that has paved for many clones since the hey days. Tough Dune was before C & C if I recall correctly.

Behold the HTML5 version of Command & Conqueror....
It's amazing that someone has had the energy to re-create the whole game.

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This is a recreation of the original RTS game,Command and Conquer - Tiberian Dawn, entirely in HTML5 and Javascript. It includes several levels in the single player campaign and multiplayer support using Node.js. The current version is a complete rewrite from scratch with new levels, units, infantry…

Some #designers have a creative urge to ... Well to be #creative...
Do you think you could design #movie #posters from random photos?

Have a look, they are pretty cool..

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2-year Reddit user Your_Post_As_A_Movie has a special power, and it's not respooling VHS cassettes or making films about mail. No, over in /r/pics, this Redditor picks random posts and turns them into stunning movie posters, actor names, fine print, and all. h/t: boredpanda, ultralinx

Do you think your #CreditCard #pincode is safe when you cover it with your hand?
Watch and learn how to add more protection to keep your #ATM pin-code safe from #infrared #iPhone scan.

This is a new way for bad guys to steal your ATM pin code using an iPhone without you noticing at all BUT there is a really simple way to prevent it from hap...

Do you have an older laptop lying around in your closet or under your bed?

Maybe time to test if this Android OS called Remix Os, it might give it a second chance.
Or you can make your laptop/PC to have a dual-boot and use both operating systems depending on your needs.


It does run from a thumb-drive but should be faster if installed on a hard-drive or lightning fast with a SSD.

With Remix OS you will be able to run multiple Android apps on a desktop like environment. And with some tweaks even Google play store.

Pretty cool we think.
And it might be a nice way to test future apps we are developing.

Get your copy today and maybe say bye bye to Windows 10?

Personally I want to test if I can get Bards Tale from Play store to work (…), on my 24" monitor.

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Did you know that you can optimize your website with some simple tweaks?
Well yes you can, but there is actually quite a lot behind the scene of why a webpage can be slow and how we web developers can improve it.

Have you speedtested your website?
Ever compared & measured performance of different plugins to see if the cool slider is making your website slower than the second slider plugin with a less functions?


Here is a free training about TCP & its relationship with websites and why it matter. Yes it's a bit technical but the presenter explains it quite good.

But it might also explain why we as web developers spend countless hours on tweaking your website to maximize user retention and why we charge you for our knowledge.

Slow website = lost opportunities and customers.

Bottom line
"A web page is a webpage but not all webpages are equal even if they look the same."

Get the Free Udemy course - (Free at time of posting)

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The dirty networking secrets web programmers never think about when designing their applications. - Free Course

Helpful or not helpful?
What do you think?

It's an app that reviews the accessibility of restaurants and other locations of interest for people, reviews mainly done by people with moving disabilities,
Some important review parts are how wheelchair friendly the location is, does it have ramps, elevators,how accessible are the toilets for men and women just t mention a few review points.

What kind of app would you like to create, a helpful app for wheelchair bound individuals?

We think this app & website will be great for future tourists and loc...als alike who are visiting #Bangkok and other places reviewed with a disability or bound to a wheelchair. Welcome to - Wheel-Go-Round App

The app mostly covers #Thailand with 700+ locations, a few other countries in SE Asia. but also as far away as #Australia and 63 places on the West Coast of #USA &

Official website:

About Wheel Go Round:
"wheel-go-round is an online information hub for accessible attractions, hotels, and restaurants.
We publish information through our Facebook page at, #wheelgoround Also, we occassionally organize a trip or fun event to build #wheelchair community in Thailand.
This project is supported by Thai Health Promotion Foundation."

Do you have a useful idea or spin-off do you have today?
Let us know and maybe we can help you in fulfilling your idea.

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Microsoft collaborates with graduate students from Thailand to develop the Wheel-Go-Round phone app. With Wheel-Go-Round, handicapped people like Noppadol Wa...

Wonderful way of taking care of spam mail.

Have you ever replied to a "Spam Mail"?
Well here is one way James Veitch handle those annnoying emails.


To get more on James conversations with emailscammers:

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TED Talk ( Comedian James Veitch does what you've always secretly wanted to do: reply to one of those spam emails. Hilarious. Freely avail...

Google AMP is coming soon, are you affected or do you even know what it is?

Is a mobile friendly website more important than a mobile app or are they both important for acquiring new leads, getting feedback from customers and improve customer satisfaction in a growing world where there are almost 2 mobile devices per person?

Where do you currently stand with your online presence?

Are you ready for the launch of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (#AMP) initiative, which is premised on publisher control?
Google executives have used the wor...d “control” repeatedly in talking about to differentiate from Facebook and Apple initiatives.
With its launch just weeks away, some publishers are wondering just how much control they’ll have over making money from their online efforts.

AMP will be another step for Google and it's tech partners to try speeding up the internet. The core function is to help simplify the structure of web pages that users can access using mobile devices.

A good article about AMP can be read from MOZ.…/accelerated-mobile-pages-whiteboard-friday

As an example of how the UK retailer #Target changed their mobile presence and feel the user feedback after one year of implementation.

“The mobile app allows customers to prepare a shopping list, and then the in-store beacons help personalize their path through the store based on items they’ve selected.”.

This means that customers have been given a chance to use their mobile phones before entering the shop to find products and once inside they can use their bookmarked items on the phone to quickly find them inside the store, thus giving the customers a quicker shopping experience.

But one thing is clear, Google is preferring more and more content that is mobile friendly. You might not need to worry about AMP for your business unless you are a digital content provider with news and want to sell ad space.

But that still means that it is more imperative that you as a business owner have your website designed for mobile first and maybe think of having your News/Blog section designed as AMP ready on top of that you might even device it is good to have a dedicated mobile app in the #GoogleStore to reach another segment of local & global web visitors before they become your trusted clients or shoppers.

WAG Builder / Kvasir Co., Ltd.


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How Target's focus on digital has helped in its revival.

Teslasuit looks like the thing of tomorrow if you are into gaming and want haptic feedback when getting hit by the enemy.

Teslasuit, feel what you play or see or not see.

We think this is a worthy project to support, what about you?
- What applications or usage do you think it coul...d be suitable for, please share your thoughts & ideas?
WAG Builder might not have the functions to create VR related content just yet, but who knows in a year or 2.

But would it not be cool to be able to give a person a tap on their shoulder using your mobile or maybe more intimate interaction with your loved one?

Well, soon you could do that.

A team of designers have opened a Kickstarter campaign to find early developers & adopters to get the next generation of haptic interaction with feedback called Teslasuit.

Teslasuit is a full body suit with sensors with a low voltage electrical feedback system that can create a new type of sensation when you are in a Virtual World.

The possibilities are quite amazing, from first person shooter games, medical applications (Chiropractic/acupuncture), enhance your feelings when listening to music.

What about people who are visually impaired? An electro-tactile haptic feedback system suite could dramatically enhance their ability to be aware of their surroundings from the feedback.

360 camera that converts moving objects into electric impulses that are then felt in the suit giving the wearer an understanding where moving people and objects are.

Support or be an early adopter of this tech of tomorrow.…/…/teslasuit-feel-what-you-play

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Teslasuit – the world’s first full-body haptic suit that lets you touch and feel the future of Virtual Reality and gaming.

WAG Builder is looking good for 2016, our Mobile No Coding App Generator for Android & IOS mobile devices.
A lot of new features coming to simplify app development.

Stay tuned on whats going on with #WAGBuilder


And join the waiting list if you want to be notified when the App party starts for new members.

Do you know what WAG stand for?
WAG = Web, Application & Games = WAG Builder

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WAG Builder

Dear clients, 2015 has been an incredible development year for the #WAGBuilder and 2016 will be even better. In 2016, we are going to bring tools for developers... so that WAG Builder, with the help of the community, will be even more powerful for creating apps!
Keep submitting suggestions of new features and 3rd party API's.

With the #ASEAN slowly getting integrated we are working on some cool modules that will help you to reach out to potential customers around Asia.

Upcoming BIG improvement, the #Ionic #Framework integration.
- This will allow for even more beautiful and smoother & efficient apps. We also hope that total size of each app will be reduced.

- We are also working on additional payment gateways that you can use for your #mCommerce pages that is suitable for new customers in the ASEAN community. Possibly #Stripe, #PaysBuy & #AliPay to start.

- Built in database of royalty free images & videos and if all goes well even an online image editor. How cool is that, bye bye Photoshop?

- Generate additional income from PromoWall that allows you to promote featured apps and other software installations.

- We are also working very hard on the Game integration, so you can include #HTML5games that can be customized or reskinned to fit your company or client needs.

- Our team will attend #GMASA 2016 #Bangkok and hopefully we will be able to make some deals for future games that we can include for you to re-skin & publish.

- Improved support pages & how to guides, on how to market your #Android apps on other places than just Google Play Store.
Sorry IOS developers, you only have one place to publish your apps.

We hope you are as excited as we are for what WAG Builder in 2016 will allow you to create more & better apps and build your own #AppBusiness or just build an app for your existing business.

Join our newsletter to get updates on when we open up the doors in 2016 for new clients:

" Making apps are not hard, but it's good if you keep your imagination flowing "

WAG Builder is a #startup project by Kvasir Co. Ltd.

Tom Makela (Founder / MD)
#WAG Builder & #Kvasir Asia

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#Kvasir will be attending the #GMASA 2016 in #Bangkok on the 22 January. Will you be at #Sheraton, Bangkok?

#WAG_Builder might be ready by then or early beta access begins.
Let us know if it sounds interesting:

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The Global Mobile App Summit & Awards on Jan 22, 2016 in Bangkok enables app developers to be discovered by top industry aficionados and gain knowledge on how to take their mobile app to the next level. GMASA also rewards deserving talents with awards.

If you work with web development it is quite necessary to work with servers that do not yet have a proper domain name and you sometimes need to test it out using a fake subdomain name.

Editing your hosts file is one way of having an IP address point to a sub-domain, but if you work on many projects it can be a bit frustrating to constantly edit the hosts file.

Well look no further, try out Hozz, a small app for Mac/Windows/Linux that allows you to have different settings depe...nding on what project you work on.

"Hozz is a hosts manager, with which you can easily swtich between your network environments."

Get it:

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Xmas is knocking on the door - WAG Builder is waiting.

Kvasir The Wise Man has worked hard and is soon to put down his magic wand of knowledge, an cloud based platform that gives you an easy to use Mobile App Builder for IOS, Android, HTML

It will offer - Single App building for companies & Multi app creation for Freelancers, Developers or companies who want to create and maintain many apps. ...
Est. price will start from: 20$/month.

We are also working on an Agency/Enterprise package, that will allow you to re-sell our platform as your own (your Domain Name/Brand) and make sales on a monthly base from your subscribers.

So stay tuned for the release of our -
WAG Builder (Web Application Game Builder)

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