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  • hey everyone thank you all so much for your support and if you saw the haunting in connecticut then thank you again! i have been swamped with messages since then, so getting back to everyone may be tough. but i just want to thank you all again for chcking out the movie and for all the nice and great things you are saying, it means a lot! ====================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================== hey guys check out my buddies band go to BE FRIENDS WITH THEM! ================================================================================================================================================================================= hey. my name is kyle gallner. i am from westchester pennsylvania. I am currently living in california. If you want to talk or say hey give me a shout. but please do not friend my top 8. they dont know you and they will not tell you anything if you ask. and im not trying to be rude. but you want to talk to me thats fine. leave them be. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SOMEONE HAS MADE A PROFILE OF ME AND COPIED PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING THAT IS ON HERE. THIS IS MY REAL MYSPACE. DO NOT FRIEND OR LISTEN TO WHAT THAT PERSON IS SAYING. THANK YOU______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ hey everyone. i have gotten people asking me why i dont approve there comments. i only approve comments from people i know. so if you want to talk to me just send me a message. i will try to get back to you as soon as i can. thanks.========================================================================================================================================================================== Hey everyone i just want to let you all know that i do not have a twitter account. that is a fake account. but i would like to thank all the people who followed the fake me thinking it was me lol i checked it out.... i had more followers then i expected. so thank you all again im just sorry someone thought it was ok to pretend to be me.
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