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Steve Kennedy
· September 8, 2017
When I called back in July to order the new Cascade “S” helmet, I spent a week trying to get ahold of someone who even knew what Cascade Helmets were. You guys are supposed to be Lacrosse . com . . . ...Imagine calling Apple and talking to people who didn’t know what an iPod is. I eventually spoke to someone who knew what the helmets were and had seen someone order one at one point, so they took my order on July 24th.

Apparently that order wasn’t put in right, or was never put in, or something, but I spoke to my friend who works at Cascade on July 28th and he said that they hadn’t received my order yet. I called and E-mailed you guys and was told that my order was sent to Cascade, and I ended up arguing with at least two people trying to explain that cascade hadn’t received my order. This went on for an entire month. I called once a week, and I was treated as if I didn’t know what I was talking about. Eventually you guys figured out that my order hadn’t been put in, and contacted me on August 28th. There was some issue with placing a re-order, but that eventually went through. My friend at Cascade let me know that they got the order as well that same day, and 10 business days later it arrived on September 8th. My summer league ended last week.
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Kim Applegate
· August 28, 2017
Lacrosse is becoming such a popular sport but this company will not see the benefit. They have an entire page devoted to Club LAX but you can join and still not see benefits. If you email them, the re...sponse is that it takes 72 hours to get back to you, although they didn't get back to me for 4 days.. Sad, because they had a product that I wanted to purchase. Instead I asked for a refund of my membership $7.95 and hope to see that show up on my cc in the next week so I don't have to call back. See More
Melissa Lee Cleasby Weimer
· March 8, 2017
This used to be the only place we ordered our lacrosse gear from for years. We always appreciated great customer service and products. Sadly, customer service has greatly declined! Our account has ...been messed up and we've lost the Club Lax membership we've had for years...since they started that program. When we try to order using discount codes we were given for % off and for free shipping (which we would have received for free if they didn't remove our Club Lax membership) along with a gift card not showing up along with the discount. Have called and emailed several times for 2 weeks trying to get products we wanted to order from this company. Last time we emailed them was 2 days ago with images of all the problems we had ordering online...have not received a response. It's sad when a company doesn't assist their customers who have been loyal to them for so long. Try another company. Our sons were Lacrosse. com's 1st 2 Fans of the Week 6 years ago too! :( See More
Don Varley Jr.
· October 24, 2016
Got the BuckABall e-mail on Sat. OCT 16 at 5:36 PM ordered 20 ball placed on 10/16/16 12:01:34 AM. 7 hours after the e-mail. got a confirmation e-mail that the order was placed. Never got the balls!!!...! The order status just read Submitted. Call Customer service they tell me that the order is good by it was stuck in the system, Rep tells me that she is forwarding the issue to her boss. Never hear back from them so now I call today and they said that the order cannot be filled that they are out of balls and it will never be restocked!!!! WTF so my option was to cancel the order, buy a ball for $3.04 or buy a case for $89.06! I want the price you advertised!!!!!!! Some customer service. Taking my business elsewhere. See More
Jennifer Hochreiter Chellew
· January 28, 2017
Awful communication. Ordered a stick for my son for Xmas, the head arrived, but shaft was a no show. Called them Xmas eve to learn it was back ordered- why wouldn't they at least send me an email advi...sing this?? At that time they said it would be in mid-Jan. Just called and was told the order was cancelled because the supplier didn't have the item in stock, but yet I was able to add the very item to my cart. I'll be sticking with LacrosseMonkey from now on. See More
Jason Bond
· April 14, 2015
Order 2 sticks online February 18 that were in stock 2 days later received email stating they were on back order should receive by March.
Received an email today that they will not be in till end of ...April but if I wanted to order 2 other stick today they would give me free standard shipping which would take 7 days to order. So I called to see what other sticks they had in stock and they hung up on me. Called back and canceled order. Will never buy anything from this place again. See More
Bill Kilgallon
· December 1, 2016
Had a head I bought from them failed after two games (string hole pulled through, so likely a manufacturing defect). As per manufacturer, they said to handle warranty claims through retailer, so I co...ntacted Lacrosse com. They said send it back to them (at my expense). Now they will neither return the bad head, nor send a replacement, nor credit my account. That's not just bad customer service, that's flat out *theft*. See More
Jason Freeman
· November 3, 2016
Terrible customer service, total lack of communication as to why an order Ive placed has taken over a week to get processed and shipped, I will never order from here again.
Laurie Smith Shea
January 25, 2012
We ordered from this website and everything was perfect! It arrived very quickly and the description matches the products! I highly recommend this site.
Ronnie Stogsdill
· September 29, 2014
Great prices and even better customer service!
Sherry Hutchins
January 25, 2012
Great place to get Lacrosse gear
Daniel Scott
January 13, 2012
This sight is the best deal ever!
Craig Culp
January 25, 2012
I often find great lax deals at this site.
Bob Kaser
February 29, 2012
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