Brendan Kavanagh equalising for Hofstra University Lacrosse against Penn State Men's Lacrosse on the door step. Penn came back from 6-0 down to win 10-9. Great tournament! #FallBall #LTPRoadTrip17
Jovi Visits Stonehenge
MLL Pro and LTP Legend Jovan Miller with an important message to all the kids looking to our camp on Friday at Poynton Lacrosse Club Few places remaining - sign up soon to avoid disappointment! #LearnFromTheBest #BeTheBest


Lacrosse All Stars are offering an amazing opportunity for interns to gain valuable experience working with an international team for the duration of this year's World Lacrosse Championship - the biggest lacrosse tournament ever!!!

As well as getting a letter of reference from the FIL and the team you are working with, the interns will also get a full package of team kit and apparel!


Spread the word - this is not to be missed!!

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The 2018 FIL World Lacrosse Championships are quickly approaching and a few nations are looking for help through internship programs. Got what it takes to Grow The Game overseas? Apply now! | Int'l, Jobs, Internship|By Mark Donahue

LTP Managing Director Mike Bartlett gave an interview to España Lacrosse on his coaching philosophy and his team's plans and objectives for the 2018 FIL World Men's Lacrosse Championship.

Next summer's World Championships will be the biggest lacrosse tournament in the game's history and will feature over 50 nations all battling it out to represent their country to the best of their ability.

Lacrosse The Pond are well-integrated into the European lacrosse community and love to... help developing nation's to grow the game we all love.

Vamos Miguel!!!


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España Lacrosse

Today we have a very special person for the players of the men's team, head coach Mike Bartlett!
Coach, partner and friend, a very interesting and close intervi...ew.

1. It is always said that "the player is born or made" and the coach?
• I believe that coaches are shaped by their own personal and collective experiences. A coach must act in many different roles for his/her players and staff and this can only come from learning from others throughout their lives. The best coaches I have worked with and studied are those who have the desire to constantly learn and adapt their ways to best suit the people around them, not just those who have a natural ability to command a team.
Understanding how to motivate, inspire and empower individuals and groups who react differently to those around them is a constant challenge for any coach and the ability to do this successfully, I believe, can only come from continuous learning.

2. At what age did you start training? Why?
• I started playing lacrosse when I was 10 when an American coach visited my junior school to teach the class lacrosse. After the first practice I joined my local club, Poynton where I learned the game, playing for the club throughout the junior programme before making my senior first team debut in the Northern England Premiership at the age of 16.

3. Tell us a negative anecdote and a positive one in your coaching career

• I hate losing, so any time where my team comes second is a bad result! However, there was one game in Poynton’s 2015/16 season where we played away against one of our main rivals and were ill-prepared for what was going to happen to us. The weather was atrocious (even for England!) and we were playing in a complete mud-bath against a team who physically and mentally bullied us all over the pitch. We allowed them to dictate the play from start to finish and we were deservedly hammered by a very strong side, which showed us a mental frailty which we had underestimated. After the dust has settled somewhat, we analysed our performance and vowed never to let this happen to us again. We worked on our weaknesses and changed our systems to boost our confidence levels and play to our strengths. In the end it was a huge learning experience and we got our revenge the return fixture a few months later when we won comfortably (the first time in our history we had ever beaten that opponent).
The best moment I have had coaching so far was when Poynton won the Northern England Men’s Lacrosse Association Senior Flags for our first time in 2016. “The Flags” is the oldest club lacrosse competition in the world and Poynton had never even reached the quarter-finals of the competition in all of our previous 127-year history. We worked hard all season, registering some fantastic results and performances along the way but went into the final as underdogs, facing a formidable Cheadle team who had been in the previous 5 Flags Finals. Nobody gave us much of a chance in that game so to emerge as victors against the odds was an incredible feeling, and was the point where Poynton truly made a name for ourselves as a key player in the English game.

4. How do you think the relationship between the coach and the players should be?
• The key to a strong player-coach relationship is mutual respect and understanding.
Personally, I like to develop positive relationships with my players based on open lines of communication - I like my players to feel that they can talk to me at any time. I believe this open and honest communication helps both parties to better understand one another. Each player is unique and have different motivations, different learning styles and will react differently to certain scenarios and situations.
I believe that by getting to know my players on a personal level, it gives me a better insight into how that person operates which allows me to tailor my approach to suit them individually. My job is to give each player the best possible platform to grow and develop and without knowing how to do this on an individual level, I could be letting my players down.

5. What is the first thing you do when you arrive at a team and the players do not know you?
• When meeting a new team and new players I like to explain my coaching ethos and methods and give the players the opportunity to learn anything about me that they feel is appropriate. From then I work to understand the players on a personal level to try and understand how I can best motivate them towards out mutual goals and objectives.

6. What aspects do you consider important when training a lacrosse player?
• Players must learn the technical aspects as a priority. Being comfortable playing with both hands is a huge advantage and using the correct technique on fundamentals like groundballs is vital – groundballs win games!

7. What do you prefer lacrosse or lacrosse box?
• I am a field lacrosse guy primarily (as England does not have a huge amount of box lacrosse yet), but I love the box game and believe the two complement each other in a big way.
I believe all field players can benefit tremendously from learning the principles of box lacrosse – lots of contact with the ball, having to make pressured decisions in tight spaces plus of course the benefits of the 2-man game using picks and screens to create separation.
The influence of the box principles on the field game cannot be underestimated – all you have to do is look at the successes of Team Canada in Denver World Championships, Denver University in the 2015 NCAA Championship and of course the impact the Thompson Brothers and the Iroquois Nation have had on the game over recent years to see how much box lacrosse has influenced the field game.

8. Do you think that between the psychological, physical, technical and tactical aspect of a player, there is one that stands out over the others? Why?
• All are important – you cannot become a top player without great ability, but for me I think the difference between a good and a great player is their mental strength. I would rather have a team of lions who have the mental strength, determination and desire to fight to the end than a group of technically-strong players who lack the mental fortitude to endure a tough battle. With the España team, whilst our technical ability might not be as advanced as some of the other international outfits, their desire and determination are second-to-none, and that gives us a great platform to develop upon.

9. What is your preferred gaming system? What pros and cons do you think it has?
• I believe a team must be able to adapt their systems to suit a specific situation and to play to their own identity and strengths. That said, I always want to instill in my teams a positive, attacking ethos - this isn’t football, you aren’t going to win any games 2-0!
I am a big believer in developing a team’s identity and style rather than having a team which purely follows strict playbooks and sets. I want to develop my players to make their own decisions in an attacking sense and to play in systems which give them the freedom to express themselves on the field. I believe that this increases a team’s on-field understandings and partnerships and gives players the opportunity to play for the very reasons they fell in love with the game in the first place. I want players, not robots.

10. Quote some of the values that you like that are reflected in the players of your team.
• “Work Hard, Play Hard”
Lacrosse is, for the vast majority of us, an amateur sport. We play it because we love it. My team are working harder than ever before and the results are showing on the training pitch and will continue to do so in the World Championships. But we are 100% self-funded, each player will have had to work to save several thousand euros to pay for his trip to Israel as well as taking the time off (often unpaid) from work in order to make their dream of representing España on the world stage a reality. This means that I want to ensure my players enjoy an incredible experience both on and off the pitch. We will train and compete like professionals, but off the pitch and away from the games I want my players to relax and make the most of the experience. This World Championship will be the biggest ever lacrosse tournament and will be a spectacle like no other. I want my players to enjoy every second of it and that means we need to have fun off the pitch as well as on it.

11. Do you have a ritual or mania before a game?
• As a coach, my preparation tends to start earlier than my players. I need to make sure the game plan and strategy is prepared the day before a game so that I am clear on the messages I need to communicate to my players before the match itself. The morning of a game I always start with music and will again run through scenarios and situations and visualise how we will approach the task at hand on my own to gain focus and maintain a clear head. After that I am with my team and my focus must change from myself to making sure they are all ready for the game both mentally and physically. Other than the match preparation and game plans/strategies, I don’t tend to have any superstitions or pre-game rituals per se, most of my time pre-game is taken up focusing on my players. That said, I have to spend every morning listening to music!

12. We have been told that you have left a lot of things aside to get involved with the team, does that mean that you trust the players of Spain a lot?
• I made a commitment to España Lacrosse to develop the game as much as I can and to take the national team to new levels and I don’t take that responsibility lightly. Since first meeting the España Lacrosse guys I have been overwhelmed with their dedication, commitment and enthusiasm for the game as well as their determination to learn and develop. This hunger to learn and passion for the game is incredibly refreshing and I feel I owe it to them to give them the best opportunity possible to grow. I trust them all implicitly and am very grateful for the opportunity to work with such a dedicated group of players.

13. How do you feel when part of the Spanish Lacrosse project?
• Immensely proud and excited to be a part of such a special group of players. Whatever the future holds, these guys will continue to go from strength to strength.

- Finally, being as realistic as possible, how far would you like the selection to arrive in the World Cup?
• We are aiming to finish towards the top half of the placings. This will be a tall task given the number of teams involved in this tournament and the standard of the competition plus with this being a World Championship, everyone will be upping their game massively, but we are moving in the right direction. We are aiming to win more games than ever before. Final placements will depend a lot on who we get in the play-in groups, but we are focussed on our own performances rather than the opposition and are confident that we will play the best lacrosse España has ever played.

Do you want to know more about the team?
● Teaser trailer ▹
● Parte 1 ▹
● Parte 2 ▹

#RoadToIsrael2018 #SpainLacrosse #EspañaLacrosse #CabezaCorazónCojones

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends, partners, coaches, students and fellow lacrosse families.

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."


We at Lacrosse The Pond are eternally grateful for every opportunity this sport has offered us, every family member this sport has introduced us to and every adventure this sport has taken us on.

We hope you all have a fantastic holiday weekend!


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Calling all women's players!!!

Do you want to play scrimmages against a DI college team?

Do you want to do so in the beautiful Algarve?!


Do you want to stay in a 4-star hotel for 3 nights over New Year, playing 2 scrimmages against a world-renowned DI programme for Team LTP for just £115 (plus cost of flights)?!!!

If so, let us know!!

Team LTP are arranging to play 2 scrimmages against a DI college team over the new year in the stunning Algarve in Portugal.

For just £115 (plus cost of flights), you will stay in a 4-star hotel for 3 nights (Friday 29th December - Monday 1st January), play 2 x scrimmage games against a DI powerhouse and take in the New Year in the beautiful setting of The Algarve.

The (heavily-subsidised from Lacrosse The Pond) cost also includes transfer to the hotel from Faro airport, 2 meals per day, playing pinnie & shorts as well as a travel rep on hand throughout the tour.

If you or any of your friends are interested in playing in this incredible opportunity, let us know and tag your friends!


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7 days of travelling, 10,000 x miles covered, 7 x states visited, 20 x schools met with, 60+ coaches spoken with, 2 x tournaments attended, 3 x LTP alumni caught up with, 5 x trips to Chipotle, 10 x Dunkin' Donuts, a couple of beers consumed and countless memories made with friends both old and new all equating to 1 x Amazing LTP Road Trip 2017!!!

Huge thanks to all of the coaches and schools we met with for the opportunity to discuss Lacrosse The Pond with a new generation o...f student athletes, particularly our friends and strategic partners at Hofstra Men's Lacrosse, Providence College Friars Lacrosse, Fairfield University Men's Lacrosse, University of Hartford Men's Lacrosse, Sacred Heart Men's Lacrosse, Yale University, Michigan Women's Lacrosse, Wesleyan University, Clark University Lacrosse, Roger Williams University, Wheaton College Massachusetts, Springfield College, Trinity College, Western Connecticut State University, Connecticut College, Western New England Men's Lacrosse, Quinnipiac University Athletics, Merrimack College Athletics, Endicott College (Endicott College Women's Lacrosse), 3d Lacrosse, New Balance Lacrosse, Warrior Lacrosse, Brine Lacrosse and HEADstrong Foundation.

We love talking to coaches and students alike about the opportunity to study a Masters Degree in The UK taking just 1 year to complete whilst continuing to play lacrosse in Europe.

If you missed us on this trip, drop us a line to find out more information!

Learn: Earn an Internationally-Renowned Masters Degree in 1 Year
Travel: Immerse Yourself in a New Culture and Visit Europe
Play: Continue Your Lacrosse Career at UK University & Club Teams.


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Brendan Kavanagh equalising for Hofstra University Lacrosse against Penn State Men's Lacrosse on the door step.

Penn came back from 6-0 down to win 10-9.

Great tournament!

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Presentation from HEADstrong Foundation President Cheryl Colleluori discussing the amazing work the charity does daily to help and assist those affected by cancer and giving out this year's Nick Colleluori award to players from Hofstra Men's Lacrosse, Bucknell Men's Lacrosse, Lehigh Men's Lacrosse, University of Hartford Men's Lacrosse and Penn State Men's Lacrosse players who have shown exceptional leadership and character.

Congratulations to all winners!


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Penn State Men's Lacrosse leading Lehigh Men's Lacrosse 4-3 half way through the second quarter of the HEADStrong Nick Colleluori Classic at Hofstra.


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Another day, another catch up with an LTP alumnus!

Pictured here are the team with LTP 13 and Sheffield Hallam University alum Rich Parsons who is now making waves in both the world real estate and the world of real music!

Great to see you again Rich, we look forward to your world tour!

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Great to catch up with LTP 17 and Loughborough Students Lacrosse alumnus Giuseppe Parisi today during our visit to Western Connecticut State University!

After more brilliant meetings with Fairfield University Men's Lacrosse and Sacred Heart Men's Lacrosse teams and coaches, our team are hitting the ferry over to Long Island to prepare for this weekends HEADstrong Foundation tournaments at Hofstra University and LIU Post.

Based in the tent with the HEADStrong team, we'll be on hand to discuss Lacrosse The Pond and the opportunity to study your masters degree in The UK while continuing to play lacrosse and travel Europe 🇬🇧🇪🇺🇬🇧🇪🇺🇬🇧🇪🇺 #LTPRoadTrip17

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Another busy day on the road for Team LTP with visits to New Balance HQ followed by fantastic meetings with men and women's teams and coaches at Endicott College and Merrimack College who kindly took us on a tour of their fantastic new field and facilities in preparation for the opening of their Hall of Fame this weekend.

Good luck to all the teams we met and huge thanks to the coaches who allow us to spread the word of LTP and the benefits of Masters Degree study in The UK. We can't wait to get students from these places on the programme furthering their education, travelling the world and continuing to play lacrosse!


Day 3 of the LTP Road Trip 2017 was another success with great meetings with University of Hartford Men's Lacrosse, Quinnipiac University Athletics and Trinity College talking to teams and coaches about postgrad study in the UK while continuing to play lacrosse.


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Great day on the LTP Road Trip 2017 meeting men's and women's teams and coaches at Providence College, Wheaton College, Clark University, Western New England University and Springfield College today before a night practice and meetings at Yale University talking about the opportunity to study a masters in The UK whilst continuing to play and coach lacrosse.

Special thanks to Providence College Friars Lacrosse for the t-shirts, gifts and opportunity to sit in on a defensive tr...aining video session - a great experience for our guys!!!

"Every Day Is Game Day"

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Great first day of the LTP road Trip 2017 visiting teams and coaches at Wesleyan University, Connecticut College and Roger Williams University.

Pictured here in front of the Wesleyan Lacrosse trophy cabinet are LTP directors Sam, Mike, Ravi and lacrosse legend and LTP ambassador Henry 'Skip' Flanagan.


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LTP Road Trip 2017 is underway! 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸

We're visiting schools and teams in:-

New York...
New Jersey
New Hampshire
Plus the HEADstrong Foundation tournaments at Hofstra & Rutgers!

Spreading the message about postgraduate study in The UK 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧


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AirportQueens, NY
2,362,144 people checked in here

We've had a crazy few weeks here at Team LTP collecting and moving students into their new adventures all over The UK as well as holding productive meetings with the likes of The University of Manchester, Nottingham Trent University, University of Nottingham and The University of Edinburgh.

Pictured here is LTP director Mike Bartlett along with LTP students Benjamin LeSane, Steven Thomas and LTP alumnus Chase DuBois after a select team of US & Canadian students played a tough... scrimmage game against Team England Men's Lacrosse last Sunday over in Nottingham.

This week we're getting ourselves ready for the LTP 2017 road-trip which will see us visiting schools, teams and lacrosse programme across 8 states to spread the word of Lacrosse The Pond, culminating in us attending the HEADstrong Foundation Classic tournaments at Hofstra and Rutgers Universities.

If you are a student considering post-grad study in The UK or a school wanting to offer the opportunity of Masters Degree study abroad to your teams and want to meet up with us during our trip, we will be presenting at colleges in the following areas:-

Sunday 8th October - Yale, Colgate & Providence scrimmages @ Colgate
Monday 9th October - Friday 13th October
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
Saturday 14th October - HEADStrong Classic @ Hofstra
Sunday 15th October - HEADStrong Classic @ Rutgers


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