Human Milk for Human Babies
World Breastfeeding Week 2017
Life length and breastfeeding duration

Lactivist has NO issue with mothers who formula feed their babies.

Lactivist HAS issue with greedy formula companies who don't hold themselves accountable for their poor quality products.

Lactivism (a portmanteau of "lactation" and "activism") is the advocacy of breastfeeding. Supporters, referred to as "lactivists", seek to promote the health benefits of breastfeeding over formula-feeding and to ensure that nursing mothers are not discriminated against.

Dear Boots UK.

I would like you to seriously re consider your choice to have this product in your stores.
(I want a response about this from your head office)
It exploits families and their worries with no hard evidence of actually working being provided and could therefore be dangerous. It takes away precious ££££££ from families that can use that money in far better ways to get adequate support for Breastfeeding.


I'd like you to consider removing it from your stores this week.

I encourage the mothers and others here on this page to check this out too and share this post if you feel strongly that this product shouldn't be in circulation.

While I could explain more and more why this product isn't ok it has already been done, this is an excellent link about all the reasons and a good read:…/should-you-buy-a-momse…/

Yours sincerely,


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Night night little ones.

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Do you know what an IBCLC is?

This must end. It really must END.

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Association of Breastfeeding Mothers

So the British Journal of Midwifry awards were sponsored by not just one but two formula companies.

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Race Forward

"I obviously want to see a field that is reflective of our country. At least 50% of the breastfeeding field should be people of color." - Camie Goldhammer.

#...FirstFood (or breastfeeding support and education), is an emerging part of food equity and community health movements. The new Race Forward convened the "National First Food Racial Equity Cohort", a group of 16 #breastfeeding advocates, supporters, academics, and other practitioners from across the country.

This video documents their struggles with #racialequity in breastfeeding, and the steps they are taking to overcome these issues.

To learn more about the First Food cohort or to sign up for updates, please visit…/our-p…/first-food/

Donate to help us continue this work ->

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Alison Thewliss - MP for Glasgow Central

At Health Questions today I raised Breastfeeding - WBTi UK's 2016 report, which identified gaps in access to breastfeeding support and deficiencies in breastfee...ding training for clinical professionals. The Minister acknowledged that more work needs to be done in England to improve access to infant feeding support within maternity services and I will continue to pursue these issues as Chair of the APPG on Infant Feeding & Inequalities.

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Your breast pump flanges are a key to your milk production. If you have the wrong size flanges you will get less milk and experience pain.
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Breastfeeding - WBTi UK

Ask YOUR MP to stop by the APPG on Infant Feeding & Inequalities this afternoon!
Most MPs who attend have been invited by YOU, our supporters!

TODAY from 1-3 PM...
Wilson Room
Portcullis House

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Bedsharing when breastfeeding is a traditional way of caring for a baby at night. Following guidelines for safe sleep, in the expectation that a breastfeeding m...other may fall asleep with her baby, helps mothers and babies sleep safely. The information on this page will help you make informed decisions.

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“In most parts of the world… babies sleep close to their mothers, as they have through most of history.” – The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding A baby is born expecting to stay in close contact with his mother night and day, in order to keep safe, warm and well-fed. It is perfectly normal for ba...

A great start to the day...

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Scary Mommy

Sorry not sorry for nursing in public.

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LLLGB because Breastfeeding Matters

Babies tend to fall asleep when they have a full tummy, feel warm and secure and feel tired. Breastfeeding provides the full tummy, warmth and security, and it increases a baby's sleep-inducing hormones! Falling asleep at the breast seems part of the basic plan.


Hi I'm looking for some advice if I may...

My daughter has just turned 3 and gets a bit of morning boob, the odd bed time booby and booby if she's very upset. I've generally been fine with it but I'm now ready to hang up my diamond boobies (and they literally could hang at this point!) Any advice on how to talk to her about this? I don't know that I like the 'your a big girl now' approach as it feels a bit clumsy.


She's pretty advanced with her speech and understanding. Thank you!

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