The first wave of tomatoes are going in the ground in the greenhouse! Happy Spring day!

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12 more CSA shares available for 2018. Our CSA concept is unique and is outlined below. It's a great way to save on produce throughout the harvest season. Call/text Amanda at 701.799.3787 or email those already signed up, I look forward to providing you and your families with fresh local yumminess! Bring on the spring warmth

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"...when you see that veggie stand on the side of the road, stop and buy something. Buy everything you can afford to locally.

Your dollar will have ...a greater impact when you buy anything directly from a local producer than switching to an organic item at a chain supermarket. Truly.

More and more farmers are finally starting to see the writing on the wall, and they’re trying to save themselves. They are returning to growing food instead of commodities, and more importantly they are marketing that food directly to customers, instead of selling it for pennies on the dollar to multinational packing and processing corporations.

Farmers are fiercely independent, and they are indoctrinated with the “pull-yourself-up by your bootstraps” mentality, but they can only partially save themselves. The consumer has to help save them."

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Last week while on our monthly grocery trip, we were shocked to see that milk was selling for $1.50 a gallon at ALDI in Big Rapids. $1.50. “Limit five,” the sign said. Clearly, most shoppers’…

After much patience on Jason's part, a logo has been created! Working with a local screen printer to bring some shirts into fruition. Shirts are a SUPER soft lightweight Tri blend (poly,cotton,rayon). Though shirts will be available when the Veggie Barn opens, if you'd like to put in a requested size, color, and cut please consider putting in your order (looking to submit order by April 22 . Shirts will be $24. Colors are Frosted Red, Frosted Navy, and Frosted Black. Cuts are Ladies crew or v neck, mens available in crew cut. Sizes xs to 4XL. Call/text me(Amanda) at 701.799.3787 or email me at.

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The first 10 CSAs filled up quickly, so extending the offer of a free Ladybug Acres tote bag to the next 10 CSA members! I'd love to be your 'farmacist' this harvest season. Email me at for more information.

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'Create it YOUR way' CSA information for 2018 available! Email me at for CSA options. And to celebrate our 10th year, the first 10 CSA members will receive a free tote. Phone calls/text welcome as well 701.799.3787

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A happy first day of Spring to you all. CSA information for the upcoming harvest season will be posted later this week. Be well, be you!

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...and after a planting, a much awaited harvest...

A sunshiny hello to all! I'm compiling the upcoming growing seasons seed order. If there is a particular garden goodie or variety you'd like to see this harvest season, I'm open to suggestions!

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Enjoy cozy winter fires?! I've got a contact that WOOD be great to call to get a supply of oak and birch. Delivered fireplace cord $135. Bill can be reached by calling 701.729.1392

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Just wanted to quick mention , there are some assorted squash, pie pumpkins, leeks, and onions up for grabs at the Veggie Barn. Located next to the straw bales,which are NOT up for grabs! Bales have been purchased, please not not take. Thanks.

2 hours remain for the harvest season here at the Veggie Barn! And look at the sign I found from last year! Let's see you before 530p folks!

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Need straw bales for wintering over perennials, bedding for Fido's dog house, or mulch for your garden? Veggie Barn has them for $6.

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We still have carving pumpkins! And VEGGIES! Today and tomorrow we're OPEN 11 TO 6, then we are done for the season. Come warm up your farmer with your veggie loving smiles!

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Deal of the day- EVERYTHING! Items on this table $1 each or 10 for $8, these include pie pumpkins, assorted squash, gourds, and decorative corn. Also, beets are $1 per pound or 10 pounds for $7. Unwashed beets hold up extremely well! Open until 5 today.

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3 hours remain to help save some goodies from the cold night. We will do our best to cover produce in and at the Veggie Barn but without a source of heat their survival from freezing is iffy. If you plan on stocking up on carrots, beets, kale, onions, squash, brussel sprouts, cabbage, pie pumpkins, etc, I HIGHLY recommend coming before we close at 6!

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