Commissioner Whitfield, who had no problem with his predecessor's spending habits until she cut back her spending with his company, calls the county's debt "crack cocaine."

During a meeting he referred to the five new taxes and increases he's handing out to property owners as an "inheritance" from the woman whose campaigns he supported until 2015.

His new taxes and fees will squeeze about $14 million more EVERY YEAR out of those who work and live in Walker, but he still doesn...'t have a presentable budget to show how that money will be used - or what he's done (if anything) to cut back spending.

Our advice: sell, give away, or burn down your house and run somewhere else as fast as you can.

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Walker County property taxes are going up this year. But wait, that's not all.

If Walker County government did NOTHING for a year except pay down debt/interest and provide only the services required by law, how much would the budget be vs. whatever the Commissioner plans to spend next year?

A tax cut and a reset, a "rebuilding" year where the citizens are left to their own resources (like we aren't left on our own anyway) with lower taxes, and see what happens.

Sometimes you have to tear the house down and build another one instead of adding more props and duct tape.

TVRM Southern 4501 in Rock Spring
Culberson Protest at LHS.
TVRM 4501 in Noble

Here's Shannon Whitfield 17 months ago, admitting in a debate that his company paid the last Commissioner a bribe in the form of campaign donations in order to keep the county's business.

We shared this months before voting, and nobody cared.

Don't tell us we didn't warn you - if you voted for this crook, whatever he does to you is YOUR own fault.

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August 11
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"A sales tax is the only fair tax."

Only true if every citizen shops where they live.

A county sales tax punishes those who choose to shop at home and support local businesses. People who already shop out-of-county or out-of-state don't pay the price.


The Rossville and Chickamauga residents who pop across county or state lines to do their shopping won't see a new sales tax hit _their_ bottom line. And that might just be why the leadership from that end of the county is so in favor of this tax, which will be paid by people who shop in LaFayette instead of Fort O.

Don't believe everything politicians (and their well-paid PR people) tell you.

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What's the biggest obstacle to bringing in new business for Walker County?

Is it the collapsing infrastructure, distance from the interstate, or the antiquated form of government? Is it corrupt, incompetent leadership?

Senator Mullis, one of those corrupt incompetents whose primary day job is bringing in new jobs, says it's all the fault of LU.


Because there were no problems here before WE came along. And now that we've disappeared (hi!) everything will get better soon, right?

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State Senator Jeff Mullis (R-Chickamauga) was the featured speaker at Friday's quarterly Dade County Chamber of Commerce luncheon. Lunch was hot dogs, and the ...
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June 12
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Tomorrow and Saturday the Animal Shelter on Marble Top Rd. will waive the normal fees involved in adopting a pet.

If you've been considering taking home a cat or dog but didn't have the funds ($60 now which includes "fixing") you can avoid that cost this weekend.

May 26 - May 27
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There goes the IronMan..

Pigeon Mountain Grill was live.
May 21

Ironman Race day!

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May 20
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Nice weather we're having tonight.

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May 2016: "Don't ask Shannon Whitfield about his supporters or his finances."

July 2016: "Whitfield isn't Bebe and that's all that matters!"

November 2016: "Vote for Whitfield because he's the Republican candidate."


May 2017: "Why did we vote for Whitfield?? If only we had known!!"

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Some of Walker County Commissioner Shannon Whitfield's most active supporters feel betrayed by his decision to back a pricey new Lookout Mountain project.

Last year LU was deemed illegitimate and terrible by many Shannon Whitfield supporters, simply because we asked questions about his finances and tried to figure out what the man was about.

Now they're finding out what he's really about, and running like rats on a sinking ship. "Why didn't we do our homework??" says his campaign manager.

Because you're a moron, is why. And now you (all of you) owe US an apology for tearing LU down for doing what you wish now you'd done yourself.

LHS' principal for the next school year will be an outsider.

Tracy Hubbert of Montgomery, Alabama schools will be replacing Mike Culberson in July.

Tracy Hubbert has been hired as the new principal of Lafayette High School. Walker County Board of Education has announced the hiring of Tracy Hubbert as the new principal of Lafayette High School. Hubbert has nearly three decades of experience in education, with the last nine years coming in admini...