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Lelki okok is állhatnak az elhízás hátterében. Az étkezésre sokan már nemcsak úgy gondolnak, hogy a testüket táplálják, hanem a lelküket is ezzel nyugtatják....

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Salone del Mobile.Milano at the centre of the creative world

“A stand-alone moment at which culture and industry become an international benchmark and an exemplary model for an Italy that works. It’s been an exciting week, full of positivity and enthusiasm from the companies, which showed themselves off to best advantage, from the creative genius displayed by the architects and designers and from the huge numbers of visitors who flocked to Milan to check out the latest innova...tions at the Salone and experience the buzz of the city”, said Claudio Luti, President of the Salone del Mobile, as the event closed.

343.602 attendees in 6 days from 165 countries.
The figures confirm the positive trend evidenced in the Salone del Mobile and the biennial Euroluce and Workplace3.0 pavilions right from the off, marking a 10% increase on the 2015 edition, the last time the lighting and workplace biennials were held.

The results are further confirmation of Italian President Sergio Mattarella’s remarks when opening the 56th edition for the first time in the history of the Salone del Mobile: “This is not merely a display of exhibits, but also of a business culture that symbolises a method of working together with a particular approach to modern manufacturing.”

More than 2,000 exhibitors overall, 34% of them from other countries, were split between the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, Euroluce, Workplace3.0 and SaloneSatellite. This edition has served more than ever to underscore the Salone’s powerful synergy with the city of Milan.

Salone president Claudio Luti went on to say: “Enormous numbers of visitors, not necessarily with links to design, have made their way to Milan to experience the thrill of this Salone and of the city itself. Thanks to the collaboration of all the institutions working in the city, Milan has been even more beautiful and welcoming than ever. Milan alone can lay claim to the Salone del Mobile and its industrial enterprises with their links to the creative and publishing world and close ties to the city.”

This last edition marked the 20th anniversary of SaloneSatellite, in which more than 650 designers and 16 design schools took part, further celebrated by a special exhibition at the Fabbrica del Vapore, which runs until 25th April.

The next edition of the Salone, along with the biennial Bathroom, Kitchen and FTK (Technology For the Kitchen) exhibitions, will be held from 17th to 22nd April 2018, in Milan.

Milan, 9th April 2017

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Classic: Tradition in the Future is the new 2017 Salone Internazionale del Mobile classic furniture and furnishing accessories exhibition format. A small, stylish exhibition conceived by Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda is being restaged to underscore a classic style that looks to the future, straddling timeless eras; a crosscutting home furnishing category that is, of itself, highly contemporary.

Pavilions 2 and 4 take on a more homogenous, balanced and unbroken layout: a ce...ntral “promenade” takes visitors around a space informed by values such as wealth of knowledge, craftsmanship and skill in the art of creating classic style furniture and objects.

The atmosphere is contemporary and elegant, the cordial warmth of stylish spaces marked out by sophisticated, unique details blended with extremely high end materials, making for exhibits that transform traditional artisan skill into enduring chic luxury. It takes the form of a “Warehouse”, in which classic pieces of furniture and accessories live on in the tradition of the future. Multi-award winning director MatteoGarrone’s stunning short film Before Design: Classic will be screened in a small theatre space, stirring infinite emotions that endure over time and are projected into the future.

Where: Salone del Mobile.Milano, Pavilions 2 and 4, Fiera Milano Rho

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Anikó Rácz

van nekem olyan ismerősöm aki tud design-németül? sajtóanyagaink, hírleveleink egyéb szakmai anyagink fordításához keresek segítséget. ha valaki tud valakit, aki tud valakit szóljon! köszönöm előre is!

MILYEN KANAPÉT SZERETNÉL? Meg merjük kérdezni, mert meg tudjuk csinálni. A HANNABInál azon dolgozunk, hogy valós igényeken alapuló, családbarát, személyre bútorok szülessenek, melyet mindenkinek centiméter pontosan az otthonához gyártunk le. Mi megterveztük a formát, te pedig összeállíthatod, amire igazán szükséged van.

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Nomadic House - Temporary living

In world rendered increasingly borderless by technology, a new cross-generational class of people that has absorbed the modern concept of fluidity into their life-styles has begun to emerge. They are a “tribe” of urban nomads for whom the state of transitoriness and constant flux are the norm as regards many aspects of life: work, relationships, place of residence and, last but not least, the home.

Now, as never before, habitative spaces are i...ncreasingly being seen less in terms of “permanent” asset and “ownership” and more as Increasingly flexible and temporary configurations capable of changing suddenly in response to the requirements, needs, and life stages of people who feel equally at home in Milan and New York and who aspire to an increasingly driven mobility, both at home and away from it.

Generation Rent is one of the younger population brackets, mostly made up of students or young professionals constantly on the move, whose life is not concen-trated in one single place, city or habitation, who are unused to ownership and given to easy swift displacements even when these involve moving house and who are thus interested in new, easily dismountable, moveable and reconfigurable types of accessories and furnishings.

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This incredible floor made out of £270 worth of pennies is too good 🙌

by Matt Giles (

Workplace3.0 2017.
The workspace of tomorrow is a new blend of the virtual and
the physical, of sharing with individuality, interior and exterior,
and the personal and the social
The Show dedicated to workplace environments returns between 4th and 9th April 2017....
Rebranded Workplace3.0 in 2015, this exhibition confirms its new vocation as an
exploration of brand-new approaches, forms and solutions to the workplace “of the
future”, in which the human factor and smart technologies have a vital role to play.
The 2017 edition of Workplace3.0 spans a 10,000sq. m. display area and occupies
two Pavilions (22 and 24), hosting some 110 exhibitors that will be showcasing
solutions catering to new approaches to work and new design needs so that we can
truly “live” our workspaces. A Joyful Sense at Work, an event/exhibit curated by
Cristiana Cutrona first announced in 2015, will be part of this exhibition, giving form
and life to the latest theories of office product and workspace design.
Workplace3.0 is conceived as an irreplaceable think tank for finding out about and
understanding upcoming necessary changes to workspaces, going beyond the most
widely held opinions and putting all of our certainties up for discussion. More than
just an exhibition, it is a starting point for stimulating forward-looking ideas capable of
catering to a changing market and changing needs. Furniture and furnishings
manufacturers will be showcasing their finest products designed for procurement
plans, reception areas and office spaces.
With all this in its DNA, Workplace3.0 is an excellent springboard for Italian and
international exhibitors’ business. Italian companies are blazing the trail thanks to
exports posting a solid growth trend. With more than €80 million worth of exports,
France is Italy’s no. 1 export market. From January till September 2016, Italian office
furniture companies performed exceptionally well in the United Kingdom (up 33.1%),
in the United States (up 23.7%), and in China (up 34.3%), the world's three most
important contract and design markets.
As well as the business opportunities it offers, Workplace3.0 is set up as a wellspring of
ideas, reflecting and promoting the very redefinition of the idea of the office as no longer
a place of mere production-led efficiency but as a permeable and dynamic habitat for
work sharing and cross-pollination with other activities. Workplaces are becoming
organic, capable of reacting and changing in real-time to cater to our needs. Moment by
moment, these spaces are defined more by the needs of the people who work there than
by classic workplace environment functions.

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Az ‘56-os zászlótól a juharlevélig: Kanadában épített a Hello Wood

Az 1956-os forradalom és szabadságharc 60. évfordulójára készült installáció a magyar emigrációra emlékezik

“Olyan emlékművet akartunk építeni, amely egy Magyarországhoz egyáltalán nem kötődő kanadai fiatal figyelmét is felkeltheti. Az Időalagút elég látványos, aki megnézi közelebbről is, megtudhatja, hogy mi történt Budapesten 1956-ban. A magyar kötődésűek így büszkék lehetnek az óhazára és az őket befogadó K...

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Mint a “LEGO” úgy kombinálhatod igényeid szerint...
a csatlakozókat különböző anyagú lapokkal: tároló
rendszerek, iróasztalok, virágládák és padok

Egyszerűen összeszerelheted és szétszedheted saját
bútorod. Használd annyiszor a PlayWood csatlakozókat
amennyi ötleted csak van.

Meglévő termékeink dizájnja ingyenesen elérhetők, hogy Te
dönts el milyen anyagot használsz! Az anyagválasztás
szabadsága nemcsak a helyi vállakozásokat támogatja de a
szállítással okozott károsanyag kibocsátást is csökkenti

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